Sunday, October 24, 2021

October 23 An extra JOY

Saturday:  Thursday when I was either picking up or dropping Kaity off over at Diana's, I had the opportunity to say "hi" to Matthew for a little bit. I told him he was very welcome to come over any time. I was SO happy when I received a text from him Friday evening stating he would like to come on Saturday. It was Emma's idea that we carve pumpkins this weekend with Kaity ... so instead of just TWO pumpkins, we got to carve THREE! The happiest part of our day was to have Matthew join us.

I'm mostly going to just run these pictures of our carvings ... I helped Kaity with the actual CUTTING of the design, but she gutted it almost entirely by herself. It's quite a slimy job to gut a pumpkin!

Emma had very definite plans for her pumpkin and I think it turned out marvelously! She worked super hard on it and didn't really have anything happen that was disappointing.

Matthew decided to carve a 3-headed dog on his pumpkin ... I forget where this particular beast comes from--I do remember a 3-headed dog in Harry Potter, but Matthew said that this was NOT that one.
Emma connected her pumpkin's teeth using dental toothpicks. These are the best pumpkin teeth I have ever seen.
I tried to snap as many pictures as I could of Matthew. The last time he was over was WAY BACK in April when we celebrated his birthday. He is such a nice person and he has grown--not only in height (we measured him at 5'11" tonight), but in his kindness and patience. I was a pleasure to have him with us tonight in so many ways.

I absolutely love this pumpkin ...
Here are all three pumpkins lined up. Okay ... let me explain the one I helped Kaity with. It is supposed to be a CAT and we worked off a picture we had taken from the internet. However, I must admit that this did NOT turn out as cute as the picture at all. I couldn't get the ears right and Kaity finally decided to do away with the ears completely! KAITY seemed pleased with her pumpkin--so that's all that really mattered.

A close-up of Matt's handiwork--lots and lots of detailed cuts and scraping!
I dug through my cupboards and found THREE (whew!) appropriate candles for lighting the pumpkins ...

We also enjoyed dinner together and all of us played a game of PACHESI afterward! It went on FOREVER! Kaity actually stuck it out through the whole game--I was very proud of her. Matthew won! It was SO close. What I enjoyed most about playing the game was our laughter ... it did my heart good.

We also played Emma's riddle game! That was fun too! The riddles just about drove us crazy ... but all of us had a good time. 

I had prayed about this time together throughout Friday evening and Saturday morning--a little hesitant about how things would go, so since I was worried about it, I talked to the Lord about those worrisome things. He heard me (isn't that amazing?) and answered each of my worries with His amazing care and presence with us. I am so thankful I can trust in His UNFAILING help and mercy.

Friday, October 22, 2021

October 21 Welcome back, Kaity!

Thursday:  Three weeks have gone by since I have seen Kaity-Girl! She got double-quarantined because her brothers had COVID consecutively. When I picked her up from Jesse, she reached her arms out to me and said, "I missed you, Grandma!" I missed you TOO, Kaity!

We played FIVE games of UNO. Kaity beat me four times! I did manage to pick up ONE game. Kaity brought her baby, Angel, to visit with us tonight. She was dressed in her brand new blue shiny shoes with real tie-up laces. Kaity takes such good care of this little baby doll!
We also worked on a Star Wars puzzle. We played with a bunch of stuff in my desk drawer, blew up a balloon to see if we could get Belle to play with it--but there was a problem--we could NOT find little Belle anywhere! We looked under, over, inside of everything in this little house! 
It sure was nice to have Kaity come over again. I am very glad she never got COVID herself. I'll see her again Saturday afternoon--we plan to carve pumpkins with Emma!

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

October 19 Tuesday's Children

Tuesday:  How much FUN can we have at my house! Aidan was his usual playful and verbally outrageous self today ... his favorite word seemed to be "stinky" ... everything was "STINKY" and as he said the word he cracked up. He quite regularly cracks up about words ... I love this about him. Brendan is very much this way too ... always has been--although less outrageous than Aidan. 

