Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Some wintry pictures ... why I love Michigan!

 I've taken some lovely walks this winter, always with camera in hand. I have a few favorite places, not far from where I live. I photographed them during the summer and got beautiful pictures in the fall too ... but there is something about the winter beauty that always, always takes my breath away ...
 And I think David sums it up in Psalm 27 ... when he talks about "delighting in the Lord's perfections ..." because no one can paint a picture so without flaw ... so serene and peaceful ... so CLEAN.
 This is Imperial Mills, a very private little place with (regrettably) NO TRESSPASSING signs everywhere I would venture to walk! So I had to keep my distance. But isn't it pretty?
 And this beautiful little stretch of road comes off Chauncey Avenue. I caught it on a very blustery afternoon! I like this picture very much.

Since Townsend Park is very close, I often drive over there and walk the trails and breathe the clean fresh air. I have loved this spot since my boys were just little fellows ... 

I ran across this passage in 2 Timothy the other morning and thought it would be so appropriate on a winter card ...

 There are so many trails and streams to explore at this old park. I don't think I will ever run out ... and I love a nice hike in the woods, don't you? Especially when there are NO bugs about!

I don't think I could be happy living in any other state but Michigan! I love its beauty in every season of the year.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Little Fellow is ONE today!

Today is Brendan Andrew's first birthday. I can hardly believe it! How fast this year has gone by! There is a party for baby B this afternoon with lots and lots of his baby friends and others, of course. I'm going to be there with my camera and hopefully get some good pictures of this little sweetheart to show you later!