Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Monday with "the Littles"

Monday, April 29:  This is our darlin Erin-baby. She is ten months now! Her favorite stance is ... STANDING. She's been doing this for weeks and will actually stand, without holding onto anything, for quite awhile before she realizes that she is unaided and sits down. She has very strong legs! AND, she has a very definite personality all her own.
 Erin checks people out. She is a very discriminating little cutie. She examines ... very carefully ... and is not easily fooled by me (especially). She has taken a little bit longer to "accept" me, but that is OK. I like her caution. Smart girl.

However, now that she has had a full TEN months to scrutinize me from head to toe, she seems to be OK with me. I think she even enjoys my company. She's got stuff to say, too. And look at her expression (below) ... it looks like she is getting ready to put me in my place! That level gaze!

 I adore her. We think she might possibly be a redhead ... not positive ... but those BLUE eyes--no question!

 Oh.my.word. What a cute baby. AH! I am blessed seven-fold!
 We woke Aidan up from his nap so that he could come over to play for the afternoon. Here he is chucking some mustard ... well, he didn't actually DRINK it ... but he wanted me to THINK he was drinking it.
 Isn't he a goof and a half?
 This child absolutely kills me! His JOY! His KEEN sense of humor. 
 Looks like a little Winston Churchill with a stokie ... in reality, these are Veggie straws with sea salt. Quite delicious actually! I also got him some yummy apple-cinnamon straws the other day.

 Since Mr. Aidan is gluten, egg, dairy, and peanut intolerant ... I prepare a gluten-free loaded-with-"Earth-Balance" butter and garlic powder PASTA for him to enjoy every week. He gets the butter all over himself--but that's what makes the pasta yummy (in my opinion) ... so I just wipe him up afterwards.

 We played a little hide 'n seek ...

 GAH! This kiddo cracks me up to pieces ...

 Contrary to Aidan's carefree JOY, he is VERY PARTICULAR about his train track design--just try to mess with him! NO WAY. He has ideas. He has plans!
 He does allow me to help him out, as long as I am "building" a little bit away from him. This picture (below) cracks me up because he is trying to maneuver his little body around the tracks ... look at how cute he is!
 See his serious expression?

What treasures grandchildren are! I'm so thankful for these blessings in my life. 

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Emma meets Erin

Sunday, April 28:  So today was the BIG day that Emma got to FINALLY MEET HER COUSIN, l'il blue-eyed baby Erin! Oh.my.word. Look at these two babies ...
 It's a complete cuteness overload. I'm about to blast off.

 And dear, precious Brendan got his glasses! YES!!! Aren't they great? This is NOT a good picture of Little Fellow, but he is so precious, I can barely stand it.

 Erin is warming up very nicely to her old grandma ... I was a tiny bit concerned ... she had been so reserved around me. She has perked up very nicely, though, and actually seems happy to see me.

 Emma DID hold Erin for a little while ... but did I catch a picture of it? NO. Rats.

 I love these guys/girls/grandchildren so much. I have been blessed beyond anything I could dream.

 And look at little blue eyes, here! Isn't she something else?!? I can hardly contain myself.
 Watson, here ... getting into a serious intellectual mind game ...
This precious baby actually said: "Hi, Emma!" as clearly
as anything. Emma was pleased.
Hey! When are you going to call me grandma, Aidan?!?
Oh, Lord--You have been so so good to me.

My two girls again ...

Saturday, April 27:  So it seems that our new normal here on Saturdays is these TWO darling granddaughters come to my house for a little visit. Their brothers (who are loved) are busy and otherwise occupied with friends and activities more conducive to boy stuff.
 Kaity decided to wear a very pretty holiday dress. She was dressed up to the max. Isn't this a beautiful color on our Kaity-Girl?
 And dear Emma has grown so much in the love she demonstrates to her little sister ... which can be very hard work at times! I've prayed about this for these two for a long time. I see God's hand at work in both of their lives, and I'm so thankful. Emma is an amazing big sister.
 We played lots of stuff together. Kaity's favorite favorite thing to do is to play Hide 'N Seek. This afternoon, we were not hiding dolls or stuffed animals ... we were actually doing the physical hiding ourselves. My place is super tiny! You wouldn't think Kaity would have such a blast hiding in the same 10 places ... but she does and it's pretty funny to see her excitement every game.
We took Kaity home by 8:00 or so, visited with Jesse and Diana, and then Emma and I returned here. We worked on Emma's resume', because she is looking for summer employment. Emma did an excellent job on her resume--I only gave my input when asked. We got her resume finished, printed, and put into a very professional manilla envelope! We were dead tired and in bed by 11:00. We slept very soundly!

One of my happy places ...

Friday, April 26:  On the other side of the city, where I often frequent (thankfully), is the most beautiful market. It's therapy just to walk inside for 10 minutes. My mouth opens in astonishment at the beauty and doesn't close until I leave ...
 I had heard about this place from friends, for years ... but never quite understood where it was located. Since I pick Brendan up from school every Wednesday, a friend told me how CLOSE it is to where Brendan goes to school! 
 Everything about the place is gorgeous. I'm just highlighting the flowers today because the flowers are the most beautiful I have ever seen ... ever!
 I'm going to make two zillion cards out of these pictures ...
 I can't stop smiling every time I look at these pictures ... I'm so glad they are on my phone. Anytime I like, I can just look at them!

 Surely we have a great and awesome God. There is none like Him in all the earth ... or any world anywhere.

 I'm so thankful for His awesome creation. He must be something to behold!