Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Tuesday: I believe that today is W. Michigan's eighth 90 degree (or higher) day in a row. I love the heat ... USUALLY. But for some reason this year, this kind of heat just zaps my strength to ZERO. Plus, Monday evening I "jammed" my right foot while turning a corner in my little house, injuring my middle, fourth and fifth toes--they are not broken, but ... they THROB with pain. So I limped around all day Tuesday, which only added to the general annoyance of the day.

Our three-year-old Aidan loves to sing the "Hot Choc-o-lat" song from "The Polar Express" ... hot hot HOT! That's how my house was today! The children did not seem to be overly bothered by the heat--thankfully.
Erin was as sweet and as cute as ever ...

Brendan was ... well, it is difficult to describe exactly. I do believe this dear child is plagued with sensory overload and other special needs ... and my heart aches so deeply for him. He "marched" around the "circle" of my living area for nearly two hours, talking the entire time of Pokeman Sword and Shield and various aspects of that entire unknown world to me, wanting so badly for me to interact with him about all of it. I will honestly tell you that I have NO interest in video games--I never have! I think Pacman is about the only game that ever made any bit of sense to me, but I was never any good at it. 
The entire time that Brendan was marching around and asking me questions (that I could not answer) about Pokeman, the two little kids were also talking to me and requiring my attention ...
... and did I mention how HOT my house was (yes, I know I did!). I did bring the kiddos all outside in my side yard for about an hour to play with the water toys--and managed to do so without taking one single picture of them outside. After we came back inside, we had snacks and watched "Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo", which was fun and seemed to settle Brendan down a little bit.

These two played hard all day and wore themselves out. 
I drove them home to their house and then returned to mine ... practically in a coma I was so exhausted. I know. I've been looking forward to HOT weather for such a long time and I truly prefer it to being COLD. But somehow this year, I haven't done well with it! On my days "off", I have zero motivation and other than cleaning the house, I haven't even been inclined to make any cards! I must be getting old.

July 5

Sunday:  Since Saturday night had been so late, Emma and I slept IN late Sunday morning. We attended Calvary's LiveStream for the second sermon (of six) on the book of Malachi. Pastor Jim was back from his study break--being away from the news the last five weeks. The sermon dealt with Christ being the Savior of ALL nations, all people groups on the planet. He spoke how God made people in His image, completely diverse, and how God celebrates diversity and judges preferential treatment of people. It was a good teaching and gave me much to think about.

After eating our lunch, we continued our Bible study in the Book of Daniel. We talked only about chapter six when Daniel was betrayed and thrown to the lions. I learned a lot from studying this throughout the week. Daniel was rescued, because we worship a God who delights in saving people. We compared Daniel to Jesus and found a lot of likenesses. But where God saved Daniel from the lions, He did not spare His Son from the agonies of the cross. Jesus suffered to win eternity for us! He doesn't promise us a problem-free life in the here and now, however, or a life absent of heartache, trial or deep wounds. But this life is just a blink in comparison to what He has promised to give to us: an eternal HOME with Him that WILL be free from every tear, disease, disappointment, separation, regret.

Afterwards, we decided against driving out to Muskegon--we were both too tired from the 4th--as good as it was! Instead, we watched the musical, "Hamilton" that was showing on Disney+. Emma has been telling me about this musical for weeks and weeks--she practically has every word memorized--so I was glad to watch it with her. I had no idea it was very close to THREE HOURS though!
It was a well done production. I learned quite a bit of history too ... or at least I was reminded of a lot of history I had forgotten. Thankful to watch this with Emma today!

Monday, July 6, 2020

4th of July FIREWORKS

Saturday Evening: The fireworks couldn't "kick off" until it was dark. Dear Kaity was almost out of patience waiting, but she did not WHINE (thankfully) ... she was just super quiet and a tiny bit broodish. But we love Kaity and I think she did very well.
 Robin says that the sun goes down but the sky doesn't get its height of color for another 30 to 40 minutes! I have never been at Morrison this late in the day, so I had no idea.
 We were delighted, however, to watch the moon rise just over the little cottage where Robin resides.
 I was far more "taken" with the full moon than I was with the fireworks ...

 But I must say in very strong terms, I have never witnessed a more EPIC fireworks display in all my life. They were shooting off all around the lake; and since we had boated right to the middle of the lake, we were surrounded by fireworks and reflections. It was truly incredible.

 I am a pretty terrible night photographer and I am only posting what I feel to be my "best" pictures. I took tons that didn't even turn out this clearly.

 Dear Kaity was just about beside herself with "nothing to do!" I finally strapped my camera around her neck and set her loose to take pictures to her heart's desire. Here are a few that Kaity took ...

 Nice job, Kaity!
 Pretty soon, Kaity was finished with photography, but very contented at last. She returned my camera and I shot a few more pictures. I found the moon SO alluring.

 Emma was willing to send me her best photos too! She has an Android phone that takes amazing pictures. She also has a "night" setting and has learned to use it! I love these photos! The picture below has Kaity in it (to the right) ...

 In this picture, I am to the right, also taking pictures. I cropped out half of my rear-end so as not to alarm anyone (!!) as to how LARGE it is.

 These are great pictures, Emma!

Fireworks continued for a solid 35 minutes ... possibly more! What a great time we had--wonderful way to spend the 4th. Thank you so much, Robin!

July 4 Pre-Fireworks

Saturday Afternoon: Robin invited the girls and I out to Morrison for the 4th. It's been HOT for days now--in the upper 80's and low 90's--so it was very refreshing to jump in the water!
 We shared a delicious meal together and I ate TOO much TOO fast and ended up with a very tender stomach! I had to give myself a little extra time before jumping into the water myself.

 Morrison Lake is a beautiful lake. It is NOT full of algae or seaweed. It has a nice sandy bottom to it, and it doesn't drop off until past the dock, so there is plenty of room to swim and play.

 We decided to take a late afternoon boat ride. Robin supplied veery cool July 4 face stickers ... Robin knows how to throw a good party and seems to think of everything.

 We saw one of those motorized air bikes ... which was very wobbly for the longest time. I wondered if the pilot was going to be able to keep it in the air!
 Kaity made herself right at home ...

 Phinehas McGee, however, was rather "spooked" by every little noise. There was folk shooting off noisy cherry bombs, etc. at their cottages, and Phinny got shaking like a leaf.

 He was happiest in Robin's lap.

 We figure we must have miscounted the cygnets last time I was at the lake. We thought one had gone missing--but there were definitely SEVEN today.
 Robin asked if Emma wanted to drive the boat ... so she did!

 Poor Phin got to the point where he just could not tolerate the noise, nor would he be comforted--so Robin took him inside, turned on her TV nice and loud, and closed windows and blinds so that he could settle down.
 We hung out for a little while, waiting for it to get dark.

Pretty soon it was approaching eventide, so we headed back out to the boat ...