Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1-2-3-4-5 ... FIVE ... already??!!

Our granddaughter, Karis Danielle, is FIVE years old today ... and as usual, I can hardly believe how FAST the years have zoomed by! Karis is 19-1/2 months younger than her older brother, Jackson, and I have never in my life met two more competitive kiddos. Karis is not about to be outdone by her brother!
It's a lot of fun to play with Karis. She is all giggles and laughter and has a keen enjoyment of adventure.
Karis was slightly UNDER-enthused to pose for this annoying picture with the fake duck at the Austin Zoo back in September, but she had a blast feeding the goats while we were there.
Here she is modeling the pretty dress her mommy bought for her in Mexico ...
Karis knows lots and lots of cheers ... between attending Jackson's Raptor T-ball games and Olivia's high school football games ... she is a great little cheerleader!
And she dances too! I loved watching Jackson and Karis spin around their front room together ...
And Karis is a great little swimmer too ... isn't this a sweet picture of her?
We love you, Karis, and wish you a very HAPPY FIFTH BIRTHDAY ...
Your present is going to be a few days late ... many apologies ... hopefully by Friday! We hope you like your gift box!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful little

sabrina said...

Thanks Mom! She loved seeing all the pictures of herself on the blog!!!!