We played lots of games today--a few from our "Doodles 101" art book (Mo Willems). Brendan spent a great deal of happy time designing his own game on the back of one from the book ... I'll show the finished game to you later ...
I'm not sure WHY Miss Erin looks so entirely glum in this photo ... she LOVES to play games. We were using one of my "mood" dice as we played today. If it landed on the sad face--that meant you were stuck right on that square and could NOT move. Erin repeatedly rolled the sad face ... so did Brendan--but that made Brendan just laugh! He is a very good-natured sort of person. 

Aidan worked on another "book" today and was entirely DISinterested in playing ANY games ...

I got down my LEGO lighthouse as well as the LEGO treehouse for Aidan and Erin to play with--as long as they kept it up on the table where it couldn't be stepped on. They did great with it. I'm not kidding you--they played with these models for over an hour.
Brendan observed his siblings, listened to their cute conversations and occasionally would look up and smile ...

Erin and Aidan had all kinds of pretend play going on here ... these are very nice models. The lighthouse even comes with an Ice Cream Shoppe and has a potty too!
The tree house has a very cool zip line ...

Here is Brendan showing me his game ... we played it and had so much fun! Brendan was very pleased.

Aidan was 100% happy making ice cream cones for all of the LEGO people ...

Three beautiful grandchildren ... I love them so much.

This little angel baby was a little bit sleepy throughout the day. She climbed up into my super soft round bedroom chair and cuddled up with my softest blanket ...

Here is a closer look at Brendan's game ... he did an excellent job on it!
We did watch a video from Amazon Prime ... the kiddos were all pretty tired and so we popped popcorn and relaxed in the front room for awhile. Look how tired little Erin is!
We returned to their house at about 5:45 to eat PIZZA! I played with little Callaghan for awhile--neglected to bring my camera--which I regretted! He is such a sweet little person. I stayed to help tuck Aidan and Erin in for the night (which is a bit of a process): they use the potty, brush their teeth, recite the Lord's Prayer--and Dylan asks them to name TWO things they are thankful for that day. Erin said she was thankful for her dad and for "gwamma". Aidan said he was thankful for "scary stories!" and then he couldn't think of anything else. Dylan then asked the kids to thank Jesus for those things they had named. I stayed and sang some songs with them--but they were pretty wound up, so I finally gave up getting them to settle down, kissed them both (Erin gave a big hug too) and then left. What sweeties they are. 

Thankful today right down to my toes ...

Monday, October 18, 2021

October 17 at Wahlfield Park

Sunday:  It's been a very long time since Emma and I have taken a stroll through the woods--many, MANY weeks too long! It's just been one thing or another I guess: rain, too hot (according to Emma), mosquitoes, more rain ...

This week after church and lunch, we decided that conditions were PERFECT for taking a walk in the woods. I can't tell you how much I NEEDED this! Emma says she did too! We needed to drive over to Alpine for some business Emma had to take care of, so we drove to a park just a few miles up the road from there. This is Wahlfield Park--not a new place--just one we haven't visited in a very long time.

Here it is--mid-October and STILL there is not much color! Perhaps it is because of our extra DRY summer? Many of the leaves that are down on the ground are colorful--but not the deep reds and golds of last year by any means.
BUT ... an October day like this was just next to being perfect ... we both brought our cameras to enjoy the challenge of getting just the right picture.
Emma is going to forward me some of her pictures in the near future. Her camera does a lot of stuff that my camera does not do (with focusing and lighting). She was able to get some super good pictures of tiny white flowers and dark purple ones too. I took my usual woodsy pictures. I love pathway pictures, don't you?

The shadows were out to play this afternoon ... all of them very friendly and welcome!

I have never walked this part of Wahlfield Park before--so it was a little bit of an adventure for me. I love new places ...

I truly love the woods. This place has paths everywhere ... it is very easy to get turned around back in these woods (if you are the type that has no inner compass) ...

These few hours out in God's great creation was such a refreshing time. I took deep breaths and could NOT keep the smile from my face. God is so good!

We got to this huge wild field with winding paths all through it ... I kept thinking (hoping) the paths would circle back to the woods ... but we walked and walked and walked ... and the sun was getting lower in the sky.
Thankfully, Emma had her phone along (with its flashlight) so we would at least have a little light for our path in case darkness came and we weren't back to the parking lot yet!

We DID make it back to my car in plenty of time before sunset. I am so thankful we did this today. Both of us really needed this fresh air, the walk and the drinking in of God's creation. Thank you so much Lord.