Sunday, August 12, 2012

This afternoon with Brendan ...

I was very happy to be invited to babysit Brendan this afternoon. Dylan and Kelly were joining friends at a Whitecaps game, so I got to come over and care for him. He was sleeping when I arrived and slept for more than an hour more, but then he woke up! I think he was a little dazed at the sight of me, but I told him I was SO excited to see him and as a result, I got a big smile. We went downstairs to play for awhile.

 Do you see his Fraggle Rock doll? Kelly sings the Fraggle Rock song to Brendan and makes this little doll do a dance. Brendan likes it very much. I got the music up on YouTube, handed out the percussion instruments, and we rocked along with the song for awhile ...
 "Dance your cares away, worry's for another day! Let the music play, down at Fraggle Rock!"

We put our instruments away after a bit, went into the kitchen, got strapped into the high chair and had a little reading time. I brought two books along with me about Thomas the Train, but Brendan wasn't interested in them one bit! He wanted to hear "Curious George Goes to the Zoo."  

 "I don't want Thomas the Train, Grandma! I like Curious George the best!"

Brendan listened quietly to each word, and loved every picture!

It was a beautiful weather day, so we gathered up our supplies and took a nice long walk down Cherry Street ... 

We saw so many beautiful historic homes with amazing flower gardens. But for once in my life, I was not taking pictures of the flowers at all! I couldn't take my eyes of this little cutie pie.

"Are you SURE my mama is coming home in just a little while, Grandma?"

Brendan seemed a little concerned about not seeing his favorite faces (mom and dad), so I sang him the Fraggle Rock song ... he rewarded me with this sweet little smile!

I love this little face so much! I kissed these chubby cheeks 100's of times this afternoon ... I couldn't help myself!

We sat on a park bench for a little while and watched the cars and people go by. Lots of folks stopped by to chat, every single one of them mentioning this baby's fat thighs (!)

We were now about 3.5 hours into the afternoon and I think Brendan was getting tired of being with just his Grandma ... I kept telling him not to worry ... mama WAS coming back! 

These are the HUGE smiles that burst out of this little fellow at the sight of his mama! So cute. Well, we survived our second babysitting experience without any disasters ... I feel very blessed tonight ~ being a grandma is the best thing that ever happened to me. Thanks so much, Lord!


Judy Hand said...

Great job, great pictures, Carol.

Mom Jones said...

Thanks, Judy! Brendan is such a little doll. Spending an afternoon with him is so refreshing ... like a little therapy session!

Judy Hand said...

I know just what you mean, Carol. Gives one a whole new perspective and joy.