Friday, September 30, 2016

WHERE did September go?

I'm not sure when I have spent a month like this past month has been. Here it is the very last day of September and this is the only time I am posting any pictures or narrative ... and SO much happened these last four weeks. But the MAIN thing that happened was moving mom to her new living situation. I would take a very long time to describe all that has happened in the past 7 weeks actually; but God has been very gracious and I am so thankful that mom can be in a safe and kind environment. Moving her was exhausting and I'm still trying to catch up on stuff that I neglected all month long.
The kiddos and I did stuff throughout, but I was pretty tired and lacked the emotional and physical resources to do what is usually done in a month with my grandchildren. I did see them and we did play and visit places, but I cannot remember all of it and my narrative will be sketchy at best.

Kaity-Girl and I had a special tea party with some additional stuffed animals acquired during Nana's move.
 Kaitlynn was very pleased ...
 On one of our afternoons, she got the animals together and read them stories! YAY! That's quite an accomplishment for our Kaity who does not sit still long enough to have a story read to her!
 Paco was a good listener, though. Paco is a real favorite with all of the children.
 Kaity got a bang out of the two walking sticks my father designed and used them the other day to help her hike around the beach house.
 Brendan and I had a few date nights. This one was at Culver's where we enjoyed some yummy food and chocolate ice cream for desert.
 AND, we were invited to Open Gym over at Gymco where Brendan and Kaity played on all the cool stuff ...
 Brendan showed us all of the gymnastic equipment ...
 And Kaity did quite well for being a rookie! She is quite athletic, though, and a very physical little person.
 Brendan was a monkey on the rings ...
 We played basketball for a little while ...
 And then Kaity was a monkey too!


Both Kaity and Brendan spent a Monday afternoon over here at the Beach House. Brendan serenaded us on the piano using the chimes setting and pretending it was a clock.

This weekend is Rosh Hashanah ... the Jewish New Year celebration and the Feast of Trumpets. I've been doing a little studying about those ram's horns in Scripture and wondering and hoping and watching to see if perhaps Jesus will return this year to the sound of those ram's horns. Please!