Wednesday, November 22, 2017

These guys ...

November 19:  This is the second Sunday, now, that the kiddos have come on a Sunday afternoon rather than on Saturday. Chris and Matt were both at a birthday party Saturday, so we switched our day to Sunday this week. 
We didn't do anything special; we just hung out around here. Kaity-Girl did some puzzles ... 
 The boys and Kaity and I played a few games of Memory (I lost all games). Christopher looks rather bored/mean in this picture, but I don't think he was actually either of those things--he's almost 14 now and I think he is WAY past posing for and having his picture taken. Don't you think that's what his expression is saying? Yes, I agree. 
 Kaity brought her horses over to play today. We ate a good meal together, played games, etc. Emma was learning some origami with straws from a DIY on Youtube. She totally depleted my straw supply! But I was glad she was happy making stuff. She is good at making things and finds a lot of happiness in doing so. I have missed her so much since school has resumed and she no longer spends Saturday overnight here. I am glad she still comes once per week to see her old grandma (me). I know she knows that I love her and value her and enjoy her.
 Emma got out my marble-run and constructed a very good one for us to play with. She is super fast at putting this thing together and her designs are always better than the ones that come with it. 
Also, since the boys were "absent" the week we did our Bible story from Mark, the story where Jesus healed the men who were possessed by Legion--we sat at our round table and told them the story. Kaity listened for a second time, and Emma was listening too (even though she was sitting here at my computer--Emma always loves a good story). Chris and Matt listened very carefully as I got to re-tell this beautiful story of healing and hope. I'm so glad Jesus healed those men. Interesting, though, that only one of them sat at the feet of Jesus, only one of them went back to the village and told the wonderful things Jesus had done--but it was enough to change that entire region and impact them with the great news of forgiveness and wholeness. I love these stories from the Gospel of Mark and I was super thankful to be able to share this one with the children this week.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

A bonus Friday!

November 17:  Dylan and Kelly had a potluck Friday night and wondered if these two munchkins could spend a little time with their grandma! Certainly! We opted to come to MY house, since there was a monster spider on the loose at theirs ... no, seriously--Dylan said he killed it later on ... but who is to say it was the same one?!! 
 Baby Aidan hasn't been over to The Beach House very much in his little life. He explored every little inch last night.
 Brendan got himself all settled on the couch to play an alphabet game he had gotten at Trinitas. He was very excited to match letters and pictures on the game board.
 Baby Aidan was quite pleased with all of the interesting things to see and do ...
 Aidan has a very happy little heart ...

 Brendan showed me his completed alphabet book--they had worked on it every day at school since the beginning of his Kindergarten. There is a really cute song that goes along with this phonetic alphabet. Brendan sings it perfectly. He was very proud to show me his finished book. He told me that yesterday that had an "alphabet party" at school. 

We all had a little snack together ... 
Isn't Aidan the sweetest little baby? 
 Dylan and Kelly picked the boys up later in the evening. They visited for a little while before packing up their two boys and venturing out in the pouring rain. Love them!
Dylan and Brendan working on a marble run
back in the playroom.

Thursday evening frights!

November 15:  These two! I love to watch them together. Dear Aidan is smitten with his mama--completely. He was super tired in these pictures over at SnapFish the other night. He likes my camera, though, and was very patient while I snapped these pictures.

 Mutual adoration ...

 Dear souls, both of them--love them so much.
 After swimming lessons were over, Brendan and I went to the mall to hang out for a little while. We walked around and looked at the pretty Christmas trees and lights ...
 We had a bite to eat (a terrible picture of dear Brendan!) -- Brendan ate pizza while I ate Chineese.
 Brendan took a virtual underwater sea adventure ($7) that was fun to watch him experience. Even the guy at the booth was cracking up watching Brendan's complete abandon and enjoyment.

