Saturday, March 5, 2011

Last Saturday I was ... WARM!

This is the yummy place David and Carol picked out for breakfast last Saturday morning. I especially loved the name of it because this was the nickname we gave to my college roommate, Robbie (whose real name is Robin Margaret) ~ the year was 1971, the year Rod Stewart had a hit by this very same name! I need to forward this picture onto her!
We relaxed outside on the deck and enjoyed a delicious meal. This is my beautiful sister-in-law, Carol.
I can't for the life of me remember the name of the beach we went to! I know for sure that it was NOT Clearwater Beach because Carol said it would be too crowded there. I don't like crowded beaches, do you? We arrived at around 10:30 in the morning and only stayed until noon ... because it was quite warm and the SUN was very hot ... mmm ... nice memory.
I walked down to the breakwater to take some pictures and enjoyed watching the pelicans playing ...
And I love the sound of crashing waves better than any sound on this earth ...
Pelicans are not a particularly beautiful bird ... but they are pretty amazing to watch in flight. I was trying to get a good picture of one of them diving straight down into the water to catch their fish ... they were experts at it! They would glide along in the sky and then fold their wings all the way back and then perpendicular to the water, they would quickly dive and catch their prey.

We saw 100's of sailboats from the St. Petersburg Sailing School. It was an excellent day for sailing with a good brisk wind ... I love sailing ...
The sky was so beautiful, the clouds just billowed everywhere ... isn't a cloudy day so much prettier than a clear blue sky?

We ran some errands that afternoon, arriving home to greet Elisabeth and Chris who were spending the night. I don't remember when it was when I last saw Elisabeth, but it was SO fun to see her and to meet her husband! Both of them have finished law school, passed the bar exam, and Elisabeth is practicing law while Chris is hunting for a job as well.
We enjoyed a wonderful visit and a good game of Scrabble (David won). I have more pictures of the rest of the family, but I'm not finished going through those yet. Perhaps tomorrow,

P.S. In Grand Rapids today, we had snow, rain, more snow and absolutely ZERO sunshine. I was out to the Post Office this morning and saw the sun desperately trying to sneak through the grey clouds, but to my knowledge, it never did. Oh ... and did I mention that it is rather COLD here?!

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