Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Brendan's fifth birthday (last week)

Brendan is FIVE. Can you believe it?! How is that possible?! Oh my. If I could only hold back time and keep this precious boy little like this for many more years. He has been such a gift, such a joy.
This is Brendan's family's special occasion plate that he got to use for his special birthday pasta dinner tonight. He was very pleased.

I brought over just a few gifts for this beautiful boy to open. Here are some pictures of him opening them up.
He is looking at a small lantern that I had taped to the bigger package. Brendan loves playing with flashlights, laser pens ... anything that his little hands can control. He has always loved switching lights on and off, on and off ...
I got him TWO Hot Wheels trucks because he absolutely loves the 4 Matchbox trucks that I have at my house that I have had for 15+ years. He was very excited to open these.

Although I will say that it was difficult to take a picture of him because he kept blocking his face out with the trucks ... 

Inside the bigger box was a BED TENT. YES! I knew he would love this and he DOES! It's pretty nice actually. Brendan loves tents. He grabbed his baby Jesus and his Michael doll and a few other "friends" and crawled right in and cuddled up. 

Brendan had this particular birthday cake picked out months ago. Kelly said he saw it at Meijer and requested it way back ... so here it is ... his very own Snoopy ice-cream cake. It was very delicious.

This child. I could just eat HIM up. He has the sweetest little heart. And Kelly too. Love her.
And look what Brendan got from his mom and dad! A huge box of vintage Fisher-Price CONSTRUX. My boys had a ton of these when they were boys and got hours and hours of fun play out of them. It was so much fun to watch Dylan build different vehicles for Brendan out of these parts.
I thought I took a picture of Dylan building, but I guess I did not. Well, take my word for it--Dylan is a good builder and Brendan really enjoys building with his daddy.
Happy birthday, beautiful boy! Love you right down to your toes. :)

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