Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The cutest baby boy ...

Isn't this a sweet picture of Brendan and his mama? This is one adoring baby for his very sweet mom. I love to watch them together ... the sweetness of their love touches me deeply with peace and pure JOY.
Dylan, Kelly, Brendan and Shane came over tonight to have dinner. We had such a wonderful time together eating tacos, veggies and dip, chips and salsa, watermelon, chocolate-chip zucchini bread, and cheese cake for dessert! We were celebrating Shane's birthday tonight!
See my new ship's wheel clock? I think it adds nicely to my little cottage, don't you? 
I've decided that Brendan is the cutest little baby boy ... EVER. And I'm not one single tiny bit prejudicial ... not at ALL!  :)  And I will never ever tire of looking at his adorable chubby face!
See how Brendan is sucking these two fingers? Well ... his daddy used to suck two fingers as well, only in the other direction ... if you catch my drift. 
I brought out one of my beach balls for Brendan to play with ... after all, how can a person live at a cottage without enjoying a few beach balls every now and again?  
Brendan was definitely pleased ... I think perhaps Brendan thinks his Grandma Carol is going to be an OK person to play with some day! 
Dylan takes very good care of Brendan too. They seem to have an understanding between them ... Brendan knows this is NOT Mama, but Dylan is surely the next best person in his little life ... 
I am sure I have never seen Dylan any happier ~ and so, naturally, my heart is happy too!


Judy Hand said...

Great pictures, Carol. Everyone looks so happy. Sounds like a great family and a happy time.

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