Saturday, October 31, 2015

Two Halloween cuties ...

Little Fellow is all ready for Halloween. His costume is ready, and his mama is showing him a new coloring book about the minions. 
Brendan really really likes his costume. He is the ultimate BATMAN in all of his chunkiness. He is SO serious when he is dressed up like this!
And SO dramatic! I could not get one smile out of him! Just this haunting kind of ... scariness! Kelly was very amused (me too).
Brendan showed me many of his defender "moves" and was kicking his legs and throwing his body around their living room, rescuing imaginary victims.
My other Halloween cutie is Kaity-Jane. She was over the other day dressed in her pumpkin tutu. I think she looks very pretty in orange.
Kaity was very pleased with her costume and danced like a ballerina for me.
I love these pictures of her. She is our pixie-girl.
Love you, Kaitlynn!

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