Friday, May 7, 2021

May 6 Swimming and Games

Thursday:  When I picked Kaity up from Jesse Thursday afternoon, she was in a little bit of a "funk" and it was an awkward first hour or so together. Her swimming lessons now begin at 5:30, way across town. On a nice weather day, we would just head across town early enough to play at a playground until her lesson time, but it was COLD and drizzling--so we stayed at Jesse's until time to go.

I think Kaity's situation of going back and forth between her mom and dad's place is very difficult for her--it would be for any child! It has been several confusing and sad years with the divorce pending, and then Jesse leaving and Emma leaving, Di's new boyfriend, COVID (and everything that goes with that)--it is no wonder that at times Kaity feels confused or "needy". We played two games of "Counting Queens" before leaving for swim class. Her Pro-1 class is going very nicely. Kaity is learning a lot of new stuff--I'm so glad! She is a very physically astute little person, but some of these new strokes are really difficult!

I watch Kaity, though, every minute during this class. What I notice about her is that she is attentive, follows instructions, keeps trying, and is a fast learner. Her instructor is impressed with her too and gives her lots of "High-fives." 
We only have three more lessons in the month of May, and then we are going to take the summer off--hopefully, we will resume in the fall--if Kaity is still interested. I'm really proud of the work she has done, the challenges she has met, and the good cooperation she has shown. Good job, Kaity-Girl!
After her lesson, we drove back to my house ... once there, Kaity seemed to "warm up" a bit more and just play like she usually does. Something is troubling her heart, though, and I can sense it and my heart is sad for her. We played quite a few rounds of "Riddle Moo This!" (from our Resource pack at the library) and had a lot of fun laughing together. I looked this game up on Amazon and I COULD purchase it for $18.95, which I might do!
Kaity brought her stuffed cat, Blueberry, to play with us. Blueberry, Sweetie-Pie, and Paco all played the riddle game with us. I was the reader, although sometimes Kaity would grab the card and do the reading! Yes! She is really improving with her reading, which is wonderful!

We really didn't do much else tonight, other than eat our dinner and play this game. I love this dear granddaughter and I wish I could remove the confusion and sadness from her. I know I can and must trust the Lord for her life--so I am asking that He will open her eyes so that she can see Him, know Him, receive His salvation, and grow in her faith. The Lord loves her so much more than I do.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

May 4 Special time with baby Cal

 Tuesday evening:  I dropped the older kiddos back to their house at about 5:45 and then I left to run a few errands before returning to "babysit" Callaghan while his parents were on a date. Dylan and Kelly were planning to have the older kids all tucked in by 8PM and then I could take care of Callaghan and get him tucked in while they were out.

Callaghan is a very sweet little guy. He is of a quieter nature than many babies ... and he has a delightful smile and way about him. He seemed very happy to be with me ... for the first hour or so. We played with a lot of his toys, built towers out of blocks, and read a few books. He has a super cute giggle and interacts very nicely with me.

After about an hour, he did start to get tired and a little bit needy for his folks. He kept looking for them and then crying--because they were NOWHERE to be found! I walked him for awhile, cuddled with him, rubbed his back, sang to him (I was desperate) ... and then I decided to just lay him in his little bed and take a 10-minute break. I prayed that he would fall asleep and stay that way! He did! When Dylan and Kelly returned from their date, Callaghan was sleeping soundly. I was glad to have this time with Callaghan because we got to be one-on-one ... and that really helps to stimulate relationship.

May 4 Fun pictures of these kiddos

Tuesday: Tuesdays are pretty high energy days around here, so I try to prepare the house and a few extra activities we can do in advance. I do have a LOT of toys, and thankfully these are toys that are good for building and pretending and playing with week after week. I am super thankful for toys! Aidan never fails to work on a train layout every week ...

Erin wanders around each room of my house gathering little odds and ends that she plays with, drops ... and then goes on to the next thing! She really enjoys all of my puppets, especially the finger puppets.
I love this picture SO MUCH of Brendan. Look! He is looking me right in the eye, like he used to do when he was a little boy. He did very well at my house today and even interacted more with Aidan and Erin. I was super happy for him.
Erin loves "Sweetie" the shark, as well as my "noculars" ...
I might have to get her a pair of binoculars for her birthday (in June).
"Curly-Top" working on his building projects ... he had something going in each room of my house.

Erin and I played a few games of MEMORY. She did really well with this game!
"Where is the match, Gwamma? Oops! No match!"

There are times (still) when I could absolutely eat this child up ...
Mr. Aidan was into more of his funny faces today ... poor kiddo ... he is probably so sick to death of me snapping pictures of him.

We spent some fun time with Play-Doh this afternoon. Everyone seemed to have enough Play-Doh toys to keep them busy for awhile.

We played a very fun game called: "Riddle Moo This!" [Learning Resource] that I checked out from our library. Each child has a buzzer with an animal sound (mooooo, cock-a-doodle-doo!, neighhhhhh, woof woof!) and then there are little cards with three clues to a riddle and the answer. I read the cards to these three hilarious children ...
Aidan and Erin just hit their buzzers without stopping, no matter what clue we were on. If I would point to Erin and ask her the answer, she would (without fail) reply: "COW!" and then Brendan and I would absolutely crack up.
Look at her facial expressions ... isn't she something?
The riddles were too difficult for Erin and Aidan--although they DID like hearing the answers--but the riddles were too easy for Brendan--but he managed to really enjoy playing the game.

I loved this time spent with the children today. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the strength and Your grace to enjoy these dear kiddos today. 

Monday, May 3, 2021

May 2 A brief jaunt at Kruse Park

Sunday afternoon:  As we pulled into the parking lot at Kruse Park, Emma announced that she would stay IN the car while I took a few pictures. This was completely agreeable--particularly because it was cold enough that I knew I wouldn't take very long ...

Kruse Park is a dog-friendly beach with lots of rules for your animals (as far as keeping the beach clean), but still a very welcoming beach for dogs and their owners. So dogs to show up in a few of these pictures.
It's a very lovely spot. Pere Marquette Beach is within sight--it's to the north about 1-2 miles.

I walked further to the south than I ever have--mostly because bugs are not quite awake yet--and also, because the dune grass isn't very high yet and I could actually SEE a pathway and followed it for a little bit. What a beautiful afternoon! I love Lake Michigan so much.