Friday, July 19, 2019

Kaity Solo

Thursday, June 18:  You know something? There are days when it is just TOO hot to think almost ... a RARE thing this summer in W. Michigan--but welcome actually--sort of! I am dripping, drenched, sweltering as I write this. We are under what is being called a "dangerous" heat wave all throughout the midwest. Kaity came over today and Paco right away stole her sunglasses. Hildy was a little miffed with him.
And here is Kaity changing my calender (out of the picture) to the proper date (as it had not been changed since the 10th of June).
 Our Kaity-Girl takes a lot of comfort in her left thumb. She is seven, so I suppose we all ought to try and talk her out of sucking on it ... but ... she is such a dear little thing, I can't quite bare it.

 Kaity-COOL ...
 When I was shopping in Holland with Ruthanne and Terry a few days ago, I picked up this little Melissa and Doug paint (with water!) book. Kaity loved it so much! So worth the $4.99 I spent!
 Paco was very interested in Kaity's work, but disappointed that there were NO pigs in the book whatsoever. Disgusting.
 Here Paco is, telling us all about it too ...

 It had been raining quite steadily from about noon until 3:00. We waited to make sure the rain was GONE, and then we hightailed it out to Versluis Park, hoping that not every single person in Kent County would also be there. Voila! Only one other family. It was a JOY to meet them. They actually go to Calvary. The grandma's name is NANCY, the daughter is ANDREA, and there little almost-4 year old is GRACE. I neglected to find out the baby boy's name. What a nice family. And Nancy was so friendly--actually, so was Andrea. I loved meeting them.

 Kaity seemed to enjoy playing with Grace, but then splashing began and Kaity was offended because Grace wouldn't obey her! 

Afterwards, we went back to my house and had brownies and ice cream! YUM! And we read a story to Paco ... and I got more hugs from Kaity today, deep loving hugs ... I love you back, Kaity dear.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Ruthanne and Terry come to visit

Tuesday, July 16:  Ruthanne and Terry came up to visit me on Tuesday! They arrived at about noon, we ate a little lunch at my house, and then drove over to Holland to their downtown shopping district. I failed to take my camera out of the car as we parked, but remembered (right at the end of our shopping) that my phone DOES take pictures--so I snapped a few of these very cool clocks. When I was growing up, we had a cuckoo clock in our kitchen that cuckoo'ed on the hour, without fail. These clocks were a variety of European clocks with tiny dancers and beautiful music--expensive!

 We ate at Boatwerks right on Lake Macatawa. It was excellent food, and not any more expensive than anywhere else! We had a nice view of the lake and enjoyed a good meal. Since it was a hot and scorching day, we decided to drive up Lakeshore all the way into to Grand Haven. Perhaps we could catch a beautiful sunset!
 The catwalk is still under construction, so NO walking on the south pier! SO disappointing ....
 We drove across the channel to the Ferrysburg side and walked the north pier and got these pictures from about 8:30 until 9:30 last night.

 The lake water level is still crazy high. They say that it will continue this way on throughout the fall even. People who live along the lakeshore a little further south (Holland area) are in danger of losing more of their dunes if the fall storms are significant. That's sad!
 I wanted to take a nice picture of my sis and Terry here on the pier, but Ruthanne would NOT allow herself to be photographed ... sigh. I snuck this one picture in, but ... without her face, it isn't much to cherish.

 Terry requested a few pictures with the lighthouse in the background ...
 So I tried my best. These are very nice of him I think. He is a unique and special gem of a person. One in a lifetime. I'm thankful he is part of our family.

 There is nothing enormously dramatic about these sunset pictures, but the clouds made it very pretty ... and the colors were nice too. I'll just run the rest of them ...

Don't you wish ... don't you long for Jesus to return? I do! I wish it could be TODAY! Some day, HE WILL BE OUR EVERLASTING LIGHT ... and ALL sorrow will end.

Wednesday morning, we sat around my round table and played Bananagrams and then Quiddler while we chatted. We ate a HUGE lunch over at the Honey Creek Inn in Cannonsburg ... and then Ruthanne and Terry left to return to Detroit. It sure was nice to have them come for a visit. We need to do it more often, but perhaps next time I will drive to their place.

Our Monday evening get-together

Monday evening, July 15:  Our small group from Monday Night Bible study had a small get-together out at Robin's Monday evening. Summer is a busy time and many of our ladies had other obligations, and a few had last-minute things come up that prevented their being with us. But we DID have Eva and Gayle and we had a really good time cruising around Morrison Lake and then eating all of the delicious food provided by chef John and dear Robin.
 Eva had just returned from a two-week Alaskan adventure with her husband of almost 51 years. She told us they have been celebrating all year. How wonderful to hear her joy and share some good stories of their trip. Gayle has been entertaining lots and lots of family the last six weeks. I was surprised that she squeezed us in, but so thankful to see her and share her fellowship.
 Robin cruised us all around the permiter of the lake. We were searching for our swan family, which had completely eluded us Saturday night when I was there with the girls.
 I shared some family prayer requests with these ladies and I know they will pray. I'm so thankful for their faithfulness and commitment to our small group.
 My back was turned to the swans as I talked away and finally, Robin pointed over my shoulder ...
 Yes! Our swan family!
 Aren't they gorgeous?
 The cygnets have grown so much in these last weeks!
 Look how beautiful they are.
 I took a ton of pictures (always), and Robin very graciously kept the boat circling in their area while I snapped away ...

 We finally left the swans and meandered back to Robin's. Look what we saw on the way! A sea gull party! Good grief! Every sea gull at Morrison Lake was gathered right here it seemed!
 It was a perfect time of night, the lighting so beautiful. You couldn't take a bad picture!

 I think Morrison Lake is my new favorite place ... I am so thankful for the quietness and beauty of this lake. Thank you, Lord, for Robin's friendship and for her extravagant hospitality!