Friday, September 20, 2019

Thursday's photos

Thursday, September 19:  Kaity is still going strong on being a school teacher and requires that all of us here at the Beach House (me and my stuffed animals) address her as "MISS Kaitlynn." Consider it done! Kaity got her classroom all set up. We brought Mr. Matey-Bird in to be part of the class today, since afterall, he is the class pet.
 Miss Kaitlynn was all set to read our story today, "Oliver and Amanda: Lollipop." But she decided there were far too many words on each page. As mother of the pig, I offered to be a guest reader for the day and explained to Kaity that I used to volunteer this at an elementary school a few years ago. This was acceptable to her, so I sat in the teacher's chair and read the first two chapters of our book.
 Two chapters was the absolute limit, though, and we then moved on to our next item of business ...
 Paco was finally given permission to wear his sunglasses in class, but he got a bit carried away with being such a "cool dude pig" that the glasses had to be taken away once again!
 Miss Kaitlynn and Baby Lily started a project time. They were designing computer laptops together.

 We made a few other items out of cardboard, and then it was time to take a break and eat our lunch (which was actually dinner, but Kaity said they don't have "dinner" breaks at school; only "lunch" breaks ... so I settled for that!).

Early Evening:  Matthew's freshman football team had a home game, kick-off at 5:00--so Kaity and I drove over to watch his game. Jesse and Emma were already there in the bleechers (no pictures of them, though), and Diana came after she was finished with work.
 Matthew wears #18 ... see him?
 Comstock was playing Allendale ... not very well, either ... we got rather "creamed" 41-0. Oh well. Matthew got some good time playing in the game, and it seemed as though all the players were circulated pretty evenly. 
 Somewhere around half time, Emma and I went for a short walk behind the visitor bleechers. It was such a pretty evening and wonderfully warm too.
 Emma got better photos than these just using her Android phone! Those phones are really something! Of course, it would help if I ever JUST ONCE had my camera set on the proper setting.
 That's OK because just walking with Emma was very nice. It's not often we get to connect on a Thursday, so I was very thankful.
Kaity was slightly ticked off at me since I didn't drive her home--but both her parents and all of her siblings were at the game--I couldn't drop her off to NO ONE, could I? Not on your life!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

At-home play

Wednesday, September 18:  After we were finished out at Schwallier's, we drove to my house to pay Mr. Matey a visit. I had to get dinner together, so Brendan decided to create a railroad track around Matey's cage ...
 He had a lot of fun getting everything together, and Matey seemed to enjoy watching. He was happily chirping to the outside birds, and Brendan was pleased as can be.

 I'm glad I finally have a real pet! We have a lot of fun talking to Matey and watching his antics.

We had a super nice time this afternoon, both at Schwallier's and at my house. A beautiful afternoon, made all the more wonderful by the presence of dear Brendan.

A thankful heart

Wednesday, September 18:  What better place to take Brendan on a warm, sunny September afternoon after school than to Schwallier's Country Basket? This place is seriously THE BEST.
 It did my grandma-heart so much good to witness dear Brendan playing with abandon today ...
 ... trying every little thing ... milking a fake cow (who only produces water!)
 Climbing up inside the goat house to tube slide to the bottom!
 We inquired about the corn maze entitled this year as "Big Foot" but were informed that it is not yet ready! We'll just have to come back and check it out in further weeks.
 Brendan fed very happy goats ...

 Brendan laughed and laughed as this tiny goat tickled his hand as it ate ...

 Mmm ... Brendan--I love you so much, dear child!
 Goats are SUCH happy animals, aren't they?

 Inside the goat pen (by the goat house), there is an abundance of goats as well. Brendan is raising his hand (where he has food) as high in the air as possible to keep the food away from the grown-up goats. Brendan was rather intent on feeding only baby goats today.
 I absolutely love this picture (below) ...
 We made sure to disinfect our hands after all that goat touching ...
 The kittens were very sweet as well ...

 Brendan was a little bit unsure of their sharp claws, but he got used to it!
 I loved watching Brendan climb up and down the hay stacks ...

 He really loved this tube slide ...

 And he discovered rather unorthodox ways of climbing back up to the top ...

 Brendan sent a few dozen ducks down the water slides ...

 We went inside the little gift shop and I picked out TWO flap books about farm life (to keep in my car for little hands to enjoy). Brendan picked out a chocolate-covered sprinkled donut and apple cider and enjoyed every single bite. I refrained from any donut whatsoever today (it took a LOT of won't power to accomplish it too).
I love this beautiful place. Thank you, Lord, for this happy time with Brendan.