Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The butterflies are here!

I wandered on over to Frederick Meijer Gardens the other day because the butterfly exhibit opened up over a week ago already and I hadn't been there yet to enjoy it! Since I have a membership at the Gardens, I plan to go plenty of times to see the butterflies.
I took over 400 pictures Monday afternoon. But I didn't get any RARE butterflies or any of those gorgeous moths that I love because they simply were not hatched yet!
It was close to 90 degrees in this tropical garden ... it was like a beautiful sauna ... almost hot enough to practically be uncomfortable ... but I was NOT complaining.
The place was jammed pack with little kids who were SO delighted with the butterflies. It was a blast just to sit and watch the action ...
Some very pretty colors to see!
And COLOR is a very welcome sight in this melting snow, cloud-covered, rainy, sometimes foggy, extremely GRAY pre-spring Michigan atmosphere ...
Didn't God do an amazing thing when He created butterflies?
I can't wait to go back! One of the caretakers at the Gardens told me that almost every single day there are quite a few new species that hatch ... so maybe I'll get to photograph some of those cool moths yet ... if I do, I'll post a few pictures. :)

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sabrina said...

I love all of them! Especially the two on the railing!