Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A misadventure out at Grand Haven

Date:  November 5, 2016

This is MY pier out at Grand Haven. MY pier WITHOUT the cat walk. Completely dis-assembled and SO sad looking! But what a beautiful night to visit Grand Haven.
 My brother David and Carol were in town--such a nice visit too--and we took mom out to Grand Haven to eat dinner and look at the beauty. We went later in the afternoon so that we could see the beautiful sunset after we ate.

 I took my usual too-many-pictures of ... everything. I love it out here so much.
 I have never seen the pier devoid of the catwalk. I am super glad they are restoring it and returning it to its proper place, hopefully next spring!
 What a gorgeous fall day--perfect in every way. My brother and Carol love this place too. They used to live not far from here (Fruitport) and would visit here lots and lots--they call it their "Happy Place." Mine too.

 After we ate our dinner (at Culver's), we drove around to the Northshore (don't you love that name?!) and decided to view the sunset from that angle, making pictures of the lighthouse much prettier.

We were all set to get some really nice pictures. 

Since the sun was getting low and it was super bright, AND since I was the driver and was already wearing my sunglasses, I just jumped out of the car with them still on my face. Bad idea. You see, I NEVER wear my glasses (unless I absolutely have to) and mostly I wear them only for driving. This newer pair has bifocals in them, which make me feel unsteady when I walk. But I was talking to my brother, enjoying his company, and before I knew it ...
I fell super hard on the north pier ... concrete ... knee first, then elbow, then shoulder, and then my FACE. My camera went flying, my glasses went flying and I just laid there with my hand over my forehead. My brother coaxed me into removing my hand so that he could see just how bad the wound was ... and so ended our sunset viewing for Saturday evening. Ouch.

 David drove us back into town so that we could take mom home before we went to Urgent Care. David gave me one of his shirts to press against my head to contain the blood (yuck) and then everything turned out just fine.
Seven stitches later, not too bad for being such a klutz! [However, Sunday morning I woke up with quite the black eye, and Monday it looked even worse.] David and Carol spent the night with me Saturday and then flew back to Florida Sunday morning. I loved having them come over and felt badly to have wrecked our evening. :(  It could have been worse, though--no broken bones, no broken teeth ... even my camera was unharmed! I am thankful for all of that.

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