Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas at the OK Corral!

First of all, none of the pictures posted here are mine … not one single one! I have stolen each of these pictures off Facebook from Jesse! He has a super lens on his camera and his pictures were SO clear and mine were SO terrible … so … voila! Now I can tell you about Christopher's Fifth Grade Christmas pageant! They have been practicing for weeks and weeks, and last night was their BIG night!
This was quite a production, by the way! Lots and lots of songs (14 of them!) and quite a storyline too about someone trying to steal Christmas away from this little western town and what happened with the elves and Santa Claus and a candy-cane girl that helped rescue Christmas.
Christopher had speaking parts in several of the numbers, and there was lots and lots of dancing as the kids sang ... 

Aren't their costumes so great? Look how much fun they are having! 
 Christopher had a speaking part in "Hip Hop Elves."

 The girl on the left is the bad person who was telling everyone that Christmas was NOT going to happen this year, and the girl on the right with the striped stockings told her that she cared about her feelings … and somehow everything got straightened out.

Christopher was in the front row for the dance number, "Cuz I'm Happy." He practiced this at my house for weeks! We would get the song up on Youtube and dance all over my house to it. It's such a fun song. 

Good dance moves, Christopher! 
 My favorite number was "Just One Candle" that talks about one little candle lighting all of the others, sharing light to guide the way. Naturally, that one candle is JESUS who is the Light of the whole world … however, Jesus didn't get the credit here in this song (sadly). However, it is true that we can spread His light with our lives and can touch everyone around us, and brighten their world.
Great pictures, Jesse! Good job on your performance, Christopher! You didn't forget any of your lines and you danced very well! I loved being there to see it!

A few hours with Little Fellow ...

I had yesterday off from work, so I invited Kelly and Brendan to come on over to The Beach House to play for awhile. However, on their way over to my house, they had a very major problem with their car. It completely quit! Thankfully, they were on the off-ramp leading up to the Beltline and NOT smack dab in the middle of the highway when this happened. So, Kelly called a wrecker and I picked them up and we followed the tow-truck over to the car place ...

So sad too because they had only recently purchased this Aztec vehicle and were hoping it would last a little longer than what it did! It turns out that whatever is ailing this car will take more to fix than it is worth …  
 But for Little Fellow, all he knew was that their car was "stuck" and that Grandma Carol was coming to the rescue! Yay! We had to wait in my car for a little while until Kelly had finished up with the car, so we played with my little sheep (Sarah) and had her bounce, swing, and twirl on her fancy chain (that Emma made me). Brendan really really likes it when grown-ups animate objects for him.
It had been way too many weeks since Brendan had been out to my house! AND it was nicely decorated for Christmas too … we had such a fun time looking at all of the pretty treasures! Brendan is just the perfect age to play with my Fisher Price nativity set. He really loved looking at baby Jesus, his mama Mary, and pushing the little angel to make the music play.

 However, I think Brendan's favorite was the lighthouse that Sabrina gave to me so many years ago now. It is my favorite too. Brendan was so delighted with the little seagulls and the rotating light ...
 And naturally, because Brendan is a cause-and-effect kind of little soul, he turned the light on and off, on and off, on and off … hundreds of times.

Brendan likes my candle lighthouse too, but it's not so much fun to play with … all you can do is light the match one time !!  There is NO on and off switch. 
 Brendan turned every on and off switch his chubby hands could find!
 We talked about my nativity calendar for awhile and we put baby Jesus up in his manger … 
 And we enjoyed a very good and healthy lunch together, although I got this picture just as Brendan was finishing his very last bite!
Brendan went all over The Beach House and enjoyed every single room in my tiny abode! 
He loves my lantern light ... 
 I had been playing WCSG because they are in 100% Christmas Carol mode and "Jingle Bells" came on. I handed Brendan my jingle bells and he … played and played and played!

 He was so delighted!

 I love this little person so much … look at his winsome little face … I could eat him up!

The Sixth Grade choir sings for Christmas!

It is so wonderful to have the grandchildren in Michigan where I can go to every single one of their school events! Monday night was the Christmas choir concert, and Emma's sixth grade choir performed three numbers. Here is Emma before her performance … she was very excited!
 They sang, "My Favorite Things," "Let There be Peace on Earth," and a very fancy skating song with lots of parts and rounds … I cannot remember the title of it!
 Everyone did such a nice job!
 Emma loves to sing … I am SO glad! 

You did so wonderfully tonight, Emma! I was very proud of you!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

What else we did this weekend ...

I picked the grandchildren up on my way home from work Friday. I had prepared a taco dinner the night before; so it was a very simple matter of just getting everything out and re-heating the meat, etc. We enjoyed a very nice meal together! The kiddos and I did a bunch of stuff around the house Friday night--our usual routine of playing games, chatting together about our week, doing art projects, and things like that. We always watch a movie before we go to bed, and this week the kids all wanted to see "Home Alone" … so we did, and laughed and laughed! Amazingly, they were soundly sleeping by 11:20 pm … a new record!
Saturday we played more of our new game, "Apples to Apples." This is such a good game for these kiddos! First of all, it really doesn't matter who wins because it's just so much fun to play it! And it also is really good for kids who struggle with reading because this entire game is WORDS. What has been so great is that it has shown these kiddos that words can really be FUN!
 I love Chris's laughter (above) ...
 And Matthew anticipating the next card he will play ...
 And Emma mixing all of the cards up on the table so that no one knows who placed what card WHERE!

Christopher had been invited to a friend's birthday party, so we drove him over to the party and came back to my Beach House … we had stuff to do! 
 Emma helped me put the lights on my tree … she was so pleased to help me! Thank you, Emma!
And Matthew was extremely happy folding Origami animals … and stars … and hearts ... 
Matthew did this for a LONG TIME! 
 Using the Photo Booth feature on my laptop, Emma made a movie of our Bible story about the storm Paul was in and the shipwreck and the island of Malta … she did the whole story!

I have concluded that … there is nothing that brings me more happiness than spending time with my grandchildren. I truly believe that this is why I am still here on earth! God has given me the wonderful privilege of loving these children, doing my best to teach them the marvelous stories from the Bible, and modeling Jesus to them. I have never experienced more JOY than when I am doing this!