Monday, August 3, 2020

August 1 More at Deer Park

Saturday Afternoon (cont):  After visiting with Whinnie and Pooh for awhile, we checked to see if the baby pigs had been born yet. Yes, they had! A very small litter this year, but aren't they so cute? Oh my!

Kaity LOVES tractors, so I took quite a few of her on this one--she was pretending to be her dad and his friend, Scott.

I love this happy picture of you, Kaity!

This medium-sized pig is from LAST year's litter ...
Here are the two babies again.

We fed LOTS of goats ...

Kaity played inside of her favorite playhouse ...

A little goat joined us for the fun.

SO adorable!

We walked to the entire back of the lot to feed the camels.

Here is their long-steer bull ...

I convinced Kaity to walk over to the place where the deer are.

Beautiful creatures!

We went in and out of the gift shop multiple times. But Kaity found this IDEAL light for the tunnels and was pretty pleased to have it!
Kaity met and played with quite a few children today! Near the end of our time, she hung out with a little girl named BRILEY--they played in the tunnels outside of the animal area.
It sure was fun to be with you today, Kaity!

August 2 The 90-acre Wood

Saturday Afternoon:  The last time Kaity and I visited Deer Park Junction was about 5 weeks ago. At that time, a NEW area was under construction but wasn't yet finished. TODAY ... it was ready for us! 

It is quite amusingly called "The 90-acre Woods" and if you are familiar with Whinnie-the-Pooh, you would know why!
Here are Pooh and Honey, 5.5 month old brother/sister. The keeper here told us that their mother was unable to care for them, so they have been "adopted" by Deer Park. 
Kaity took these pictures! Good job, Kaity!
At one time, both Pooh and Honey tried to get on the tire swing together, but then got into an enormous fight over it--it was very cute to see them go at it.
We were able to feed some carrotts to the bears too, using this very handy gizmo with a clamp to hold the food and stretch it between the fence wire.
Look at Pooh and Honey dancing!

The bear habitat is really nicely done, as is everything at Deer Park. People can go upstairs and look down on the bears playing, or you can even drop your carrotts down, down, down to them.
Kaity was pretty thrilled with them--they were totally entertaining.
I tried to get some good pictures of them eating the carrots that were offered to them.

I believe it was worth our entrance fee just to see Pooh and Honey! But there was much more to see and do out at Deer Park--there always is!