Monday, July 29, 2019

Some truly sweet moments

Monday, July 29:  Brendan had a swim lesson later in the afternoon. Kelly had come home and was planning on some errands with Erin. I took the boys over to the swim school. It's always fun to have these guys in my car with me. Aidan sits in the back in his brand new car seat (thank you, Kelly and Dylan!). He reads books while I drive. PLUS, Aidan sings along to my beautiful music ... in his own precious way.
 But Brendan almost talks my leg off! We have some of the funniest conversations while driving. Our little stuffed long-horn sheep (Sarah) gets in on the action (she is prone to rhyming) ... we have a lot of fun.
 Brendan did super good in class today. He has learned to do the Butterfly swim! He really enjoys it. Good job, Brendan!

 Aidan was up and down in my lap, so we took a few "selfies." Aidan is THE MOST cuddly child I have ever met.

 I love you so much, baby Aidan. You put up with a LOT from your grandma Carol lovin on you all the time.

Our very own QP doll

Monday, July 29:  Several months ago Kelly posted some darling pictures of baby Erin on FB. One of my cousins (I think it was Julia) brought up a little doll from the 60's that I had completely forgotten about--the Kewpie Doll--and then mentioned that Erin was an exact replica!
I was taking care of the kiddos today because Dylan was sick and Kelly had a full client schedule going ... and there saw Kewpie on the table next to baby Erin. I think Erin bears a remarkable resemblance! So I agree with my cousin! 
 Erin has become a very animated baby. Brendan enjoys her a LOT. I love this picture of Brendan ... so entirely typical of him! Erin is using a toothbrush to suck on (I hope it's hers) but it looks like she is doing karaoke or something!
 When the light from my flash comes on, this is Erin's usual little scrunchy face as a result ...
 But sometimes I catch her off guard (below) ... I love this picture of her.
 And this one too! Little doll baby.

We love you, tiny Kewpie Doll. I think that will be your knickname from now on--QP. See what happens when I make you into a collage with your Kewpie Doll?

Sunday, July 28, 2019

More of the beauty of Morrison Lake

Saturday, July 27:  I have taken a ridiculous amount of pictures out at Morrison Lake ... you would think so, but then ... you don't know me! I LOVE the lakes. I LOVE boats (big, little, medium, sail, speed, pontoon ... you name it). I love beach life! So there ...
 I took most of these last night while John and Robin captained us out around the lake. Every day is a different scene out here. The clouds, the wind, the birds, the water ... it's never quite the same day after day.

 We saw a bunch of turtles last night just sunning themselves on tree roots and branches. I wasn't able to get a good picture of them, although I did try.
 It was the sky that intrigued me most last night. I just love it when the sun shines through the breaks in the clouds in colorful rays ...

 We saw our swans again!

 They are all practically the size of adults now. I wonder when it is that they break off from their family and find their mate? They say that swans mate for life--I wonder how that works exactly in a swan's life.

 Here we are approaching Robin and John's place, getting ready to dock ... their house is the one in the middle there (below).
 Once we were back on land, I walked a few houses down because the sun was doing amazing things still ...

Thank you, Lord, for the beauty You have created. You are an Awesome God, an incredible Creator. Thank you so much for SIGHT to see ... and for my camera (that I know nothing technical about) that I can use to enjoy Your handiwork.

Again at Morrison Lake

Saturday, July 27:  I don't think I can find adequate words to describe how thankful I am this summer for Robin's generosity and repeated invites out to her little house on Morrison Lake. It is SO relaxing and SO beautiful out here.
 I love these pictures of Emma riding the Unicorn float ...
 Emma roped herself to the dock and then ... out she went ... floating off to the beat of the waves ...
 I suggested she lie down and completely relax. I think she really enjoyed herself!
 Kaity-Girl had gotten OUT of the water due to being too cold (she had been in for quite awhile--me too!) but then noted that Emma was WAY OUT in the floaty ... so Kaity reeled her in!

 Emma tried to get Kaity to join her on the float, but Kaity lasted all of two minutes and then bailed. That's okay, Kaity!

 It was quite a warm day today ... I think it made it to 90 degrees in Grand Rapids--but it wasn't quite that warm out here on the lake. There was a refreshing breeze blowing too.
 My favorite part of coming out here is the cruise on John's boat ... it's a very quiet and peaceful ride. We go around the entire perimeter of the lake, which takes about 35-40 minutes! I love every single second of it.

 I'm so thankful for this beautiful place. God has used it to speak peace into my heart and give me rest this summer. 
I'm usually far more drawn to Lake Michigan--and make no mistake, Lake Michigan is STILL my first love ... but the lake levels are so high and the beaches are quite eroded again this year. It's a cyclical thing ... the levels will decrease once again, I know. 

The other truly lovely thing is Robin's friendship. She's a one-of-a-kind beautiful person. I'm so thankful God brought her into my life--she has truly blessed it in so many ways.