Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Four hours of completely FREE therapy ...

Monday, April 23:  It has become part of my weekly routine Monday mornings to come over to Dylan and Kelly's to take care and love on baby Aidan while Kelly goes to clients and Dylan goes to Acton. I usually arrive right about 9AM, the time this adorable little person is waking up. Dylan is home with him--Kelly's work day has already begun. So Dylan changes Aidan and hands him off to me.
 We usually play for a little while before it is time for Aidan to eat. He has a host of allergies: gluten, dairy, peanuts, eggs, etc. so it's not like I can just put any sort of food on his tray. He's a patient little person, though, so Dylan and I dug around in the kitchen to find something non-allergic for him to eat. He wasn't terribly pleased with what was put before him, but he did eat about a half piece of gluten-free toast with special allergy-free butter and 100% natural strawberry jam on it. He ate a few bites of his fruit bar, and he threw most of the meat bar off his tray in an instant. I decided he must not be terribly hungry, so we played instead.
 The most fun part of my morning I have no pictures of! Perhaps it is just this particular time of day, but for the last three weeks, Aidan will bring me one of his favorite books, sit on my lap, and we will read it over and over again while we laugh and play. I usually rock him while the reading is going on.
 This time, however, we were NOT sitting in the rocker--we were sitting in the middle of the room on the floor. We put down our "Animals in the Forest" book and Aidan turned around and laid his head near my heart. We sang some songs and rocked while I rubbed his back and his little legs, and his chubby arms, and his dimpled elbows and whispered little words of love to him.
 Aidan surprises me every week--I am always 100% SURE that after 5 minutes, he will scooch away and start playing again, but it happened exactly the same THIS week as it had the prior TWO weeks. This little child just melted into my embrace and fell soundly asleep.
 He makes the dearest little sighs while he sleeps. I rubbed his head (it is SO SOFT) and his elfish ears, kissed his little cheeks while he gave me sleepy smiles ... and he drifted off into dream land while I felt my heart just overflow with the JOY of this little person.
Aidan did not wake up until his mama came through the front door! He was happy to see her, but--and I say this cautiously--he was NOT desperate to leave me. I think I am loved by this tiny boy. I'm glad about that! Praise to the LORD, who gives us family to love.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Sunday afternoon adventures ...

Sunday, April 22:  It seems that Sunday afternoons lately have been my days to walk, walk, walk! I think (although I am not positive) that I walked FIVE miles this time because at the start of my walk I had one thing in mind, but then it turned out that the road I had hoped to explore was actually PRIVATE (although NOT marked as such) and there was this BIG dog ...
 So instead of exploring this one road that is a opposite of Blakely and is marked as a "Trail" I had to reverse my steps and take my course down Chauncey. The picture above, however, is right off Cannonsburg Rd, in between Chauncey and Blakely, on the south side of the road. It's PRIVATE too, but I did NOT tresspass to take the picture.
 The pictures above is of the little stream that leads to the dam that is off Chauncey. The building to the right of the picture is part of the old "Imperial Mill." It's a very pretty spot and the sound of the water is very delightful.
 I got it into my head that I would just walk the entirety of Chauncey Avenue, even when the pavement turns to dirt and it is designated an "historic scenic road", so I walked it all the way to FIVE Mile ...
 There isn't much color to the woods this time of year, but I can't help myself ... I just love being out in the woods when there are just birds and squirrels and other woodsy sounds. The color will come and with it will come mosquitoes, bees, and other undesireable insects--which usually keep me away from woodsy places.
 I walked all along five mile road until Petits finally shows up and then I just walked my very favorite part of Petits all the way down to Canonsburg. I saw some very lovely little scenes along the way ...

 I love this little farm ...

This just seems like a perfect place to me ... well, it would be perfect IF Lake Michigan was just beyond those trees ... 

 When I finally turned on Canonsburg once again, I was SUPER exhausted. My feet were burning ... but I kept telling myself that I only had about 1.5 miles to go ... so I just kept walking!
I made it home, safe and sound, after three solid hours of being outdoors in the beauty and fresh air. Hopefully, the walk was good for my health! 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

My girls ...

Saturday, April 21:  Today ended up being a girls-only afternoon, rather unintentionally! The boys were at home playing video games on a wide-screen--going to grandma's just can't compete with that! So just the girls came over. The weather has finally broken and it looks like spring might just show up after all!
 Kaitlynn loves the outdoors. She has been itching to play outside for weeks. I'm so glad the weather will soon afford lots of outdoor exploration, etc.
 But today, it was bubbles ... lots and lots of bubbles!

 Kaity was into it 100% ... with a great deal of JOY too.

 I love her to pieces, this little pixy-girl.

 After a little bit, Emma came out and did bubbles with us too. Emma! How can you be this grown up? It was just a blink ago and you were Kaity's age ...
 Emma was super good at making HUGE bubbles ... because she was patient enough to learn the wind direction, etc.
 Kaity's goal was to pop every bubble in sight ...

 Kaity was using one of the wands as her "sword."

 It was super fun to be with these two. Ten years apart is quite a stretch, and especially at this age. Kaity adores Emma and Emma is ... almost sixteen and pretty weary of the antics of her sister. However, I know Emma loves her. 

 After being outside for awhile, we went inside and did our Bible story about "the road to Emmaus." The girls colored pictures as I taught. We had a very nice story time. The road to Emmaus is one of my all-time favorite Bible stories and it was really special to teach it to these girls of mine.
After the story was over, Kaity noticed that one of my placemats has the alphabet, upper case on one side, and lower case on the other with spaces to practice each letter. She asked if she could do this with me and I SAID YES!!! I was happily surprised at how much Kaity has learned at her Readiness Kindergarten this year. She wrote each letter and said each sound. I was SUPER pleased with the phonics thing and Kaity seemed very proud to show me her stuff. She even did the lower case letters and only messed up on a few.
 Kaity played with the trains too. We added our Playmobile horses to our story and had a good time together.

Such a nice few hours together! On the way home, we stopped by the high school parking lot for Emma to practice her parking skills. She is in driver's training now. She is already an excellent driver--I knew she would be. She is smart and careful and has a lot of respect for the responsibility of driving. It was very fun to see her at the wheel!