Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Seidman in the Fall

Tuesday, October 30:  I had Tuesday, wide open, and after raking a monstrous (!!) amount of leaves in my yard, I grabbed my camera and drove over to Seidman Park (Ada) because I have never ever even once hiked it in the FALL!
 I think I missed the peak colors ... but still ... it was complete beauty OVERLOAD ...
 My heart was pounding SO hard, I could hardly breathe ...

 No more narration ... only to say that GOD IS AWESOME.

Such a precious ...

Monday, October 29:  Baby Aidan came over today. Monday's are HIS day exclusively. I'm so glad! I love this little baby to pieces.
Aidan is a very self-entertained type of person. He is perfectly happy to roam my place, investigate its toys and other items of interest ... and keep moving.
Today, Aidan lined up cars, trucks and animals on the toy room window sill.

He was very particular about his choice of cars ...
This purple light-up ball was one of his favorites of the day.
We took a stroll around my neighborhood so that we could get some fresh air. Aidan charms all of the neighbors on a regular basis. I handed him a little gold leaf which he carefully (and I might add happily) examined throughout our entire walk!

Aidan was very pleased with his leaf. HE IS SO PRECIOUS ... Gah! One of these days, I'm going to gobble you up, Aidan Paul!
These two pictures are of Aidan flirting with my absolutely darling neighbor, Lorraine (who is in her upper 80's, still rakes her own leaves, has survived cancer 4 different times, and was total caregiver for her ailing husband for the last 20+ years of his life--she is amazing) ... anyway, Lorraine loves to see my babies. Aidan took a real liking to Lorraine.

And THEN we went back inside, changed a diaper, spun around in my office chair, and whirled right on out the door and ... back to Aidan's by 2:30. The time just flew by.