Wednesday, December 2, 2020

December 2 A super nice Tuesday

Tuesday:  It's been SIX very long weeks since these little ones have been able to come over to my house! But now I am fully recovered, no more weight lifting restrictions, back to completely normal eating, and strong enough to entertain these guys over at my house.

I picked up the kiddos at 9:30AM and we came right over here to play. I think just about every toy in my house got played with! They were all delighted with the Christmas decorations and had fun finding the ornaments of themselves on my tree. Aidan and Brendan got right to building a train layout.
They worked at opposite ends, so it worked out ...

Aidan was entralled with the Thomas Kincaid ceramic train ... I had to watch him like a hawk as it is a little bit fragile. I'm not sure how it happened (and it doesn't matter), but part of it ended up in my "toy hospital" for repairs ...
Since it was still morning when we arrived here, the kiddos all had a bowl or three of cereal and milk.

Brendan's request was a combination of Cinammon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, and Capt'n Crunch Berries ... I can't imagine those three together in one bowl, but Brendan was very pleased.
Mr. Aidan didn't come for his cereal until Brendan and Erin were finished and I had all the cereal put away and the table cleaned off ... hmm ... BUT he did finally come and had exactly what Brendan had!
Speaking of Brendan ... he requested that I get out my number transformers for him to play with. I'm so glad! He played with them, on and off, throughout the day. I have numbers zero through nine, and you can combine numbers zero through four to make a huge robot, and then you can combine numbers five through nine to make another huge robot. BUT ... it takes a lot of patience to put it all together because there are lots of parts. I keep them all together in a bin for Brendan so that the pieces don't get lost. I've kept all of the instructions, too, and Brendan says that's what helps him put it all together. The instructions don't help me one bit! I cannot combine these numbered robots to make a big robot for anything. I can barely get the individual numbers to transform!

Darling Erin was delighted to be at her grandma's today. She loves it here. She followed Matey-Bird around today and just roamed from room to room with her dimpled hands touching everything she could ... she is the sweetest little thing.
Both of the little kids got their clothes soaked while eating their cereal and milk, so I had to find spare dry shirts in my kids' dresser--all of them were huge on Aidan, but we threw the wet shirts in the dryer and then put them back on.
Aidan really enjoys these little ice cream cones ... I wish I could get him to eat REAL food like this!

Would you believe that we actually spent nearly SEVEN hours here and never once turned to technology for entertainment? YAY! Not one single computer video was even requested! I am so pleased!

December 1 Origami picture frame ornaments

Monday:  I had zero responsibility for grandchildren today, so I spent most of the day fussing around my house, cleaning and organizing, to prepare for three little ones to come tomorrow. I did a fun Origami project, making picture frame ornaments and filling them with my beautiful grandkids' pictures.

These are the 12 I made for the O'Pahman group:

This is the bunch I made for the Pahman group:
24 picture frame ornaments for my tree!
Here are a few close-ups:

They look nice on my tree! Perhaps a bit large, but I like them very much.

I will need to make a few for my Matey-Bird when I have some extra time! We certainly wouldn't want to leave him out!

Monday, November 30, 2020

November 29 It's Christopher's birthday!

Sunday:  After church this morning, Emma and I decided to go and find a "topper" for my tree. It has needed one for a very long time. It took us awhile, but we finally found this dear angel-girl! Emma attached it to the tree for me--doesn't she look pretty there?

 Yesterday morning, I had worked nearly three hours on designing a birthday card for Christopher's 17th birthday. I have a lot of photos of Chris when he was young ... but extremely few since about age 15. So I had to work with what I had. This is what his card kind of looked like:

Inside of card:

The back of the card is a drawing Christopher did TEN years ago! Isn't it the BEST?!?!?
Emma had arranged with Christopher and family a good time for us to drive over to deliver our cards and gifts. We went over at about 6:30 in the evening. We met Chris's girlfriend, Ella. She is a sophomore over at Sparta High. Matthew visited with us for awhile. Kaity came home with Diana about five minutes after we arrived. We ate some birthday cake and talked for awhile to everyone. Emma and I had prayed before going over that the Lord would help us do and say only what He would want us to do or say. The Lord was very kind to us and answered the cry of our hearts. 

Four days have gone by with Emma here with me. I finally took her to where she lives last night. I tried to tell her how much it meant to have her be here these days. She sure brought a lot of JOY into my days here. I hope her heart was happy to be here too.

November 28 Katie AND Emma!

Saturday:  Since it is a holiday weekend and Emma is off work, she has been ... staying here with me! I invited her because I love to spend time with her, PLUS I certainly didn't want her to be all alone in her "room" over at the other house, since she hasn't yet moved in with Jesse. It's been a very nice few days that we've had. We picked Kaity up at about 3:00 from Jesse. For the next almost-five hours, we played with a ton of stuff over here! It's amazing what Kaity can blow through in so many brief hours.

When Kaity knew that Emma was going to be playing with us today, she was very happy. Right away, she wanted to do a marble run with Emma--both of them building separately, to see which marble run was the highest and the best.

Emma is pretty much a master-builder at whatever she does ... AND she is almost ten years older than Kaity--so you can imagine whose run was higher and better--but I will say that Kaity shows high promise of being an excellent builder herself. She catches on quickly to mechanical things (both Emma and Kaity get this from Jesse) and I can tell she really enjoys building.

I love these pictures of the girls! But Kaity! You simply MUST stop sucking your thumb ...
We moved on to playing school with "Miss Kaitlynn" being the instructor. Liam, Lily, Trinity, and Paco were her students. Emma and I were relegated to a very menial position--we weren't even allowed to be co-teachers or student teachers ... nothing with the word "teacher" attached to it!

Kaity's students did a LOT of math ...
Every year the kiddos really enjoy my velcro nativity/advent calendar. They have never, naturally, put only one figure on for the corresponding day of Advent. They always just take every single piece and make the entire nativity scene all at once. 

THEN, Kaity wondered if we could play with the trains. YAY, I said! Emma was all for it too!

Everyone enjoyed building with the wooden trains. I'm so thankful I have these sets. The fun part about playing with trains is building the layout (at least in my opinion) ... the children like making a different one each time, and it is good for them to learn the spatial contraints of a layout.
Kaity got out the Magna-Tiles and built a train station to go with her trains ... nice job, Kaitlynn!

We also played a very fun game of UNO--I think Emma won, but I can't remember! We also played "Trouble" and ate a decent dinner. We thought we would have Kaity back to Jesse by 7PM, but it was closer to 8PM by the time we drove up his driveway. What a nice 5 hours to have these dear granddaughters play together!