Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Little Fellow and I go to Grand Haven

Narration to follow ...

NOTE TO SELF: Do NOT try to go to Grand Haven on a HOLIDAY! There is NO PARKING anywhere near the beach and the barricade off the entrances to all parking lots once they are full.

This and that ...

Sunday night, after visiting with my mom for a little while, I stopped by to say a quick "hi" to the O'Brien-Pahmans. Little Fellow was into bowling, so I joined in and played a few games with him. He is very enthusiastic about his bowling, and quite intense (see middle picture below) and very determined, yet not overly put off when not even one pin gets knocked down. Instead, he cracks up laughing ... at himself ... and at ME!

 Kelly asked Brendan to show me his special MEDAL and cup he received at the 5K run that his mama did with some of her close friends.

Good job, Brendan! You are truly something! 

PS   Just to clarify: Brendan did NOT run the 5K. Kelly ran/walked it and I believe it was her first true 5K run! So proud of her!