Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our very first library morning ...

Brendan and I visited the library together today for the very first time! We drove over to the E. Grand Rapids library because it's closest to where Brendan lives, and storytime for tiny kiddos was at 10:00! We had a lot of fun listening to the library lady (her name was Trisha) tell all kinds of stories for babies. She read poetry and played fun music and had the children really participating; well, at least the older ones! Brendan was pretty subdued during the formal group time, but then it was finished and we had lots of leftover time to play ...   
Brendan very briefly colored with a fish stencil ... but stencils are really for older kiddos ... he didn't care about that, he was having a good time anyway. See his great big smile?!
The E. Grand Rapids library has a real nice play area for children. We spent an entire hour going from play place to play place. Brendan enjoyed himself hugely. I missed taking a picture of the very cool plastic dinosaurs Brendan was playing with. He went straight for the big T-Rex, held it up and said, "Da-Da!" Yikes, Dylan. This T-Rex had very big teeth and was kind of scary-looking!  
Brendan makes a cute little fire-fighter, doesn't he? We tried on all kinds of hats today. Brendan especially liked it when I would wear one. 
Brendan played "peek-a-boo" with the construction hat, and I pretended that I could NOT find him when he had the hat over his face ... but then he would peek out and give me a big smile. 
We also visited with the fish and the turtles who live in a very nice tank in the play area. There were so many interesting things to see and do!
We even got to build with giant foamy blocks. Brendan played for quite awhile with these, building them up and then knocking them over. He is a very good builder and gets a lot of enjoyment out of physical activity like this ... but he played SO hard that he promptly fell asleep once he was back in the car ~ tired little sweetheart!

Don't you love his chubby little legs and these darling shoes?! Thanks for letting me play with you this morning, Brendan. It is such a JOY to be your grandma!

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Judy Hand said...

These are super pictures of him at the library. Good for you, Carol, for taking him. He is changing every day looks like.