Tuesday, December 10, 2019

This cutie pie

Monday, December 9:  So for the very first time EVER, this little monkey didn't want to come over to my house today! I was CRUSHED (I'm joking). I woke him from his nap and brought him out to his main room where he saw his daddy, who usually is NOT home this time of day. Aidan decided he wanted to stay home with Dylan and NOT go with his Gamma Carol! What to do?!?!?!

We played in Aidan's front room for a few minutes until we heard baby Erin waking up from her nap. So Dylan said to Aidan that he was going to go and get Erin and he guessed Erin would go to my house today and not him! That was all this little guy needed to get off Dylan's lap, run to his boots, put them on and away we went. I have to say, I was rather pleased that Aidan would rather play with Dylan than me--it tells me that Dylan does a decent job of playing with his kiddos!
Aidan immediately played with my little FP nativity set, pressing the angel so that she would play "Away in a Manger" 150 times throughout the afternoon. 

 Aidan was also very fond of the Thomas Kincade ceramic tree I have that has FOUR trains on it that circle around and around ... he thought that was WAY cool

Throughout our afternoon today, I saw very TWO-ish behavior from this little guy ... I'd been noticing some of it a few weeks ago ... but that's OK, Aidan. You ARE two and so TWO is what you SHOULD act like. I'm good with it, honest! Sigh. 

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Robin comes over

Saturday, December 7:  Our dear Robin came over after she was finished working this afternoon. Kaity was very excited to see her and whooped right out loud with JOY when I mentioned it to her earlier in the week. Robin is working part-time at Gordon's Foods and she offered to bring some pre-cut unbaked sugar cookies and gingerbread men for us to decorate together. This was super sweet of her! 
Kaity found the entire concoction finger-licking GOOD!
 We had a lot of fun decorating the cookies, but learned that it takes a LONG time to do each cookie. Kaity decorated a purple one for her mom and was very proud of it when she finished. She suggested that we decorate a cookie for each member of her family (which was quite thoughtful of her), so we got to work and accomplished the deed.
 Here are our finished cookies that are going home to Kaity's house tonight~
 A true friend is one who will actually PLAY with your grandchildren. Kaity suggested that she and Robin play Hedbanz while I clean up the kitchen. It was great listening and watching them do this game. I love that they played so well together.

Today was full of blessings. There really is nothing quite a precious as a good friend!

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Friday with Matey ...

Friday, December 6:  I had zero grandchildren today, but I did have a lot of things to accomplish--Friday's are like that around here. Matey got very chummy with me today. He posed quite nicely for his photo shoot ...

 I love you, dear Matey-Bird!

 At this point, I think he was able to SEE himself in my camera lens ... he was very intrigued.
I also had lunch with my new friend, Judy (from MNBS) and got further acquainted with her. I went over to Baker Book House and picked up Chris's Bible (engraved with his name in GOLD), chose a journal for Emma to use for her personal Bible studies, and did some LOOKING for Christmas gifts. I also wrote out another two dozen Christmas cards, went to the Post Office and purchased the stamps, and ran other errands. It was a VERY good Friday.

What we did today

Thursday, December 5:  When I picked Kaity up from school today, she wanted to play in the snow hills beside the building ... so she did! She got soaking wet too--evidently her snow pants (handed down after many years' use) aren't very waterproof any more! We came to my place and threw her stuff in the dryer and got her some dry clothes!
 Matey came out immediately to say "HI" but Kaity was exploring my Christmas stuff ... 
 Every year, the children enjoy this Advent Calendar that I've had before Emma was even born! All of the grandchildren have played with it, not paying any attention whatsoever about which day of Advent it actually IS when they are over ... no worries! I love that they love this!

 Kaity and I also built a really HUGE train track from the dining room that reached all the way back to the playroom! I neglected to photograph it! 
Kaity played a lot today with Matey. We colored some special Christmas pictures, all the while listening to Christmas music, and just had a good time together. Kaity even ate a bowl of Mac 'n cheese! Since McD's removed our foosball table (yes, it was OURS!!!), I made sure I had some good chocolate ice cream right here so that we could enjoy some cookies, ice cream and chocolate milk before heading out to do our grocery shopping. Kaity had a mission tonight--show me every possible item she wanted for Christmas--it was an adventure, trust me!

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Seven and Five Sixths!

