Wednesday, April 19, 2017

To explain ...

Today is April 19--nothing significant in and of itself--this post is for future reference, when I go back and "review" the years (just for fun) and I come to these months of ... blankness in this blog.

I'll keep this short (but it is REALLY long)--between working 32 hours (4 days) per week, having Kaity-girl Monday afternoons, Brendan Thursday evening, grocery shopping with Nana Tuesday after work, visiting her Friday after work, having Ems, Chris, Matt and Kaity Saturday afternoons and Emma overnight Saturday night, church and Sunday afternoon with Emma and Monday night Bible study ... leaves me with little time for posting pictures and keeping up this little blog.

I haven't given up, though. Looking back through the years that are recorded here, there is so much to remember and to cherish. We have a new baby, too, and I certainly don't want to neglect writing a little history of our Aidan-boy! This week I am going to try to post little tidbits of the last few months and then try to perhaps do a weekly post--I don't know exactly how that will work. Last year I ended up posting a BUNCH of pictures w/o any narrative whatsoever. I totally meant to go back and fill it in, but I haven't so far!

Oh well, here's to my best effort here on out!

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