Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A few photos from the Passover seder meal ...

I was invited to a Passover seder meal tonight over at Dylan and Kelly's house. I was so excited to attend! This meal was hosted by their ethnically Jewish friend, Patrick, who has converted to Orthodoxy ~ Dylan and Kelly are actually Patrick's godparents. 

 There were a dozen of us (plus Brendan) who enjoyed this meal together, reading the seder narrative and some Scripture passages together and learning the history behind the celebration.
 Brendan LOVES candles and lights … and people … so he was very delighted to share in this event.
 Look at his happy little face!

Dylan and Patrick
There is such rich tradition in this meal and in the Passover celebration ~ I'm so glad I got to participate in this time with Dylan, Kelly, and their wonderful friends.

Getting acquainted with Kaity-Girl

Yesterday I had an opportunity to spend a very rare 1-on-1 with Kaity Jane. She doesn't know me very well at all, and it's not her fault. But it's time to rectify that situation now, isn't it?
 I will say that Kaity was less than enthused about spending time with me … poor little sweetheart. I had driven over to their house because the movers had arrived with their furniture and belongings. Kaity wasn't exactly helpful to the moving in process, so it was thought that perhaps if she had a playmate (me) and we stayed in her bedroom, the move might go a little more smoothly.
Kaity's bear that I thought MIGHT help
us bond … nope, Kaity wanted OUT!
 Thankfully, after about 15 pretty rough minutes, she settled down and allowed me to hold her and rock her to sleep. She had a good nap and woke up in much better spirits; but by then, the moving folk had finished their job and we were allowed "out" of her bedroom where we found … daddy and mama, and all was well.

Hopefully as I spend more time with Kaity, she will get used to me. She is a little sweetheart and I love her very much.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Straight line winds!!!

Last night a rather freak storm rolled on through my neighborhood, and look at the damage it produced!
There were reports of 80 mph winds, preceded by hail and a LOT of rain. I wasn't home at the time. I had been at Matthew's party and then I had errands to run. But when I pulled into my neighborhood, this is the sight I saw … this is my very street!
 The sweet lady who lives in the house (above) is elderly and has cared for her very sick husband for years, all the while she has battled four different kinds of cancers. 
This house is at the end of my street ...

But my little beach house … was safe and sound … completely untouched by any trees, branches, debris, etc. We do not have power and they are saying we will not have power until sometime Tuesday.  It could be worse!

A Chuckie Cheese Birthday Party!

Matthew's official birthday party was yesterday at Chuckie Cheese! It was a very fun party.

 Look at Matthew's happy smile! This was mainly a family party, but Matthew had also invited some of his classmates but being that it was spring break, many of them were out of town. Dylan, Kelly, and cousin Brendan were able to come!

Christopher won a LOT of tickets!
All of the children were able to play a ton of games because the party package included tokens and other special things for them. 
 Matthew and his mama got into a photo booth that made line drawings out of the picture … very fun, and theirs turned out really nice too.

Brendan on one of the little kid rides …
however, he is more interested in the game
being played next to him!

 The little girl on the left is Hallie, one of Matthew's classmates. She and Emma know each other from school and had a lot of fun together.

Brendan enjoyed his pizza to the max ...
 Here is Matthew playing the guitar that Chuckie Cheese provides for the birthday person ...

 And a very fancy cake decorated like a soccer field ...

And there is CHUCKIE CHEESE HIMSELF! Wow! It was a loud and crazy place to have a party, but the kiddos enjoyed every single minute! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTHEW!

Answered prayer . . .

Jesse and Diana are the very happy owners of this house! Matthew said it was his best birthday EVER because God gave him a house for his birthday! I couldn't be happier for Matthew and for his whole family!
This is a four bedroom house (two up and two on the main floor) with two full baths, a full basement, a two-car garage, and one acre of land! There is even a basketball hoop in the driveway ~ yay! I can't wait to come over a shoot hoops with the kids!  Thank you, Lord, for hearing and answering our prayer for housing for Jesse and his family!

Springtime on a Friday afternoon!

It's difficult to describe the thrill of a springtime afternoon after this winter we've just been through … but these pictures should demonstrate the happiness that was shared with these three beautiful grandchildren . . .
These boys really love to swing …
the higher, the better!
We climbed, we played basketball, we made chalk drawings, we played soccer, we saw horses, we hiked … take a look! 

Christopher beat me at a game of hoops … 10 to 6 … I was too pooped to play any further! 

 It's a little tricky to play a game of soccer when there are only FOUR people … but we did our very best anyway!
Soccer is the ONE sport Matthew really seems to enjoy. He is a fast runner and he enjoys kicking that soccer ball with all his might! 

Right across the street from the soccer field is a beautiful horse farm. We got as close to the horses as we could possibly get … but it wasn't really close enough! So we just crossed the street and went back to playing at the park.

What I love about Ada Park is that it is highly interactive. Children can really let loose, but they can also learn stuff . . .

This is a very cool digger apparatus,
isn't it?

 On the drive back to the Beach House, we noticed a new boardwalk … right where Pettis dumps into Fulton … so we naturally HAD to walk on it and try it out!

The Grand River

Yay! I am SO thankful it is spring. Children (and their granny) NEED to be outside where they can enjoy the beauty God has created!