Wednesday, January 31, 2018


January 30:  I suppose there is a first time for everything ... even when a person is 64! I had never been to a wrestling match before in my life until ... last night over at Comstock Park Middle School.
 Both Matthew AND Christopher are on the wrestling team this year--different weight classifications, but same team. Yesterday, they matched off with Forest Hills Northern. I think it was a pretty even meat actually--with a slight advantage going to CP. I thought everyone did a good job. Tyler was especially impressive. His match was the longest, and he held up very well and behaved really admirably.
Chris's match was a little later. Chris suffered a bruised rib in practice this week or last week--anyway, his body was sore--so he didn't do perhaps as good as he could have. But he did DO at least and I thought he was very brave. 
 Matthew endured quite well in his match too. He was tough and would not give up! I was proud of both of the boys.
 It took awhile to "pin" Matthew. Kaity was in the stands with me and when she saw the opponent on top of Matt, she burst into tears and would not be consoled. Sweatheart. She loves Matthew.
 All in all, I think it was a good experience. The coaches seem like very nice people and the team seems to care about each other. Sports is good for learning a lot of important life lessons! 

I can't say I ENJOY watching wrestling. It's too tense for me! But I will go to as many meats as I can get to. I love you Chris and Matt!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

She hops, she skips, she jumps ... she flies!

January 27:  I can't even tell you HOW PLEASED I was to learn that Kaity-Jane was going to play indoor SOCCER!!! Megan, Kenzie's mom (Kenzie pictured below) suggested it to Diana and Diana said YES! 
This is Kaitlynn and her best friend, Kenzie!
Aren't they darling?
 So Kaity-Girl and Kenzie are on the same team (even though they are a year apart) and they couldn't be happier about it. 
 Their first official game was Saturday morning over at the high school. Kaity was SO PROUD to be at the high school actually participating in a sport rather than just watching.
Kaity almost never stops moving. You should have seen her on that court. She was 100% happy. She was hopping and skipping and jumping ... all while running ... and occasionally it looked like she was actually FLYING. 
 It was so much fun to be there and watch sweet Kaity in her element. She did a very good job listening to her coach and following the rules.
 Almost every single one of the children, however, were somewhat "lost in space" as far as the actual game was concerned. No one seemed very certain which direction to kick the ball (!!) and it was pretty much "organized chaos" in perpetual motion. I loved every single second and I think I laughed harder than I have in many months. 

Each child got a turn being goalie. Watch Kaity here ... doesn't she crack you up? Here comes the soccer ball, headed right for the goal ... and what does Kaity do? 
 !!! I love it.

But I WILL tell you, not one goal was scored against Kaity's team while she was goaling. 

 I'm so thankful for this for Kaity. This is SO GOOD for her.

Dear, dear Kaity. Grandma loves you SO much. Thank you, Jesus, for this little bundle of energy and love.

These two ...

Every Thursday, late afternoon, I also get to see and play with (for just a little while) this little angel baby and his mama. So, if I haven't said it before, I will say it now (although I have done just that on Facebook and I meant every word). Kelly is one of the most wonderful mothers I have ever known.
What is so special about Kelly? I'll tell you! She is a wonderful blend of kindness and wisdom. AND added to that, she is truly understanding and patient. AND beyond that even, she is resourceful and optimistic. I love to watch her with the kiddos. She actually LISTENS to them. She watches physical cues and interprets them kindly. Instead of being a two-year-old in her responses to her little ones, SHE is actually AN ADULT. She is able to back off, survey what is really happening (say, for instance, when one of the boys are voicing displeasure) and then AFFIRM their feelings about the situation.
Instead of prohibiting their expression, she ENCOURAGES them to tell her how they feel. And do you know something? She actually CARES about how they FEEL. Amazing. 
 There! I've somewhat started to put into words why I admire her so much. I think the one word that stands out most when I think of Kelly is AFFIRMING. That's a real challenge to most people that I have known. To step outside of oneself and look at the other's perspective--whether little people or just people in general. It's a very good trait, don't you think? It helps me feel comfortable around her because even if she doesn't agree with me, she does not demean what I think or feel. 
So I FEEL truly blessed to know Kelly and I am super happy I get to be the grandma to these little boys.  PS  I think Dylan is pretty special too ... but this post isn't about him. :)

The E. GR Library is THE BEST

January 25:  Brendan had been sick most of the week and still was not quite 100% on Thursday afternoon when I picked him up at his swim lesson. But we decided to have our usual "date" and come home earlier, perhaps. I usually let Brendan pick the place where we will eat. This week he chose Culver's. Yes! It's one of my favorite places too! Except it's hard to stick to a diet while eating there. I did OK. I ordered ONE piece of fish (no bun) and a side salad (instead of fries). Brendan ate his usual cheeseburger, fries and lemonade. His "free" ice cream desert (with blue sprinkles!) only had TWO bites eaten and then Mr. Brendan decided his stomach had enough food for one day.

Kelly had suggested the E. Grand Rapids library a few weeks back. It's been a super LONG time that I have been inside this library. To be exact, it was nearly FIVE years ago that Brendan and I went here for our first library date. Brendan was about 14 months at the time.
There is SO MUCH TO DO at this library. There are beautiful books everywhere, but in the downstairs children play area, there are THREE train tables with tons of track and cars, there are light-up work tables to build with their cool magnet and "glass" shapes, there are flannel graph boards to make your own farm, as well as building blocks, gear walls ... 
 ... a very nice fish tank with turtles too. Brendan loves to watch them.

 I love these pictures of this beautiful boy. I love him so much.

 These pictures are taken with my phone. I haven't gotten very good at using it for a camera. I'm glad I had it with me, though, because these pictures DO illustrate the fun we had together.

 In between all of these toys, we did manage to read a few books too.

We reluctantly left the library at 7:15 having not exhausted all of their toys! And it did not cost us any money to have this much fun. Thankful for this place tonight.

Baby Aidan comes to play!

January 22:  This little cutie came over to my house Monday morning to play. How nice! Aidan is really on the move around here. It took all I had to keep up with him!
 I'm so glad he likes the Beach House. He and I are getting used to doing a one-on-one. That's good. I like one-on-one's with my grandchildren. You can learn so much about a child when you can just focus on THAT child instead of MANY.
 This little tool cart has been around since before my dear Ems was born. I purchased it on her behalf when Diana was carrying her in utero. It is getting a little bit beat up, but still has most of its parts and the wheels still roll and everything. Aidan looks SO TINY standing beside it, doesn't he? He is my shortest grandbaby yet.
 However, even with all of the wonderful toys I have around here, Aidan was far more interested in what was in my cupboards! So ... I washed dishes while he explored.
 Look at his little round head and those cute little boots! Yikes. I could eat this child up. We had a very nice time together.
Kelly sent a bottle with us. Aidan is still nursing and Kelly has found some very authentic bottles (nipple-wise). So I was able to cuddle up with this soft and warm baby while he drank his bottle. I thought perhaps he had fallen asleep--but when the milk was gone, he was UP! That's OK. I enjoyed every minute with you, dear Aidan!