Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Look who is EIGHT today!

Matthew's new bike helmet ...
about one year ago actually
 It's Matthew's 8th birthday today! SIX YEARS AGO, he celebrated his second birthday right here in Grand Rapids! He probably doesn't remember that day at all!
Matthew has a very ready smile, doesn't he? He's a very interesting fellow who LOVES to play and do fun stuff.
 Matthew is wearing a pair of 3-D goggles I had gotten the kiddos to use with their sidewalk chalk last summer. He thought they were very cool. I think he looks quite spiffy in them too! :)
Matthew! You have such a great smile!

This is Matthew on one of our many walks around their neighborhood. Perhaps very soon, Matthew and I will be walking around MY neighborhood! I certainly hope so! 
Our very white-haired Matthew working on his art!

 I love this happy picture of Matthew! He is my only blue-eyed grandchild!
Matthew is very keen on LEGOS and is an expert builder, no help required. I love watching him build. 
This is Matthew flipping through the Bible storybook I had gotten him for Christmas. He was very pleased to receive it, as I was to give it! 
Sending you a bunch of LOVE on your birthday, Matthew! I hope it is happy in every way! Please come home to Michigan soon!

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Judy Hand said...

Carol, didn't see this until today. What a great picture tribute for Matthew. You certainly caught the "real" Matt. We love this boy, and all the grandchildren very much.