Monday, May 21, 2012

More pictures, mostly of Brendan

Kelly and Dylan visiting at my little house ... I'm not quite moved in yet

Dylan, making beautiful music ...
Brendan sitting at my piano a few days ago

Brendan and Kelly ... Brendan TALKS to her!
Sleeping soundly ... back in March
Brendan's blue jeans ...
At 3 months, Brendan is wearing size 9 months to 1 year ... Brutus!

Brendan's darling shoes ...
Kelly, Dylan, Brendan, Terry, Ruthanne, David, Mom at Roy's funeral
Brendan, with his really great aunt, Ruthanne!
Baby Brendan with his great-great aunts Sally, Jean, Janice ... and his great aunt, Ruthanne

Dylan gets "the hood" ...

 Dylan graduated from Calvin Seminary on Saturday, May 19, with a master's degree in theological studies.
 I tried to take some pictures of the event, but I do not photograph people very well at all. Also, I don't seem to understand how to zoom in from a far distance, get the lighting correct, and actually have a picture turn out! This is the best I could do.
 Dylan is glad to finally be finished with his studies. He loves his job at Acton Institute and will now be able to concentrate full time on his work.
 I love this picture of Dylan and Kelly!
 You would think that with all of the $$ it takes to get through graduate school, they would at least GIVE you the hood ... but NO! So Dylan rented this one for the occasion ...
 Baby Brendan was a sweetie all throughout the ceremony until the actual presenting of the diploma ... thankfully, Kelly knows all of the tricks of the trade and walked Brendan to the side of the auditorium where she still got to see Dylan walk ...
 We tried the cap on Brendan, but he wanted nothing to do with it!
Look at this little fellow's double chin! 

Congratulations, Dylan, on completing your studies! Very proud of you in every way!

In honor of my step-father ...

I would like to try to write a tribute for my step-dad, Roy Cook. I took this picture of him at Dylan's graduation from college back in 2009. I love this picture of him because it is so exactly LIKE him ... sweet, kind, honest, wonderful, true. Would you believe that he was 89 in this picture? He never looked his age or acted it either! I think he was a very handsome man, inside and out.

My mom and Roy were married in 2007 and had four healthy years together before this last kind-of rough year. My mom says she has never been loved like this by anyone in her life. I am so glad that she got to have these years with this sweet man.  
 I can't seem to find any pictures of Roy and my mother together. I have a bunch of them on this computer somewhere, but I cannot locate them at this moment. So ... I give up! 

At Roy's funeral last Tuesday, his son David gave the most beautiful eulogy I have ever heard. It was so honoring to his dad's memory and gave all the glory and praise to the Lord, who gave His life for all of us.
Roy's son, David, and Roy (2008)
When I think of Roy, I always call him "Cookie." This was a nickname given to him long ago by his friends. The name just seemed to fit him so perfectly, that I always referred to him (when talking to my family and friends) that way. I never called him "Cookie" to his face, although I don't think he really would have minded it because he was a humble man. Truly humble. I loved this about him.

Cookie always had a good story to tell about days long ago and I loved to listen to him, even if he had already told me the same story many times over. He was a very interesting man and had a wonderful sense of humor. Whenever I would ask him how he was doing, this was his response: "I'm able to sit up and take nourishment." I don't know why, but that always made me laugh. I also loved to hear him pray: "We come to you, Lord, in the noon hour of this day to give You thanks ..."

Roy used to plant and harvest an abundance of tomatoes each summer. He had a way with plants and flowers. He just seemed to ... understand them!  The entire back yard of their house was a garden, full of the most beautiful wild flowers, rose bushes, birch trees, and bird feeders too.
The front yard of Roy and mom's house (2008)
I am happy that I got to be Roy's step-daughter, even if it was only for five years. He was a man of deep faith and personal integrity. I know that he is with the Lord, more alive than he has ever been ... but we will miss him very much, we who are still on this earth. My mother is mourning this loss and I am sad for her. But I am not sad one single bit for Cookie. We will joyfully meet again ...