Monday, January 21, 2013

A very slow start ...

It's been more than a month since I've posted anything, and I thought I'd tell you why that is! Christmas was a busy time and we had a very happy celebration this year. But then right after Christmas, everyone in turn got sick ~ I had an intestinal kind of flu, Dylan and Kelly both had colds, and even baby Brendan was sick for a few days.

And to top everything off, I injured my right hand two weeks ago today. Would you like to hear how this happened? Well, it was a rather stupid accident. I was helping a friend with an industrial extension ladder and simply had my hand in the wrong place at the wrong time and ... crash !! ... my RIGHT hand kind of got crushed right across the bridge of my hand. So I've been wrapped up in a splint ever since, awaiting the verdict of whether or not I have any broken bones. I don't think I do because the pain isn't severe. It's just a nagging ache with a nasty bruise. I'm giving it a few more days before I break down and actually get an x-ray of the damage, hoping perhaps it will improve so much that I won't need x-rays at all to confirm that I'm on the mend.

Needless to say (even though I AM saying it), this has slowed me down considerably. I'm terribly RIGHT handed, and not at all ambidextrous ... so ... even typing is somewhat laborious, and playing the piano has been completely out of the question. And shifting gears while driving is also tricky, to say the least!

So for tonight, I'll just post some pictures of darling Brendan from the last time he was here ... which was about two weeks ago. He was just about taking steps on his own that night ... but not quite all the way there yet.
Everything about this chunky baby delights me ... I think he kind of likes his grandma too ... 
This is the hilarious smile he was giving my camera every single time he saw the light from my flash ... he would wrinkle up his entire face and show me those cute little toofers of his!
I love this one of Dylan and Brendan ... they are so sweet together.
Brendan, I could just kiss your sweet little face forever! 
Brendan is not crying in this picture ... he is actually cracking up about something ... I'm not sure what exactly, although he found that little blue rubber bouncy ball extremely funny for some reason. 

Brendan was just barely holding on to Dylan's hand as he walked all over my house. Kelly said the other day he took a 1/2 step on his own but never realized it because he was clapping his chubby little hands at the same time. Everyone is coming over for dinner tomorrow night, so perhaps he will walk for us then!