Wednesday, December 4:  On our drive to my house today, I was telling Brendan that as of yesterday, he was now officially SEVEN AND FIVE SIXTHS! Since fractions are not yet in his math repetoire, he looked a bit confused. I explained and he was very pleased. Brendan read me "Pigeon Wants a Puppy!" as we drove along. Plus, we had the nicest talk about stuff in general. I never begrudge a car-ride with Brendan. He talks about the most interesting things. 
 Brendan is very enthused about playing with Matey-Bird and has become as unrelenting as Kaity is with him. Matey responds quite well to the children and warms right up to all of them. I'm so glad, because they get such joy from this little pet. I think Matey's heart is made happy by their visits too.
 Brendan is all about MAKING STUFF. He is constantly folding, cutting, taping, gluing ... something. Thankfully, I have a ton of origami paper around here. Brendan likes a real challenge and doesn't give up easily.

 We folded up one of these giant origami, multi-part snowflakes for Brendan to take home.
 Here's Matey doing his thing with Brendan.

 Matey even gave Brendan a little kiss on his nose! 
 While we ate our dinner, we read two more books:  "Rhinos Don't Eat Pancakes" by Anna Kemp (illustrated by Sara Ogilvie), and "The Loopy Coop Hens" by Janet Morgan Stoeke. Very fun books. Brendan notices everything in an illustration, points them out to me, and then we talk it over. I love this child so much.

Here is Brendan sounding out "Hedwig's Theme"  (John Williams) on my piano last night. He got it too! If you've ever heard it, you'll know it is NOT an easy tune--lots and lots of minors and accidentals, kind of dissonant even. But after a few tries, Brendan nailed it. He has a very good ear for music and a very nice singing voice (his perfect pitch helps a lot).

We had the nicest few hours together. I'm so thankful for Wednesdays ... one of my very favorite days of the week!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Four hours of sweetness

Monday, December 2:  Aidan is two years and eight months and is STILL the cuddliest child I have ever met. He loves to hug and he is very good at it!
 Aidan also loves to draw. Monday, he drew a lighthouse for me, but I can't find it! If you didn't KNOW it was a lighthouse, you wouldn't know it was a lighthouse ... what I'm trying to say is that having finished his little scribble, he announced to me that it was a lighthouse. He asked me to draw a butterfly for him, as well as Matey-Bird. I didn't keep those drawings, because mine were pathetic.

 Aidan loves little Matey. He will walk over to his cage, giggle, and tell me: "Matey's SO cute, Gamma Carol." 
 We naturally built a layout for the trains. Each week it is a little bit different; but ALWAYS Cranky is included and Thomas too. Aidan is a very decent builder with the "fwacks" too. I love to watch him play.

 Sadly, Aidan doesn't eat very healthy when he is with me. I'm bombing out in that category. With his gluten-free diet, I'm just not very creative. He does, unequivocally, like ice cream.

 We played with our horses for awhile too. Aidan makes darling little horse sounds.

Another very sweet Monday afternoon. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

The first day of Advent

Sunday, December 1:  Emma spent the night last night. It began raining late evening, and poured all night long ... BUT I awoke at 7:00 AM to NO power and SNOW (with ice underneath). Having no power slowed us down a bit this morning, but we got ourselves ready for church, ate breakfast, and were out the door in good time. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures of the house before we left for church.

The first week of Advent we remember HOPE, so the hope candle was lit and Scriptures that speak of our hope in Christ were read. It was lovely.

Emma and I ate a quick lunch out, since we weren't sure my power had been restored--but as we drove through the streets to my house we realized it HAD come back on! Yes! We sat at our round table and heard the second half (the sad part) of the life and reign of King Joash. It's one of the most sobering stories I have ever read (II Kings 11 and II Chronicles 24). What a mess Joash made of his life once his dear uncle and father-figure Jehoiada died (at age 130!).  King Joash messed up so bad that when he died (he was murdered in his bed), he was denied the honor of being buried in the tombs of the kings. Also, he is never mentioned in Matthew's geneology of Christ (although he was the ONLY surviving member of David's line at one time). Jesus references this sad story in Matthew's Gospel (chapter 23) when he reminds the Pharisees of the murder of Jehoiada's son, Zedekiah. I'm glad Jesus remembered righteous Zedekiah! Emma continued her artwork from our previous episode involving wicked Queen Athaliah--she's doing a really excellent job with it. Next week, if God is willing, we'll study the son of King Joash. We've been studying the kings and prophets now for 35 lessons! Thank you, Lord, for teaching us from Your wonderful Word.