Sunday, August 18, 2013


Kaitlynn Jane and I do not know each other very well. Kaity is 13.5 months old. She and I had not seen each other since December, so she wasn't very excited about me! But I expected that very thing, so I wasn't sad about it. 

Emma holds her baby sister like a pro!
Kaity adores Emma.
Last Monday, August 12, I had the whole family over for dinner. We ate spaghetti, a big salad, some fruit, and garlic bread. I was so glad to have all of them at my beach house ... finally! 
The original plan was for Jesse's family to arrive in Grand Rapids by mid-June. Kaity's 1st birthday was at the end of June, so I didn't mail her present all the way to El Paso, thinking they would be home in time for us to celebrate her 1st birthday here with all of us together. But I was very wrong about that whole thing ...
This is Kaity opening up her Fisher-Price Noah's ark ... except I neglected to get any pictures of the opened present. It's really a cute little set and I think Kaity will really enjoy playing with the animals and little people. I love her expression in these pictures. She is a sweetie-pie! 
Happy belated birthday, Kaity-girl. You are my second granddaughter. I plan to get to know you very well in the next weeks and months. I can't wait to find out WHO you are! You are loved, sweet granddaughter.

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