Tuesday, February 8, 2011

LOVELY snow ...

Yesterday was a perfect day for a winter walk here in West Michigan. The temperature was very mild and there was absolutely NO wind. The air was crisp and clean. I had some errands to run over on the Beltline, so since I received a membership gift to the Fredrick Meijer Gardens, I decided to walk the Frey boardwalk over there and take a few pictures ...
There are beautiful little birds all over the place on this walk ... but not a single one of them posed for my camera, even when I was as quiet as can be and tried to sneak up on them!The shadows were magnificent there in the woods, and all of them made friends with me!
Clear blue sky and plenty of sunshine ... both are difficult to find around here in February!
Since I had a little extra time on my hands yesterday, I drove out to Rockford as well. I remembered those beautiful swans I had seen in November and wondered if maybe they were still sailing the Rogue River ...
But most of the river was snow-covered and solid ice. No swans.
This is the ice sculpture on the wrap-around deck of "Reds," and upscale restaurant overlooking the Rogue River. I've never eaten there, but it looks like a nice place!

There is a river walk, both north and south of the dam, and I walked both directions yesterday. I love to be outside and just drink in the beauty that God has created. I was listening to one of my outdated CD's last night that had this old beautiful hymn:

"Lord Jesus, I long to be perfectly whole;

I want You forever to live in my soul.
Break down every idol, cast out every foe --
Now wash me and I will be whiter than snow."
MUSIC: William Fischer
TEXT: James Nicholson

"God makes us as clean as freshly fallen snow." ISAIAH 1.18


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beautiful pictures of the gardens and the rockford dam.