Thursday, April 7, 2011

A new place to walk!

I was meeting a friend this morning for a "coke" over at Red Hot and decided that instead of taking my usual route there, I would take four mile road and drive past Robinette's Orchard ... just in case there was anything growing that I might want to see! I'm longing to see some COLOR ... even a very tiny flower would suffice! But ... it's been mighty cold, wet and windy around here for the longest time ... the kind of cold that gets right down to your bones! Absolutely NOTHING was blooming over at Robinette's! But just before getting to the orchard, I spotted a park that I had never noticed before ~ Provin Trails Park ~ with hiking trails!
So after my friend and I were finished chatting at Red Hot, I drove back to the park and took a little hike today. What a pretty place!I searched high and low for spring ... and instead actually ran into a patch of snow out there in the woods! Yikes ... NOT what I was hoping for! I refused to take its picture even!
But you know what? Even though there were no flowers sprouting yet, the trees were just so lovely ... it's difficult to be down in the dumps when surrounded by lovely trees, isn't it?
I'm glad I now have a new place to hike. In a few short weeks, these trails will be bursting with color and all kinds of wonderful things ... I am SO ready for that!


judy hand said...

Carol: I just noticed this park a couple weeks ago when I was out that way. Must be new.

Mom Jones said...

Judy: I was kind of hoping it was new too ... because otherwise, I feel so UNobservant ... if it has been here for years and I've never noticed it!

sabrina said...

Snow still?!?!?! Yikes!!! I think I'd refuse to take a picture of it too!!!! What a fun new place to walk though- glad you found it!!! Now you just need spring to arrive!!! It's been in the 80s here lately- which is spring for us I guess considering our summers are 100+.

judy hand said...

Carol: I was hoping the same thing.
I noticed it once when there was still quite a bit of snow and there
were cars there and people. Then,
last time I noticed it was a lot clearer to see. So, either it's new
or was made clearer to the road.