Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March 11 it is!

AIDAN PAUL was born at 8:00 Saturday morning, March 11, 2017. He weighed in at exactly eight pounds and is 19 inches.  
As planned, he was born at home in the large spa-like bathtub on the lower level. Kelly woke up in labor at 2:30 in the morning and labored quite hard--thankfully, he was born at 8:00. Yolanda, Kelly's midwife was there, as well as Alison and Jessie--two very good friends and trainee doulas. And I actually got to hear his first cries! Dylan called me at 6:50 AM and asked me to come over and play with Brendan in his room because the birth was quite close. I hurried over and Brendan and I were playing with Legos in his room when we heard the sound !! Brendan stopped everything and said, "I heard something, Grandma!" "I heard it too, Brendan! What did it sound like, honey?" "It sounded like baby crying!" Brendan answered.  
 This picture is just about an hour after Aidan was born, all rosy and sweet.
 Brendan is thrilled to be a big brother. Although his first choice was to have a baby sister, he has adjusted very nicely to this being a boy.

Brendan and I went out for breakfast over at Marge's Donut Den. We enjoyed breakfast while listening to "The Travelers" a singing group that played keyboard, harmonica, accordion, kazoo, guitar and several other stringed instruments. We then just went home to my house and played the whole day away. Brendan slept in my tent for 11 hours (thankfully), the time change happened, and we were well rested. We attended church and Brendan was very sweet all during the service. I loved having him with me! After church, we ate lunch at Culver's, and then went to the movies where we saw "Moana" and then we went back to Brendan's house to see baby Aidan.
 Actually, Aidan is not screaming at me in the picture above--he is yawning quite BIG. Just looking at this picture makes me yawn!
Aidan is the softest of babies, rosy and sweet. We've decided to keep him. :) 
Brendan is a wee bit overwhelmed in this picture ... but emotionally, this is a lot to handle at any age! Babies are SO special.
 Little sweetheart. WELCOME to the family! You are loved, Aidan.

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