Sunday, January 26, 2020

January 26, Grand Haven Lights

Sunday:  It's just a short drive from Rosy Mounds to the State Park at Grand Haven. I knew our time was limited, so we parked as closely as we could to get a few pictures of the channel ... which, by the way, I have NEVER seen the water SO HIGH here ...

 Then we drove through the parking lot to the other side where we had a better view of the beach--or what is LEFT of it--and the lighthouse/pier.
 The wind was really brisk out here ... and look how tiny the beach is! It has been almost completely washed away!
 I heard this week on the local weather station that they are expecting the erosion here to worsen right through spring. January is usually the LOWEST level of Lake Michigan. Presently, the lake is 20" higher than it was last year this time!
 Dear Emma enjoys a good adventure. I'm so glad she does. We have fun together--I'm not sure there are many people in my life I can say that about! I love her so much.

 Beautiful place, isn't it? Even with the gloomy skies ... it's just breathtaking out here.

 I have thousands (no lie) of pictures of this pier because I have a nearly 50-year history of coming out here and walking it, listening to the surf and seagulls, watching the fishermen, wishing I was on every boat going up and down the channel ...

 This is my HAPPY place ... I hope heaven is as beautiful as it is here ... I'm sure it must be!

It only took us 32 minutes to drive into Emma's driveway from here. I felt reluctant to see her go today. We talked about a lot of sad things last night--she expresses herself very well--and I am glad that we can talk and that she shares difficult things with me. Oh, Lord, please surround Emma with your protection--guard her heart and mind--give her eyes to see Your incredible love for her.

January 26, Rosy Mounds

Sunday:  After church this morning, Emma and I drove over to the lakeshore to see what we could see!
 It had been years since I had explored over at Rosy Mounds, so we started there. It's a super long walk through many trails to reach Lake Michigan, but it is a beautiful hike--not for the faint of heart, though. There are SO MANY STAIRS ... 217 of them to be exact ... and that does not take into account the ascending paths that had no stairs provided! Please note that the stairs were ICY, so this old lady had to be doubly careful so as not to slip and fall ...
 The weather was not stellar in any way, shape, or form, for photography. It was beyond overcast, no fresh snow to sparkle or dazzle ... no interesting cloud formations, no shadows to allure ... but at least it was 35 degrees, so it wasn't bitter cold. We layered up to the max and climbed (me, panting all the way).
 We stopped along the way to shoot some pictures, and you will be proud to note that throughout the afternoon (both here and over at the pier), I shot ONLY 83 pictures. I really restrained myself!
 It's really lovely back in the woods during the wintertime, isn't it? And there are no nasty bugs, mosquitoes, ticks, SPIDERS, bees, hornets to harrass innocent folk out for a good time in God's great outdoors!

 This is the view of Lake Michigan from the top of the mound. The wind was much more WINDY up here, and so it felt much colder.
 We hiked on and on ... I was hoping to get all the way down to the beach ...

 And I was still hopeful all the way until we got to this lookout ...
 And saw that there essentially was ZERO beach down there to walk on! Perhaps a foot or two, but the waves were coming in all along the shore. I decided NOT to go down.

 There really isn't anything quite like Lake Michigan in my estimation. I am always stunned by its beauty and power. 
 Here you can see that the stairway that USED to lead to beach is hanging in mid-air with essentially nowhere to go ... it's been cordoned off so that dumb people don't dangle off it I guess.

 On a clearer day, you can see all the way to the Grand Haven lights from here ... but we could only just glimpse the pier today.
 We were pretty cold, so we decided to hike back up the trail and drive down to the pier to check out the beach erosion up close and personal ...

Thank you for the beautiful things you create, Lord. You are very amazing and totally Awesome.

Friday, January 24, 2020

January 23

Thursday:  Kaity-Girl and I played for a very long time with Legos this afternoon and evening. I have a few sets that I keep high up on shelves that the little kids cannot reach--I have a lighthouse set, a treehouse set, and an everything set with lots of people, etc.
 Sometimes Kaity will play and play with these cool sets, making up stories and everything. It's very cool to watch her be SO focused and interested ... and stay that way for a prolonged period of time!

 Legos are very worth the money spent on them!
 Matey watched us for quite awhile as we played ... we had his cage on the same table where we were playing.
 Look how long Matey's tail feathers are!
 Kaity always has the upper hand with this little bird, although I will say that tonight he gave her a run for her money! He's been in a little bit of a funk the last few days, rather agressive with his sharp little beak! He's especially bothersome when I am eating and if allowed (as opposed to caged), he will rather agressively taste my food right off my plate! Trust me, I feed him his own food quite liberally!

 But as always, the kiddos are good friends for our First Mate. Children are so amazing with animals, aren't they? I learn a lot just from watching them.
I have a lot to be thankful for in my life. It's such a joy to be retired and able to give the best of my time to be with my little ones. The children are growing up so fast. I pray that they will know the Lord, as Father and Savior, and Lord of their lives.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

January 22

Wednesday:  Brendan and I had such a nice few hours together today. I'm so glad he likes to come over to my house! We played a few games of Chess today ...
 Matey-Bird got in on all of the action ...
 We also played trains and Legos ...

 Matey has really taken to the children. Brendan is very glad to be a friend to Matey.

 Matey would NOT be left out of our Chess game!
 He even offered us our next cards! Cutie! (See Brendan cracking up below?)

 I love to see such a beautiful smile on Brendan. I am thankful, always, to see his heart happy.

 Naturally, we did a little bit of Origami too ... Brendan loves loves loves to make stuff with paper. Good thing I have a lot of paper around here! Look at Matey watching ...

Thanks, Lord, for birds and little boys ...