Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Simple things ...

September 9:  So Saturday it was just us GIRLS ... how rare! And since Emma refused to have her picture taken ... I just have a few of Kaity Jane to post. 
I'm convinced that it is the simple things of life that are truly special ... for instance, this little puzzle that Kaity was so taken with Saturday. She must have done this puzzle a dozen times ... which is VERY interesting for an active little imp like Kaity. She rarely sticks with one activity for more than 60 seconds!
I watched her, delighted by her joy in achieving putting the puzzle together and then dumping it out, mixing it up and going at it again.

 She kept getting faster at it too. She refused ANY help whatsoever. It was good to see her so focused and so happy.

 I love this little person so much.

Thank you, Lord, for the simple things, the simple joys of life!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Aidan's Baptism

Saturday morning, September 9:  I'm going to run some pictures of baby Aidan's baptism. Even though I didn't take very many, I am happy with how they turned out. I posted this collage (below) on Facebook.

If I tried to describe this ceremony to you, I would surely fall short; and since I am from a different church base and this was a little out of my comfort zone, I will just say a few things. First of all, the ceremony was honoring to Jesus in every way--His beauty, His sacrifice, His purposes for our lives. 

Kelly and Brendan watching ... (not a good picture of Brendan--not sure what he is doing with his mouth here !! :)  ).  
You see, Dylan and Kelly could not be part of the ceremony. I don't quite understand all of the reasons. But Aidan's godparents were the ones who participated in the ceremony. Their names are Amy and Paul and they were super nice to meet and interact with.
Baby Aidan was immersed 3x in this golden urn and then he was anointed with oil from head to toe. He handled all of this special stuff very well. I don't think he even whimpered. 

Below is my favorite picture of Amy, Paul, Father Jim, Dylan and Kelly.
These ones (following) are super nice too ...

After the baptism, everyone was invited over to Dylan and Kelly's for a celebration.
Ray and Marilyn were there--They are Brendan's godparents. Ray loves little babies. He is Aidan's "church grandpa" and gets to hold Aidan on Sunday mornings during the service. Aidan seemed very happy to sit with Ray on the recliner and watch all of the goings-on.
Beautiful little sweetheart ...

Dylan and Kelly's across-the-street neighbor has a catering business and supplied amazing barbecue! 
A good time was had by all. The Lord bless you, baby Aidan. May you grow up to know, love and serve Him all the days of your life.

Goldfish School and the Mall

September 7: Brendan is now officially a Kindergartner. He attends a classical school three days per week. I'll have to get a picture of him wearing his school uniform and post it soon. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the days he is NOT at Kindergarten, he has swim lessons over at Goldfish School. Kelly invited me to meet her there Thursday after work so that I could see the place and watch Brendan's lesson.
I'm so glad Brendan gets to do this! He is such a brave little soul in the water. At Grand Haven, it doesn't matter HOW COLD the water IS, this little guy is in it for the entire time and has to be forcefully removed from the water !!
 And look at baby Aidan! Oh my word. Such a beautiful and sweet baby. And such a wonderful mother he has--so thankful for her!
 Swim lessons are about a 30-minute deal, but then the swimmers have to find a changing room and get dressed in their street clothes. There are toys to distract if no room is available yet ...
Since Thursday is our standing "date" night (and since it was quite chilly outside) we ate supper over at Culver's and then went over to the Mall. I needed to purchase one last gift for Aidan's baptism, and I knew Brendan would be a big help! We found a sweet stuffed lamb over at Barnes and Nobles!
 Brendan was aching to play "on the bacon" so we headed over to the play area ...

Brendan just overflows with happiness, doesn't he? I love to watch him play and interact with total strangers. He holds his own in a crowded play area, and plays with a lot of energy and JOY. Love him so much.

Labor Day at the Zoo

Labor Day, September 4:  No school for the kiddos. No work for me! A few of us decided to brave the crowds and wander around the zoo for a little while since it was a cool weather day, slight chance of rain--but who cares?  
We rode the Funicular up up up to the tippy top to do a little exploring ... 
Matthew had never ridden this before, so it was nice to be able to do this with him today. 
 We sought out the RED PANDA !! Wyatt was NOT very active, once again ... but at least we saw him!
 Kaity-Jane was not overly impressed ...
 Mr. Tiger paid us a quick visit ...

He just kind of meandered on by 2x ... but he did not stick around for photos ... 

Today was the VERY LAST DAY of the Realm of Flight Bird Show! Oh my goodness--I would have been sad to have missed this!

These beautiful birds spent the summer at John Ball Zoo. They winter in Arizona in a bird sanctuary. 
 This wonderful girl is telling us all about birds of prey and endangered birds. She did such a nice job.
 We watched a red-tailed hawk, a raven, a barn owl, a small and very odd flamingo, and then the bald eagle ...

 We had FRONT ROW SEATS! YAY!!! I will say, however, that it was sprinkling a very fine rain all during the show. Good thing the rain did not bother the birds (or us!) one single bit.

 This eagle is LOUIS. Beautiful, majestic, a wonderful creation.

 At the end of the show, if people wanted to donate $$ to the bird sanctuary, this raven would actually take paper money right out of your hands and deposit it into the glass jar on the table! Pretty cute.

 The kiddos got to have a photo shoot with Louis ...

Thank you, Lord, for these few hours at the zoo. Thank you for being such an AWESOME Creator.