Sunday, May 31, 2020

May 31 Emma

Sunday: We woke up this morning, never knowing about what had gone on downtown Grand Rapids Saturday night and into the morning. As I turned on my computer, I tuned in to some local news and read about the riot and told Emma about it. We worshiped LiveStream at Calvary and then ate a huge salad afterward for lunch.

We had our Bible story, this week on King Josiah, and were reminded of the important of obedience to God's Word and how God blesses us through our obedience to Him.

Later in the day, early afternoon, I drove Emma back to her house. Their property is about 1.5 acres and it abutts into a little wooded area. There are wildflowers growing back there. I happen to particularly LOVE these kind. 
 Emma had made a pretty bracelet for Kaity, who was very pleased to receive it!

Sweet girls, these two. Love them to pieces.

May 30 Emma

Saturday evening:  When I was thinking about what Emma and I could do this evening, it crossed my mind that it might be a good thing to take her over to Calvary's parking lot to practice her driving. Because of COVID I knew it would be empty, and it's such a large parking lot with lots of lines, etc. -- it would be a nice quiet, safe place to drive around. So we did that for awhile. Emma did very well.
Since we were the only ones (apparently) at Calvary at the time, we decided to take a peak into the outside prayer garden to see how it looked all finished up. Emma found the gate (above) and figured out how to open it (duh), and then we walked inside and looked around.
 It's a nice quiet space where people can go and reflect and pray.

 Isn't it pretty?

 We walked around the pathways ...
 Emma posed for a few pictures ...

 And then we drove over to my house. I did the driving out on the public road because Emma is still a minor and I don't have permission to have her drive.
When we got to my house, I showed Emma a "kit" I had found in my closet that week. It was something I had purchased quite a few years ago when the tiny rubber band crafts were all the rage. I bought it for Emma and she did make quite a few bracelets back then, but then she lost interest and I put it away.
 Emma is very mechanical and loves working with her hands. For the life of me, I could not figure out how these looms worked; but Emma wasn't at all confused by the instructions. She made several really pretty bracelets, plus she made TWO turtles and a whale as well.
 We watched "A League of Their Own" while she was creating rubberband crafts. I hadn't seen the movie in a very long time and it was very fun to watch it with Emma.
We said good-night at midnight and I promptly fell asleep!

May 30 Kaity

Saturday:  Kaity and I had four such happy hours Saturday afternoon/evening! She had been telling me that she was worried about her baby Lily's hair--she had dropped her a few times and noticed that the color on her hair was rubbing off. So ... we decided to paint her some new yellow hair.
 We both grabbed paint brushes and went to work ...
 Kaity was SO careful and she was SO happy while painting Lily's hair. I think it turned out beautiful.
 These next two pictures are somewhat out of order, but that's OK. After we had played outside making bubbles for quite a long time (see below), we came back inside and played dress-up with Lily. I got my princess magnets out and Kaity (who LOVES to dress things up and choose pretty outfits) really loved doing this with me tonight.
 I love your beautiful smile, Kaity-Girl!
Here we are outside making bubbles, lots and lots of them!

The other thing Kaity and I did today was to order her birthday gifts for her 8th birthday celebration. Kaity knew exactly what she wanted me to order, which made it super easy. She told me her baby Lily wants a brother very badly and that the Baby Alive brand makes a boy baby doll! So we got onto Amazon and found the exact boy doll she wanted, and while we were at it, we found a really versatile bunk bed for the dolls to put in their "bedroom." Kaity was SO excited to order her gifts. She was smiling from ear to ear. I love you so much, dear Kaity! It was very fun to play with you today!

May 29

Friday:  Look at Erin in these pictures. She is the sweetest little person! I just love her from head to toe. She plays and plays and plays at my house and is pretty happy the entire time she is here.
Here is dear Aidan, who eats nothing but crackers and veggie straws at my house. He DID, eat ONE waffle today--shock! He's a particularly particular eater! But at least he doesn't complain about being hungry all the time and he is a pretty hefty little guy--so he must eat better over at his house.
 I can always, without fail, count on Brendan to eat most anything I offer him. Look at his sweet smile.
 Brendan is usually busy MAKING things from ... you name it ... construction paper, origami stuff, pipe cleaners. Just give him a supply of markers, glue, tape and assorted paper, and this child will make ... stuff!
 These two littles cooked up a huge meal for me today and were so pleased that I would taste every little thing they brought to me.

 Both of these little ones LOVE playing with my baby dolls: Bonnie and Moses. I have two tiny bottles and they will feed them and put them down for naps, kiss and hug them ... it's super sweet. 
 Mid-afternoon I put on a Charlie Brown movie ... something about a race (Brendan would know the exact name). The kiddos all enjoyed it. I haven't heard Brendan laugh like this for a very long time. My heart was happy to hear him.

 Dear, dear Aidan watching the movie.
 Brendan decided to make some origami finger puppets. He completed a pig puppet and was very enthused about the result.

 Our small conductor spent lots and lots of play time with the trains today. He thinks he owns them and gets real huffy if anyone comes along and messes with HIS twacks or twains.

 Erin absolutely adores Matey and follows him throughout the house. She is very gentle with him.

 Brendan asked me to get the puppet theatre down from the high shelf so that he could put on a "show" for the little kids.
 Brendan's story was about Mr. Mousekins ...

 The little kiddos enjoyed the finger puppets too and played with them for a very long time.
 Little Aidan was very taken with the bug finger puppets and put on a show of his own.
 Look at Erin's expression (below) ... I am unsure what it is that has APPALLED her, but something apparently has!

We had a super fun but exhausting day. As always, I am grateful for the Lord's strength and for His great love for all of us.