Monday, May 21, 2012

Dylan gets "the hood" ...

 Dylan graduated from Calvin Seminary on Saturday, May 19, with a master's degree in theological studies.
 I tried to take some pictures of the event, but I do not photograph people very well at all. Also, I don't seem to understand how to zoom in from a far distance, get the lighting correct, and actually have a picture turn out! This is the best I could do.
 Dylan is glad to finally be finished with his studies. He loves his job at Acton Institute and will now be able to concentrate full time on his work.
 I love this picture of Dylan and Kelly!
 You would think that with all of the $$ it takes to get through graduate school, they would at least GIVE you the hood ... but NO! So Dylan rented this one for the occasion ...
 Baby Brendan was a sweetie all throughout the ceremony until the actual presenting of the diploma ... thankfully, Kelly knows all of the tricks of the trade and walked Brendan to the side of the auditorium where she still got to see Dylan walk ...
 We tried the cap on Brendan, but he wanted nothing to do with it!
Look at this little fellow's double chin! 

Congratulations, Dylan, on completing your studies! Very proud of you in every way!

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Judy Hand said...

Wonderful. Congratulations to Dylan and Kelly and you. I thnk your pictures are great.