Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Scenic River Walk in Rockford

February 12:  Monday morning. 8:30 AM. A perfect winter morning for me and my camera to take a little walk along the Rogue out in Rockford. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Saturday night ...

February 3:  Emma did not join us at The Beach House Saturday night. She had a school dance, "The Swirl" that she was going to with some of her friends. This is the pretty dress she wore. Her mom hadn't curled her hair yet ... I never did get to see the final result ... but even with her hair NOT curled, Emma looked very lovely ... too grown up ... she is very precious to me.
 Kaity and the boys came over to play for a little while. I brought a pair of glasses for Kaity from Brendan's party, and a little matching finger puppet. She was super pleased.
 Kaity and I played "house" with her little puppy. Kaity was the mommy and I was the daddy. Puppy was our baby and we had to tuck her in, sing her songs, and make sure she was cozy for the night.
 We enjoyed a lot of art. Kaity is learning a lot of good things in her Readiness K class. She is able to color for longer periods of time, she is learning her letters, and she is more interested and little art projects than she ever was before.
 We got out our Thumbprint book and made some pictures together.
 The boys sketched some pictures too ...

 Kaity made a whole fish family from her thumbprints ...
 She was very happy while she was drawing.

 We also played a few games of Kerplunk (not pictured) ... and we opened up our new Monopoly Here and Now Game, but didn't have time to actually play it -- hopefully, next week.

Brendan is SIX

February 3:  Kelly said Brendan was SO excited for his birthday, he even offered to go to bed early Friday night so that Saturday would come quicker!
 Baby Aidan was there, naturally, for all of the festivities ...
 Brendan's party was at The Children's Museum. His folks rented out one of the party rooms. The little kids got to draw pictures on the white board ...
 Brendan brought along his ukelele just in case any music was wanted ...
Brendan's family have a ton of nice friends ... with children of every age! 

 On the right is one of Brendan's classmates: Watson is his name. Everyone got to color on the tablecloth while waiting for the pizza to arrive.

 Everyone joined in to color, and then it was time to eat the pizza. Kelly orchestrated most of this event. She is such a good hostess. There were a few kiddos there who could not eat "regular" food, so Kelly made sure she had special food for them.

 The birthday person sits on the special THRONE ....

 Dylan found this GIANT "6" balloon at Meijer's ... perfect!
 The gift table ...

Abel, Brendan, Levi!
 The HUGE glasses were in a bowl on the table--everyone picked out their favorite color ... so cute.

 Love this boy SO much. I'm so blessed he is part of my life.
 When it was time for the birthday cupcake, the lighting of the candle, and our birthday song to Brendan, he got very serious and quiet ...

 He did a great job blowing out his candle!
 His blue frosted cupcake was a delight to him!
 Baby Aidan has lots of food allergies, so Kelly had a special cupcake for Aidan, as well as others in the group who couldn't eat all of that sugar. 
 Baby Aidan was super pleased with his own cupcake ...
 Oh my word ... look at that dear little face ...

 Below is a "tracing" Brendan did of his friend Watson (on the big white board).

 Below is AURELIA. She is a dear little soul. She loves babies and was so sweet to Aidan.

 It was time to open the gifts and EVERYONE wanted in on the action--especially the small girl on the left of the picture. Her name is Everly and she just could hardly stand not to rip each package open herself! She was barely contained--and so cute.

 This is Brendan opening up Grandma Julie and Grandpa Patrick's gift--I believe it was a couple of super beautiful books--something Brendan will certainly treasure. However, when the package got opened, somehow I was distracted and never snapped a picture of what was inside.

 This present (the biggest of all) was from Dylan and Kelly.
 It was super fun to watch Brendan open it. He LOVED it right away.
 "Oh! I really like this so much!" he cried out. WOW. Nice gift! Playmobile is the best!

 THey also got him a fancy light-up card--something Brendan will get a huge amount of joy playing with. He loves stuff that opens up and lights up.
 Look at Everly! She is practically in the chair with Brendan!
 The little blonde girl is also in Brendan's Kindergarten. She is called "Jo-Jo." 

 Then it was time to open stuff from ME :).  This first gift is a Humpty-Dumpty wall that you build from blocks and then you have to take blocks out on your turn--but if Humpty falls off the wall--YOU LOSE. I think Brendan will just enjoy building the wall!
 This gift is "Caves & Claws." It's an interactive cooperative game--kind of a mission together ... adventure game. It's a game you can play together without winning or losing ... exactly.

 I also got him a very nice Dinosaur encyclopedia. I wanted to keep it here at the Beach House it looked so interesting!!!
 AND I found a Polar Express Matching Game that I think Brendan will enjoy too.
 Since we were at the Children's Museum, we got to play there for awhile. Brendan loves it here. So do ALL the children.

 Brendan really loved this piano ... look! You can see how it works!
 Brendan sat here a very long time watching the hammers hit the strings ...

 He climbed the wall -- barefoot, of course.


Love this boy ... every inch of him.