Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Little Kaity-Girl ...

It had been TWO weeks since Kaity had been over to my house. I was "sick" last week and had to cancel--the first time I have ever cancelled Kaity--so I was very glad to get to spend time with her this week.
 It has been unusually cold here in Grand Rapids this spring and I just cannot seem to get warm! So instead of playing at a playground or the zoo or something outdoors, we just played here at my house. We did all of our usual stuff and then Kaity took a nice warm refreshing bath. We washed her hair and combed about 834 knots tangles and other assorted messes from her beautiful hair, which took almost an hour--but as Kaity sat on my bed looking through my jewelry boxes, I took tiny sections of her hair and meticulously combed through, making sure not to hurt her scalp in the process. I prayed and asked the Lord to help me do this as painlessly as possible. He was very good to hear and answer!
 Since we were washing Kaity's clothes, I had to find her something to wear after her bath. She is actually wearing one of my shirts and a pair of socks the boys used to wear around here occasionally.
 Since she had been so brave and patient during the ordeal with her hair, Kaity was rewarded with an ice cream sundae! I braided her hair so that it would not knot up quite as quickly.
We also played with stamps and made her daddy a birthday card with pretty flowers and hearts. We played with some silly putty for a long time too. And Kaity used the potty three times! Good job, Kaity!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Snow on May 15?!

This little boy ...

 Brendan was over at my house Thursday evening and I took a few pictures of him--although I nearly forgot to (hard to believe, but true!). 
 We had gotten all snuggly in our p.j.'s before I realized I hadn't had my camera out even once since Brendan came home from work with me.
 So I took a few pictures of this little boy to chronicle our evening together. As you can see, we made a couch fort. Brendan was just thrilled with this.

 I have no idea what this expression (below) means ... I think Brendan is pretty tired at this point.

 We played piano for awhile. I had our instruments out and accompanied Brendan on the piano. He was using this moracco as a microphone.

 We played with LEGOs for quite awhile too. They are always a huge hit with Brendan.

I neglected to take a picture of the nice house, attached garage and school that we built using three different sets of wooden blocks in the playroom. Brendan was the engineer and designer. GRANDMA (moi!) was the builder, carefully following all of Brendan's instructions. He is something, this little boy ...

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Brendan reads ME his favorite story!

Brendan has a favorite book or two ... or one hundred! But certainly "Owl Babies" is right at the top. Kelly and Dylan have read this story to him since he was a very tiny baby, AND there is a wonderful video of the story that he has seen probably 100 times. Brendan has a stuffed owl named "Bill" after the littlest baby owl in this story. I was tucking him into bed Mother's Day evening and after I had read a few books to him, he decided to read THIS one to ME. He knows every single word and he reads with such wonderful animation! He even changes voices for the owls--Bill has the tiniest of voices because he is the littlest owl!

 (There is quite a bit of other dialogue in the book--and Brendan did not miss a single word, but I skipped over some of it out of necessity for this blog post ...)

 The little owls were happily reunited with their Mother Owl and the book ends with them all together. There is a lot more to the story that Mark Waddell wrote--a very sweet and simple bedtime story. I think it is one of my favorites too.

This little love ...

I spent the early afternoon with my mom on Mother's Day. We ate a small picnic lunch and played a game of Scrabble together. And then, since Dylan was still in Boston and would not return until very much later in the day, I went over to hang out with Kelly and this little love ...
 We were inside for awhile, but then Brendan spied his little friend, Emily, outside with her dad riding her bike in front of the house. Brendan is very social! Up and away he was with his own bike (and dinosaur helmet) ...
 This is Emily's driveway. Their near neighbor, who used to run a daycare, has a nice playground that abutts the property with a little gate that the kids can use to enter. We all played there for awhile.
 It was a gorgeous spring day! It was so much fun to watch Brendan and Emily chum around together.
 Kelly made us a nice dinner, and then we played inside for awhile. Brendan loves his helmet so much, he didn't take it off until it was time for his bath!
 We played with his toys and talked awhile ...
 It is easy to talk to Brendan. He is interested in every single thing.
 He has a very happy little heart and loves to laugh and play.

 Brendan had a nice relaxing bath, and then it was time for bed. I got to tuck Brendan in! We read a few stories together. Naturally, we read "The Gruffalo" and "The Gruffalo's Child" because we love those books. 
 We read our Little bunny book too, and a few others.

 We talked for awhile, laughed, and then it was time to settle down with Elmo and Bill the Owl and go sleepy-bye.
Good-night you little sweetheart!

Friday, May 6, 2016

A Kaity AND Brendan Monday!

Monday was one of those perfectly PERFECT beautiful days. I was so thankful it was an outside day! 
 I picked Kaity-girl up at 1:30, we played at my house for just a little bit and then I asked, "Hey, Kaity. Shall we go to the park? And how about the one with the pretty creek running through it?!" With shrieks of joy, Kaity put her shoes on and we were on our way to Townsend Park.
 Just so that you know ... I have visited this beautiful place now for over 45 years--yes! It was a favorite spot even while I was at college all those years ago. 
 We have had a lot of rain the last week or so, and our creek was rather swollen. I like it like that! Kaity was really excited about "the waterfall." She was a little timid at first, but that never lasts long with fearless Kaity. I really have to keep an eye on her!

 She runs as fast as the wind! If you turn your head too long ... she is gone ... laughing all the way!
 We played at the small playground for quite awhile. Kaity explored every inch and corner, slide and ladder of this place.
 But we were always drawn back to the creek. It has such a pretty sound in the spring when everything is coming back to life!
 We played a little game here. We would gather some pine cones, throw them in on one side of the bridge, and then run to the other side to see them float off and away ...

 Kaity was so excited about this. I can't tell you how long we had this little adventure. Trust me, anything that lasts longer than 10 minutes with this little imp, is a GOOD thing.
 Laity-Girl, you are something else!

 I had to be careful by the edges of the creek. All of the moisture we've had this week was quite evident. I didn't want Kaity to get her pretty pink shoes muddy.

 Dear Brendan did not join us until later in the afternoon over at my house. I do not have two car seats. Thankfully, he was dropped off by Miss Emily and then Dylan and Kelly picked him up from me.
 These two decided Playdoh would be a fun thing to do ... so that is what we did. I'm glad I have so many nice toys for the kiddos to play with.

Brendan requested that I make his special pasta, so while I was cooking, Kaity and he played. They really do quite well together and seem to enjoy seeing each other ... such a happy cousin thing!