Monday, August 28, 2017

In search of the Red Panda!

August 24:  Last week, while driving with Brendan, we noticed a billboard on the 131 announcing the arrival of the Red Panda over at the John Ball Zoo. The picture of the animal on the billboard looked more like a fox--Brendan and I both said so! We decided we MUST go to the zoo at our next opportunity and search this out!
Maps are very special to this little boy. He will take one in hand and then he is off on a mission!
Let's go find the RED PANDA!
The picture below (through a screen) is a beautiful butterfly the butterfly house that seems to be always locked and unavailable to the public. I was glad this fellow was attached to the screen!

I had a hard time keeping up with this little boy as he pointed the way ahead with his map in hand.
Brendan took a very small break up by the tiger habitat to play at the tree house ...

The tigers did not come close today. :(   They are magnificent animals. One day, I'm going to catch them taking a swim in the area below this !! I am determined!

Well! We finally found WYATT the Red Panda!  
He was very sleepy ...
And never once did he turn his cute little face and look at us! We tried EVERYTHING!
We called his name! We told him we had gone on a super search just for him! We whistled! We made animals sounds! We jumped up and down ...
Wyatt seemed very fascinated with the shadows dancing on the wall behind ...

We were still glad we were able to see him. AND there wasn't a crowd of people to have to maneuver around either. Good.

Wyatt has a very nice place to live. I asked the zoo workers about Wyatt living there all by himself. They responded that Red Pandas like solitude! I would think his little heart would be lonely.

After we found the Red Panda, I thought our map would just fall by the wayside, but no ... Brendan was still very into it.

I just love this picture of him (below). He is such an engaging little person.

At the last minute, Brendan decided he would like to ride the camels ... but they were putting them back in their enclosure for the night. The zoo was closing in 10 minutes.
The zoo isn't mean about its closing time, though. The gift shop stays open 1/2 hour after closing time and as we walked away from the camels, we took a little time to play on the train.

Always a favorite with all of the children.

On our way out, we wandered through the lion's area and caught mama lion with a very BIG yawn!

Another MAP!!!

We meandered through the reptile house and saw some interesting critters there ...

AND we did make it to the gift shop where Brendan picked out an aeornator (a little plastic wind-up fan) and I picked out a stuffed Red Panda with a John Ball Zoo sweatshirt--super cute (but not pictured). I love every minute spent with you, Brendan. You are a joy and a delight and a super sweetheart.

Sixty-Four !!

August 22:  I am 64 today and celebrated my birthday with Dylan, Kelly, Brendan and baby Aidan. They took me out to eat at a little Mexican place not far from where they live. We had a good dinner, yummy actually.
 Aidan has grown so much in the last month! He is 5.5 months now and almost crawling. He is cutting two bottom teeth and feels a little miserable about it, but he is a very pleasant little person no matter what.

We hung out for awhile over at their house and just relaxed with the kiddos. 

 I can't believe I was with these guys for a few hours and did not snap a single picture of Brendan. This is a first, for sure. Please know, however, that Brendan was sitting beside me enjoying our time together.

This beautiful sleeping baby. So precious.

I had fun reading to Brendan tonight. Kelly posted some pictures over on FB, but it isn't as easy to copy and steal pictures from that site anymore! Shucks. Anyway, we read a Seuss story about Thidwick the Moose and had a darling stuffed Thidwick to animate the story for us. Brendan was so pleased. And THEN I got to tuck Brendan in for the night. We read The Fly Guy inside his bed tent and laughed together the whole time.