Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lots of photos from May and some from June too!

It's been awhile since I've posted any pictures. Here are a few from May and also some from last week. I haven't been very regular about posting here lately ... but I've started a part-time job, had surgery, and life in general has been busy.
 These photos are in no particular order really. I've mixed them all up rather unintentionally. (!!) The pictures of Brendan swinging we taken in mid-May right here at the playground where I live. Isn't it so cute the way Brendan giggles and swings?
Brendan likes all of the toys at my Beach House. But he's especially be "in love" with things that spin, i.e. the ceiling fans, spinning tops, propellors on toy helicopters, etc. Brendan is holding a little back-up car that, if he would only let it go, it would zoom and go like crazy ~ but instead, he pulls it back and then holds it up so that he can watch the wheels spin around ...
Brendan chats away on his mama's phone too ... so cute. 
 And here he is helping me sweep my little deck out front ... a very industrious little fellow.
This is one of my very favorite pictures of Brendan ... he was so happy to run and play at the Beach House that day, he could hardly contain himself! It looks like he is getting ready to do a song and dance! 
And of course, a Beach House wouldn't be complete without a beach ball or two ... 

 As you can see, I have plenty of pictures of this little sweetheart ... I just love his happiness and sparkle so much!
 Well finally! Someone other than Brendan! Dylan was standing up in his dear friend's wedding a few weeks ago and I snapped a picture of he and Kelly right after the ceremony. Nice.

Brendan is quite vocal now and lots of what he says we can actually understand ... but there is also a lot of chatter that is difficult to decipher ... but he is always boisterous about it! 
I love this chubby baby so much ... such a gift he has been this year! Hopefully in the next few weeks, ALL of the grandchildren will be here in Michigan and I can add some other faces to this blog for a change!