Monday, April 18, 2011

It could be worse ...

It's not like we had a 9.0 earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami... nor have we had terrible floods along the Grand or the Rogue Rivers ... no tornadoes either ... or damaging straight-line winds ...

Just S N O W ... on April 18 ... when Spring was officially declared FOUR FULL WEEKS ago! Last Sunday it was 84 degrees in Grand Rapids! People were wearing shorts and tank tops!
I watched this forlorn little robin for quite awhile this morning. I bet he's wondering if he came back too early. He was carefully walking in the road, avoiding stepping in the snow. I hope his nest is sheltered, deep in a bush somewhere. Sigh. I'm yearning for green lush grass, wildflowers, bumble bees, heat and humidity!

PLEASE ... be spring soon!


judy hand said...

Great shots of the snow. Love the one of the robin. Sunday, we had a
male and female duck fly right toward
our back window as we sat in the
familyroom. Then, they landed and
and he and she walked all over our
back yard. Larry thinks they overshot a yard with a pool. It was
cute tho, as she led the way; and he
followed until she was ready to leave.

Mom Jones said...

How fun, Judy! I was really glad to see how quickly the snow melted (by early afternoon) around here. It's one thing to have that beautiful white stuff in November, December, January and even February ... but NOT April!