Monday, February 14, 2011

My Precious Valentines ...

One of my favorite Psalms is #139 because it reminds me of WHO made us and how much He truly LOVES us. So I'm going to kind of weave the words of that Psalm in and out of these pictures of my TWELVE beautiful Valentine grandchildren ...

Baby girl to be born in just a few months ... did you know ... God is watching you there in the warm darkness of your mama's belly? Did you know that the Awesome Creator is designing every eyelash, fingernail, each strand of hair ... every little kissable crease on your brand new body?
The Lord God sees you hiding there, little one, from ... all of us! We wonder what you will look like ... but He already knows the sound of your voice. He has already planned every day of your life!
When you wake up in the morning, Nia, God is there with you. He has been watching over you all through the night ... because He can see in the dark! Did you know that God even knows WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO SAY before you even say it?
You could swim the farthest oceans, Christopher, and God would still be there with you! There is no place that is too far away to Him. He even goes to school with you and watches you every minute of every single day! Everywhere you go, the Lord can guide you and His strength can support you!
You could climb the highest mountain, Nathan, and ride the "wings of the wind" and even THERE you would not be out of God's sight or His protection (although I think that climbing your roof is a bit risky!)
The Lord knows ALL about you, Emma! He knows that pink is your favorite color! He knows all of your favorite songs on the radio! He knows every single thought you are thinking and "He has placed His hand of blessing" upon your life!
Did you know that God saw you before you were born, Jeremiah? Just like your baby sister! He carefully created that beautiful smile you have, those big brown eyes ... every intricate detail of your sweet self!
And baby Liam wasn't born even one single day before God planned him to be born ... we thought you were EARLY ... but God knew all the time when you would make your appearance ... He wasn't one bit surprised!
Precious thoughts. Did you know that the LORD thinks about you so much Karis ... that if we tried to add up all the times He thought about you, they would be MORE than ALL of the sand on ALL of the beaches you have ever gone to? More than at Grand Haven?!
Did you know, Matthew? God has charted out a path for your whole life. He sees you as you play on the hill behind your house! He goes ahead of you and He follows along behind you ... hemming you in with His love and protection!
God sees you, Jackson, as you practice for T-ball! He watches as you SLIDE into base! Did you know that He is the One who gave you those fast legs?!
And that gorgeous glowing RED hair, Lottie-girl ... God gave it especially to you. You will always stand out in a crowd! What a wonderful Creator you have!
You have such a great smile, Olivia! I think the Lord smiles too as He listens to you play your flute ... He is the Master Musician! There is no place you can go in all the world that He will not be right there beside you. He knows everything about you. And He loves you with a never-ending LOVE!

"Such knowledge is TOO WONDERFUL for me, too great for me to know!"

Thank-you, LORD, for your forever love and for these T-W-E-L-V-E precious Valentines!


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sabrina said...

What a sweet post from an amazingly sweet grandma!!! Love ya Mom!

judy hand said...

Carol: These are awesome valentines.
Such love. You are a very creative
and talented person and a wonderful

Edie Mindell said...

Such sweet words from a loving and proud grandma. Your grandchildren are so lucky to have you, and so are you. Hope you had a great Valentines day.:-)

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