Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day One in El Paso

 It's pretty late tonight, but I thought I'd just post a few pictures quickly before retiring for the night. I arrived in El Paso early last evening, and it's been nonstop activity ever since. We all got up bright and early this morning to walk Emma down to her bus stop for her summer school classes. She has one more week of summer classes, and then she is off school until the fall. 

This was the day that Diana was scheduled for induction, but when she got to the hospital, the physician felt it wasn't in either Diana's or Kaitlyn's best interest to induce ... so ... we're just going to have to wait until she shows up on her own! I'm still hoping that she is born before I return to Michigan one week from today.

The boys and I did a bunch of cleaning projects and simple art stuff while Emma was in school this morning, and then this afternoon we all played together. We played a bunch of UNO games together, as well as another fun card game that Emma taught us to play.
 Here, we're just making funny pictures with a sticker book by Melissa and Doug that lets you change the eyes, noses, mouths, hair, hats, etc.  And then Christopher decided to put the stickers on his own face ... hence the pose below ...

 Emma was showing me the little rocking swing for baby Kaitie. Emma is pretty pumped up about having a little sister. 
 We played for a very long time on my computer with the photo features that it has. We even made some crazy videos together, but they aren't really the kind I would share on a blog.
 This is me, pretending to be a bad guy and Chris being a "super hero" to stop whatever wicked thing I was up to ... we took a picture of ourselves and edited it to look like this ... Chris thought this was great fun.
Christopher was practicing cursive writing while I was making some dinner tonight. I think he does a really good job with it! And we read a bunch of good books together last night and tonight ... so far, nothing out of the usual, but a very good time! 


Judy and Larry Hand said...

Hi Carol: These are beautiful pictures. The children and you look very happy and healthy. Looks like you had a ball with your new computer and games. All that creativity. And good for helping with some cleaning projects. Keep having fun and we are praying Kaitlyn makes her appearance soon, but God knows best. Take care and thanks for posting. Our prayers are with you.

Mom Jones said...

Hi Judy and Larry! So glad you got to see this post. I'll try to put pictures up each day, if possible. The children miss you very much and often speak of you. We're having a good morning, studying about sharks and watching some scary shark videos on my computer. Now the boys are drawing pictures of the solar system on a white board ... two more hours until Emma is home from school.

Larry and Judy said...

Thanks for the pictures and narrative. Chris your cursive handwriting looks really good. Keep practicing.