Sunday, September 30, 2018


Saturday, September 29:  I had THREE grandchildren elect to come over this afternoon/evening. Everyone came except Chris, who was spending the night (again) over at Tyler's place. It was COLD, so I was NOT inclined to spend time outside; however, we did drive by the greenhouse that is next door to where I live and picked out FOUR very healthy, white mum plants to add to my beautiful front yard. Each of us picked out a pot and then placed it out in front of the house (I neglected to take a picture of that--rats!!).

I had some finishing touches to put on our dinner, so KT and Matt went into the playroom and within a few minutes, THIS is what was transpiring: They had made an entire city, as well as an obstacle course. They were playing SUPER good together, which brought me joy. Emma was here at the computer, listening to music and watching Youtube. She prefers NOT to be in photographs (Matt voiced the same, but he got caught in TWO inadvertantly).

 We ate our dinner (Kaity had TWO helpings of our chicken/rice/broccoli and ate every grain of rice--her bowl was EMPTY--amazing), and then while I cleaned it up, everyone went back to what they had been doing. After clean-up, I set up the ping-pong table (ha! that's a joke) ... you see, I convert my wooden rectangle table into a ping-pong table (it is way too short, but ... oh well!). I totally keep forgetting to take a picture of it when it is all set up to play. You see, we have no net and the duct tape one that I kind of made, really doesn't work very well. SO ... we use one of those chain-link baby toys and rope it over two chairs, suspending it across the table. It works! Don't knock it! Anyway, Matt and I played and we had SUCH FUN. Matthew! I love it when you come over!
 We also played our new Memory Game (the dinosaur one that is also a puzzle). Matthew won each and every game, much to Kaity's disappointment.

We also had an EXCELLENT Bible story time. These children are such a joy to tell these stories to. We learned about the continuing war between the house of David and the house of Saul and what happened to end the war and how David was finally anointed king over ALL Israel, and the following celebration. What I loved about our time together was the great questions asked, the wonderful coloring pictures the kids did, and just how comfortable we are together. Thank you, Lord, for all of it. Please help us to come close to You so that we can LISTEN and DO what You would want.
Kaity enjoyed playing some of my instruments, and Emma shared her ensemble music with me as well. I'm so proud of her being in Vocal Impact! 

Sweet boys

Friday night, September 28:  I "babysat" the boys Friday night while their folks (and baby Erin) went to a special dinner over at Meijer Gardens. I don't really like the word "babysit" when it is applied to my grandkiddos because it just doesn't fit somehow. The word "babysit" takes me back to my very young days when I was paid 50 cents/hr to take care of little children from our church when their parents went out on a date. I don't have especially good memories from my babysitting days. AND ... taking care of my grandchildren is NOT a job, it is NOT a chore ... it's personal and FUN and wonderful in every way!
 The boys and I went over to Culver's to eat our supper. Baby Aidan's allergies are prohibitive for a lot of regular food, but he CAN have fries from various restaurants. He enjoys his fries dipped in mustard.
 Aidan was not even belly laughing tonight at the restaurant, yet STILL he attracted the attention of several restauranteurs ... just because of his absolute cutness and very ready smile. Several folk stopped by our table just to be introduced to Mr. Charming here ... he was very glad to meet each and every one of them too.

 Dear Brendan FINALLY lost that wiggly upper front tooth that has been hanging on by a thread for days on end! He was very proud of his new gap! I told him he could be our very own pumpkin, but he declined.
Sweetie! These missing teeth make you look TOO grown up. THIS has to stop. Immediately.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

An amazing upgrade ...

Thursday evening, September 27:  You cannot possibly know how LONG I have wanted to do this to my little yard! F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!! You see, there are so many intertwining roots in this square footage, that nothing grows, absolutely NOTHING!
 So, I had in mind a rock garden of sorts; but then the landscaper said he could add some "grasses" that will spread out, as well as some pretty wild roses, daisies and a few other pretty flowering plants if he just added about 6" of good soil first! So that's what they did, and this is the result.
 What a difference this makes to the entire feel of my tiny place!
 I am SUPER pleased ... it's just crazy beautiful!
 Dear KT enjoyed checking it out with me ...
 They started this project at 8:15 AM and were entirely finished by about 5:30 this afternoon.
 They did a small stone border on the east side of my house as well (not pictured), as well as my back patio by my shed (also not pictured). I will add perenniels next year to those places. 
 My heart is super thankful tonight for God's continued provisions and the JOY He gives to me with each new day.
Thanks so much, Lord!

Kaity-Girl is such a joy ...

