Friday, September 22, 2017

These brothers ...

September 16:  Saturday. I rarely see these little ones on a Saturday. Usually, I am preparing for my OTHER grandkiddos to come for their afternoon visit. Sad family circumstances necessitated a different plan today. This is where God wanted me to serve Him, right here at these guys' house.
Baby Aidan is six months now. He has cut his first tooth and is drooling like crazy cutting a few more. He began crawling (for real) a few days ago. He can get anywhere he wants to go now. And he does!
He is 20 pounds of cuteness. 
 Complete and total adorableness.
 Chunky and delightful ... a total sweetheart.
 These expressions!!!
 This one kills me!
 Aidan's whole body laughs ... every single part.
Aidan especially enjoys Brendan and giggles as they play.
Brendan dreamed up an animal and called it a "Conzo-Bonzo." When asked what a Conzo-Bonzo looked like, this was the description Brendan gave me. He has TWO legs, TWO wings (but NO feathers). He has BLUE dirt on his body. His tears are NONFAT STRAWBERRY YOGURT tears, and he is as TINY as a mouse! I ran upstairs to grab my pencil and pad of paper and made him repeat this to me word for word. Aidan was quite oblivious to the Conzo-Bonzo creation and was just hugely enjoying himself otherwise.
 Oh my word. Aidan is SO sweet.

After a very brief nap by Mr. Aidan, we ventured outside on a perfectly warm late summer day. 
 We had our pacifier, one of Brendan's hats from former days, a nifty stroller ... and we were ready, set to go and explore the creek pathway. We were off on an adventure. Our goal was McDonald's, but who knew WHAT we would discover on the way?!!!
 Brendan thought Aidan would appreciate this humungous leaf. 
 Aidan did NOT appreciate it.
 Brendan kicked back and enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air.
This pathway is the long way to McDonald's. By the time we had finally reached it, we were quite sweaty, hot and tired! We ordered our food, enjoyed it, got some nice cold water to go, and took the short way back to the house. Baby Aidan was quite well behaved in the restaurant. 

 I gave Aidan a straw to suck on for the walk home. He was quite appreciative.

Swimming and flying ...

September 14:  I got to pick Brendan up from his swim lesson this week over at Goldfish Swim School. 
 What a nice place for children to learn to swim. Brendan is having so much fun here.

 Look at his happiness!

After swim lessons, we took take-out Culver's food over to the airport viewing area. We had never been to the "official" site before!
 I brought a few very old toy airplanes, jets, and whatnot along just in case we wanted to simulate some flight ...
 And Brendan was wearing a completely appropriate shirt ...

 In the hour or so we were here, we watched no less than a dozen different aircraft take off and land ...

 We made our own airport too ...

After a long day at work, it was super nice to just relax here with this small person who enjoys everything in life so much ... 

I'm so glad we finally found this place. I think we will have to make a habit of hanging out around here during the fall! 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Simple things ...

September 9:  So Saturday it was just us GIRLS ... how rare! And since Emma refused to have her picture taken ... I just have a few of Kaity Jane to post. 
I'm convinced that it is the simple things of life that are truly special ... for instance, this little puzzle that Kaity was so taken with Saturday. She must have done this puzzle a dozen times ... which is VERY interesting for an active little imp like Kaity. She rarely sticks with one activity for more than 60 seconds!
I watched her, delighted by her joy in achieving putting the puzzle together and then dumping it out, mixing it up and going at it again.

 She kept getting faster at it too. She refused ANY help whatsoever. It was good to see her so focused and so happy.

 I love this little person so much.

Thank you, Lord, for the simple things, the simple joys of life!