 But the BIG deal thing about our evening was supposed to be the play "Beauty and the Beast." Note the italics on "supposed." You see, Brendan does NOT like scary stuff--not even a little bit. He has a zero tolerance for being scared. We had really good seats and the tickets were "free" so we just waltzed in and got ourselves situated, took our coats off, and visited with people before the play began. A girl from Holy Trinity was playing the part of Belle and it seemed like half of their church was there to see her performance.
 I kind of wondered how Brendan would do when the Beast came out. I didn't have long to wait actually! During the first 30 seconds after the curtain went up, out came the Beast with foggy smoke surrounding him! Brendan let loose a blood-curdling scream and began shouting, "I don't want to be here! I don't like this!" Loudly. Very loudly. I thought perhaps I could calm him down, but it became obvious (very quickly) that he was thoroughly frightened (poor dear).
So we made a quick exit and never did see the play! I hear it was very well done. !! Brendan was so relieved to be out of the theatre! We went back to his house and read some books together and I got to tuck him in for the night (one of my favorite things to do). After Brendan was tucked in, I went back out to visit with Dylan, Kelly and Aidan in the front room. As I was getting ready to leave, I noticed a monster (I'm not kidding) spider high up on their wall (out of Kelly's reach). Dylan attempted to get it and missed (because their hutch was blocking his aim) and the huge thing ran away (much to my horror--but I had exited the room so that I did not have to witness the "encounter"). So our Thursday night had its ups and downs, but I am glad we had it!

Girls only ...

November 11 (Sunday): Since I was at a birthday party on Saturday, I was able to arrange to be with the kiddos on Sunday. However, it was just the girls! The boys were over a friends' house.
 I put on some pretty music and Kaity did a few dance steps and showed me some of her exercises she does ... she is a very physical little child. She enjoys lots of movement.

 Kaity played with my puppet-show for a little while too, getting it all set up. I asked her to tell me a puppet story, but she declined. However, I will say that since she has been in her Readiness Kingergarten class this fall, she is much more mellow! She sits for longer periods of time, colors longer (and better), listens better, and is more cooperative--all wonderful things!
 Isn't Emma so grown up? She is fifteen. I remember being 15 like it was yesterday. Amazing how almost 50 years can go by like a dream ...

 We girls had a nice time together. We enjoyed a ton of french toast (Kaity ate two bowls), made some pictures, listened to beautiful music, etc. Kaity sat on the couch and looked at books while I told Emma the story of the woman in Mark 5 who snuck up behind Jesus in the crowd to be healed, as well as the healing of Jairus' little daughter. Kaity did not interrupt the story! She even listened!
I'm glad for any little time I spend with these kiddos. So blessed to be their grandma.

A 90th birthday party!

November 10:  Mom and I (mostly mom) were invited to a 90th birthday party of a dear family friend: Erna VanderKooi (pictured below). She and my mom have been friends for ... oh, more than 50 years. She and David have been married 20 years now and are pretty spry being that Erna just turned 90 and David is 96.
 We drove out to Zeeland for the occasion and saw a lot of old friends ... many of them in their late 80's and 90's.
My mom is the youngest of the four pictured below. Next to her is dear Helma (also 90), then Erna, and then Linda (who is turning 90 next month). I'm glad I was able to take mom to the party. She enjoyed seeing friends she hadn't seen in a very long time. Me too. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

This little face ...

I post a lot of pictures of this little love ... I KNOW! But what if he is the very last grandbaby I ever have?!?!?! I'm hoping for more (hint, hint) but perhaps Aidan will be my last baby to love on.
These pictures are just close-ups of the ones I posted from the other day. Aidan's expressions are so hilarious. 
 And his body is SO adorable. I can hardly stand it.
 Below is his "Bugsy Malone" face ... isn't it hysterical?
 This baby is so good-natured. He gets a lot of loving and good care from Kelly and Dylan.
 Aidan has a lot of sparkle to him.
 Look at those eyes!

Love you baby Aidan! You are a little doll baby.