Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Yellow mums ...

Last week when my dear childhood friend, Laurie, came to my beach house for a Sunday afternoon lunch, she brought me a pot of yellow/golden mums. They are beautiful!
I have been struggling with my old photo program ever since my computer was rather accidentally upgraded, making it incompatible with the tried-and-true program I had used for so long. So I am making myself learn a new program on my Mac. It is not as user-friendly, but I think I will master it if I just work at it. This is my first attempt to add text to one of my photos using the new program. Anyway, I snapped this picture of my mum plant tonight, edited it and tweeked it just a tiny bit and this was the result. I do love this verse in Psalm 145. God does, truly, satisfy that deep longing inside our hearts.

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