Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

My mom

This is my mom's funeral folder from May 29, 2018. The service was held at Rest Haven Homes where she had lived since September 2016. I'm going to post pictures tonight, but for some reason just cannot write the narrative.

Flowers sent by David and Carol when mom was at the hospital ...

Ruthanne and Terry
At Slow's BBQ one of the hospital nights--we met Dylan, Kelly, and the boys for dinner. Aidan Paul entertained all of us that evening with his dear little self.

Pictures of my mom ...

The Lifestory narrative:

Mom's Obituary:

Heavenly ...

Many more pictures to come ... hopefully ...

Our first 2018 zoo excursion!

May 24, 2018:  Since I am an official ZOO MEMBER, I get to attend special events there like the one last Thursday evening! Brendan went with me and we enjoyed meeting and greeting some of the animals in a little bit closer way. The flower pictures are just because !!

 Here we are meeting "STRIPEY" which is a small contrictor snake. Brendan was none too excited to touch this snake!

He did finally gingerly touch its skin for a split second and then pulled away quickly. I touched Stripey too!
 We rode on ELLIE, the camel. 
 Brendan loves to ride the camels! 
 Below is OLLIE ... we did not ride OLLIE.
 We got a pretty up-close look at Mr. Tiger tonight. But would he come down for a swim? Not on your life!

 We were introduced to all of the beautiful raptors for the "Realm of Flight" show this summer. I wish I could remember all of the interesting names they had (plus all of the other cool facts about them) ... but I am writing this almost a week later ... and my short-term memory is even worse than my long-term!

 We got just a glimpse of "Wiley" the Red Panda ...
 And then we took the Funicular down down DOWN all the way to the gate almost ...
It's always good to be at the zoo -- especially with a little child who enjoys it so much.
We will spend many hours here at the John Ball Zoo this season! I love going to the zoo.