Friday, October 21, 2016

THIS boy ...

I look forward to my standing date with THIS boy every single Thursday! We have so much fun together. I adore this little cutie-pie.
I had misunderstood and thought that the WHALES exhibit was already open at the GR Museum this week ... but it doesn't open until Saturday. Well, that did not stop us from exploring around some of the other exhibits anyway.

 Future superman space-guy BRENDAN ANDREW ...
I love you, sweetheart! 
 Look at our beautiful state of Michigan! I didn't realize our elevations were that significant in the middle/upper lower peninsula! What a beautiful place Michigan is!

 Naturally, we did the carousel because it is so much fun to listen to the cool music and ride whichever animal you wish! Brendan ALWAYS chooses one of the giraffes!

 His sweet little face!

The museum was closed at 5:00, so I told Brendan that I needed a new pair of black boots and needed his expert help in picking them out! So we drove over to DSW where Brendan patiently pointed out boots as I tried them on. He is SO easy to take anywhere at all ... because he is super interested in EVERYTHING. We had so much fun and I got the prettiest boots ever! And then we ate at Culver's and enjoyed every bite as well as our chocolate ice cream for desert. What a nice way to spend a few hours with this precious little person.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

We're having a baby!

Isn't that so great?!?!?!?! 

Dylan and Kelly are expecting baby #2 in March 2017. Brendan is over-the-moon excited about it too. "My mom has a baby in her belly, Grandma!" 

I am so happy for all of them. Happy for Dylan and Kelly to be parents again and happy that Brendan can be a big brother to this little one! And me? I get to have SIX grandchildren instead of FIVE. What a blessing! I could not be happier about this. Thanks so much, Lord, for this little growing life!

These two kiddos ...

Monday surely came around quickly this week! I picked up Kaity and drove out to Ada Park where we met Kelly and Brendan. The weather was picture perfect. I love this time of year, don't you?

Kaity and I actually arrived before Kelly and Brendan. Kaity had never been to this playground before, so she explored the entire thing ... in about five minutes flat! 

 And then cousin Brendan arrived! Brendan was completely intent upon making this digger work. He calls it an "excavator" and patiently maneuvers it until he makes it do what it should do!
 Brendan was showing Kaity some gymnastic moves ...

 Since Brendan goes to Gymco preschool three days a week, he has gotten much more bold on playground equipment. He is not reckless ... but he is brave and strong and fun to watch.
 These cool swings got a lot of use as space ships actually. We blasted off 5-4-3-2-1-zero, ignition, BLASTOFF! Brendan went all the way to Saturn. Kelly stayed a little closer to home and landed on the moon.

 We decided to take a short walk to look for some water. I was hoping to find some rocks to plunk for awhile ... but there were mostly just leaves!
Ada Park is a beautiful place. Every now and then, we met a pumpkin just sitting on a park bench waiting to be chummed with. 
We also rescued this poor pumpkin who had been pitched in the pond! We took a stick and carefully moved it closer to the shore and then we scooped him up and placed him next to his friend on the bench. Brendan and Kaity were very proud rescuers! 

 These are great little trees to climb ...

 And these two darlings are such monkeys!

 Brendan thought it would be really lovely to take a walk IN the water. But I distracted him from this wishful thought ...
We played "horse-back rides" (I was the horse) all the way back to the car, switching between Kaity and Brendan at each park bench. Horse was pretty tired by the time we reached the car! 
 Then we went to my house where we happily played for awhile, ate some warm french toast, watched some "Kipper the Dog" episodes, and then Brendan had to go home to his house!
 So Kaity asked if I could make her a little tent/house to play in. We constructed this one in a matter of minutes and invited some of our animal friends to come and join us for a party.
 Kaity loves this kind of play so much.

I am a pretty blessed grandma, don't you think? 

A Saturday afternoon without rain ...

It has been a tiny bit difficult to make plans for a Saturday with the children because the weather here has been SO unpredictable ... yet at the same time VERY wet and rainy! But the rain went away just in time to allow us a small window of dry weather to enjoy the zoo again Saturday afternoon. Yes!
The four grandkids and I spent a good amount of time watching the penguins Saturday. They were more playful than usual and gave us a lot of joy.

It is getting late in the season and many zoo exhibits are closed. We were glad to visit the grizzlies again ...
Kaity does a pretty big GROWL.

Kaity is pretty enthusiastic at the zoo. She runs from place to place, laughing and giggling. I love to see her happy like this. We watched the frogs (below) for awhile ...
The zoo was dressed up for Halloween. These guys LOVE Halloween.
It was 70 degrees Saturday afternoon! Beautiful!

This little train has been at the zoo since my boys were little, and now my grandchildren play here!
Matthew! He loves to stand on top of stuff ...

After the zoo closed, we went over to the zoo playground for awhile to climb and play.

And NO Saturday is complete without chocolate-dipped cones at McDonald's. We always get Kaity's in a cup with a cone on the side. Here is Emma putting some ice cream into Kaity's cone for her. Emma takes good care of Kaity-girl.
I love you, kiddos!