Sunday, February 19, 2012

First gifts for Brendan

Dylan and Kelly have a favorite baby store located in Eastown, called "Hopscotch." They registered gifts for baby Brendan there, so yesterday I went over to check out their registry. I love buying baby gifts no matter what, but even more especially for my grandbabies. I almost never buy clothing because ... I like toys better! Besides, Brendan has received so many beautiful outfits. Kelly's friends have knitted sweaters and crocheted amazing hats. He has homemade blankets and buntings galore. But can a baby ever have enough toys?!!

There was some pretty unique stuff on this registry! Since Dylan has a fascination with languages, and has studied quite a few of them, he had baby Brendan registered for Greek blocks, German blocks, French blocks, and even hieroglyphic blocks! The hieroglyphic ones were on clearance yesterday, and I had tucked them under my arm thinking that I might just perhaps purchase them ... but I kept looking and looking at the indecipherable scribble all over the blocks and I just could NOT buy them! So I settled on the plain old boring ENGLISH blocks instead.

This is Brendan listening to me explain that there are wonderful surprises inside of this totally recyclable cloth bag ...
I think my favorite gift (and I hope it becomes Brendan's too) is this cloth covering (on the left of the picture above) for a 12" balloon ~ let me explain! There is an opening in this cloth covering, the balloon is inserted, inflated, and then tucked inside, making a kind of beach ball that is completely washable. And when the balloon gets old, you just replace it with another one. How easy is that? And see the little wooden spinner top? We got it spinning for Brendan and he seemed to enjoy watching it go around, although it's difficult to say if he could really focus his eyes yet.
And ... what baby gift would be complete without FINGER PUPPETS?!!! A duck, pig, and frog made out of velour! :)
But the very best part of the visit was getting to hold Brendan, cuddle up with him, and just enjoy looking at his precious face. He decidedly does NOT like to be where he cannot SEE everything ... so if he is held UP, he stays pretty contented.
But I finally had to give him back to the parents ... he follows their voices, and definitely adores them.
Isn't this beautiful of Kelly?

Brendan definitely knows his mama's voice. I think she is his favorite!
I love this hat! It has a matching bunting too. It was so sweet to watch him drift off to sleep while sucking on my finger.

More pictures later ...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More of baby Brendan ...

This is the beginning of a huge yawn from baby Brendan ...
I haven't seen Brendan since last Thursday because I've had one of those contagious head colds that are going around. I took these pictures of him that day and since I miss him tonight, I've decided to post them.
I wish I'd gotten a better picture of this owl hat Brendan is wearing. One of Kelly's friends knitted it for him. This picture of Dylan and Brendan is so sweet ~ he is sucking on Dylan's finger to keep him satisfied between feedings. Dylan and Kelly are pretty thrilled with their little one. They can hardly keep their eyes off him; but he is SO sweet, I do not blame them.
Hope to see you this weekend, Brendan!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Perfect in every way ...

Ten fingers, ten long toes, softness and sweetness ... Brendan Andrew is perfect in every way. He was born early this morning at 1:30 a.m. in the quietness of Dylan and Kelly's apartment ~ an "at home" birth that was very well planned. He was delivered by a mid-wife, and Kelly was assisted by two of her doula friends.Brendan (meaning "Prince" ) weighed seven pounds and six ounces and measured twenty inches.
I got to meet and hold him this evening, and it was a sweet and wonderful time. To hold a little grandson so fresh from God ~ what a miracle!
"Christ is the one through whom God created everything
in heaven and earth.
He made the things we can see
and the things we can't see --
kings [and little "Princes"], kingdoms,
rulers, and authorities.
Everything [and every one]
has been created through Him

and for Him." Colossians 1:16