Monday, May 21, 2012

More pictures, mostly of Brendan

Kelly and Dylan visiting at my little house ... I'm not quite moved in yet

Dylan, making beautiful music ...
Brendan sitting at my piano a few days ago

Brendan and Kelly ... Brendan TALKS to her!
Sleeping soundly ... back in March
Brendan's blue jeans ...
At 3 months, Brendan is wearing size 9 months to 1 year ... Brutus!

Brendan's darling shoes ...
Kelly, Dylan, Brendan, Terry, Ruthanne, David, Mom at Roy's funeral
Brendan, with his really great aunt, Ruthanne!
Baby Brendan with his great-great aunts Sally, Jean, Janice ... and his great aunt, Ruthanne

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Judy Hand said...

I love these pictures, Carol. sorry it had to be a sad occasion. Your new home looks really nice. Brenden is so cute.