Thursday, July 5, 2012

Too hot on the fourth ...

It reached 100 degrees here in Grand Rapids yesterday, but since that temperature only officially lasted three minutes, it could not be counted! The temperature has to maintain a full five minutes in order for it to be counted. However, in my books, it was fully 100 degrees most of the day yesterday. The humidity reached about 74% in some places, making the heat index 110 degrees. It certainly felt at least that hot at my place!
Dylan, Kelly, and Brendan came over in the early afternoon to spend some time. According to Kelly, my little house was cooler than their inner-city apartment. Poor Brendan was pretty miserable in the heat. 
We gave him no less than THREE baths in our kitchen sink throughout the day to help him cope with the heat ... poor baby.
 It was too hot to entertain going to see any fireworks whatsoever. Just the thought of being outside in the direct sunlight was almost sickening to consider. We at least had a little tree cover at my place. Shane came over and joined us for awhile too. 
Look at the fatness of this wee baby! Isn't he such a chunk of adorableness?!! 
Brendan is happiest if he is standing. His legs are so strong! 
It was too hot to sleep, so he only got a small nap in the afternoon. But finally, while rocking on Dylan's lap, he drifted off to slumberland ... what a sweet picture! The heat is supposed to peak tomorrow and then lessen by the weekend, which is just fine with me. 


Judy Hand said...

Such a cute little guy and such a neat family.

Mom Jones said...

Thanx, Judy. Brendan really struggled with the heat. I'm so glad the wave has broken, at least for a few days, to give everyone some relief. I can't remember a heat streak like this ... ever.

Speaking of cute ... Kaitlynn is so darling ... I wish there was a way you and Larry could meet her when she is this tiny.

Mom Jones said...
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Judy Hand said...

I don't remember it being that hot for so many days either, and I love summer.