Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I've been super busy ...

I have been "keeping up" this blog for 10 years ... almost 11now. Lately, I've hardly been maintaining it! I have been SUPER busy, happy, and life just has flown by. I've taken some pictures of the littles but not as much as usual. Anyway, I'm just going to run these pictures right here and make a comment or two.

One of our Monday lunches ...
 You can see I feed Kaity super healthy meals ... yikes.
 Playing chutes and ladders the other day.
Kaity won!
 See her happy smile?

This is Brendan's baby Jesus.
Last week, he was showing me how
snuggled and cuddled and
well-fed Jesus was!
This boy is ready to be a
 Kaity trying out a "game" on my new computer.
She was just so pleased that I let her do this.
I'm still looking for better games,
something that teaches good stuff ...
 Matt and Chris playing on our new
Hot Wheels rug ...
 Emma and I went downtown on Sunday
so that she could try on a pair of ice skates ...
 Emma was not expecting it to be THIS slippery!
She was truly disappointed that she
wasn't able to "take off" and skate.
 That's OK, Emma. I'm glad you tried it.
Perhaps we'll do it again soon.

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