Thursday, September 27:  Kaity!! You look SUPER tired (in the picture below) ... perhaps it's just not a good angle ... but we sure did play HARD tonight KT-dear! We played ping-pong with you cracking up the entire time. We played bean bags using our new dump truck as the receptacle. We built a little alphabet house for Henry and Kenny (our two pig children).
 Kaity was entirely delighted with this dump trunk. I got it on super sale at Barnes & Noble while in Detroit last weekend. I actually thought my little boys would be the ones to love it, but this little pixie of mine went for this truck like it was a double-fudge brownie! She zoomed it all over the beach house, trying each animal in it. She had an absolute blast.  We also put my new dinosaur puzzle together AND we played the match game as well--you'll never guess who won ... hey! No fair! I NEVER win match games!
 We spent a little bit of time outside inspecting the fabulous upgrade to my little beach house by way of some amazing landscaping. Isn't it just too darling?!?!
KT was very pleased to try out the stone pathway ... she brought Cocoa along for the ride ...

This precious child ...

Wednesday, September 26:  Wednesday's have become our new date night--Brendan and me. We switched it up from Thursday, because after school on Thursdays, Brendan goes to "Horse school" where he is learning how to take care of farm animals. Isn't that a riot?! He LOVES it and he LOVES the horses. I'm so glad he gets to have this opportunity.
 This top two pictures are supposed to be on the BOTTOM of this post and the bottom two pictures are supposed to be on the TOP--but I am too lazy to switch them up presently! These two pictures are from our dinner at McD's where Brendan got a cheeseburger happy meal (that came with a bumblebee race car) and I had their crispy chicken sandwich. This is the McD's over on Northland, which I haven't been inside for years. They have a small "game" room attached where the games are FREE--shock! So Brendan and I played foosball and some other stuff, briefly, after we ate our food.
We started out, however, at MY house, where Brendan loves to be. I'm super thankful that my grandkiddos love coming to my house because it is my favorite place in the world (almost ... any place in the Holy Lane, Jerusalem in particular, ranks higher; as well as Michigan coastal places). Brendan is super easy to "entertain" although I really don't look at the time with him with a goal of entertaining him. We have a pretty easy relationship actually. We read a half dozen books before we did this puzzle/memory game. We read, "Castaway Cats" (by Lisa Wheeler), "Extraordinary Pets," (by Barroux, who was born in Paris), "The Cow Loves Cookies," (by Karma Wilson), 
"Butterfly Birthday," (By Harriet Ziefert), and "Can you Whoo, Too?" by Harriet Ziefert. Brendan LOVES a good story, and I'm so thankful for public libraries, aren't you?
 Then we put this puzzle together, only except it is actually a memory card game, so the pieces do not hook together ... but we were able to figure it out anyway. Brendan was less excited to play the actual Memory GAME ... I'll have to talk Kaity into it tomorrow!
I love this child so much ... his dear heart, his interesting thoughts, his sweet ways ... SO thankful I get to be his grandma.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

My baby Aidan

Monday, September 24:  Hey! Did you know that Baby Aidan is 18 months already?!?!?  I know! I can't believe it either!
 Monday's are our special days when we get to hang out together. We enjoyed our time very much. I found out that Aidan really enjoys kitchen stuff and pretending to cook and mix food up. He played endlessly with my basket of fake stuff ...
 Aidan looks SO little on my couch ... he is a short fellow ... only in the 10% for his height. But I think that makes him all the dearer ... his tiny body is SO lovable.

 We didn't do anything special. We just ran around, played catch me if you can, etc.
 Aidan found my little lantern and decided it could be used to spread incense around my house ... I think he was copying his Orthodox priest ... he went to each room of the house shaking his little lantern, smiling all the while ...
Aidan! You are so precious ... 

Morning at Norman Kruse Park

Monday morning, September 24, 7:45 AM:  I got up this morning and drove a few miles south to Kruse Park. There are beautiful dunes there and a great climb ... and it was a gorgeous morning to hike!
 A few weeks ago I was out here and "lost" all of my photos from my twilight shoot--I inadvertantly deleted all of them before I had actually completed the upload--I was SO sad ... so today was kind of a redemption day I guess.
 I love beach grass, sand dunes, board walks, heights, and of course, LAKE MICHIGAN.
 This place is such a beautiful spot ...
 You almost cannot take a "bad" picture here ... God paints everything SO perfectly.

 The sun was just coming up ... and that's when the light is perfect.

 I got up high enough in the dunes to actually see the breakwater light as well as my favorite pierhead light!
 You have to kind of squint to see them!

 Mmm ... isn't it so pretty?


 What a great park, right?

 I'd like to put ALL OF THESE on canvas and hang them on every wall in my little house ...

Thank you, LORD, for another spectacular morning ... YOU ARE THE BEST.