Sunday, August 4, 2013

WHERE did July go?

Baby Brendan at The Beach House
Brendan does NOT do well in the heat ...
his little body just sweats like crazy and he feels miserable.
Thankfully, I have some ceiling fans that move the air
around. Brendan LOVES ceiling fans.
Two-thirds of the summer has quickly passed and we are into the first week of August ... and I find that I am terribly sad about that! It's not that summer is my favorite season of the year; actually, spring is! But spring is my favorite because I know what follows! SUMMER! Warmth, humidity, heat! Yes!
This crazy little "outfit" is because
Brendan sweated right through the only
other decent clothing that was available
that day ... but isn't he just the
 We have had a strange weather year, all year long actually. But this summer has been the chilliest that I can remember for a very long time. We finally did get those "dog-days of summer" early in July. It was even hot enough for ME!
Brendan and his beautiful mama at the little
playground not far from my Beach House

There were a few days when it was so hot
that clothing just became optional!

 We got to go to our very first Whitecaps game because the car dealership where I work was having a picnic there with free tickets to the game.
 I don't think I saw one single play of the game. I was much more interested in spending time with my Little Fellow and his folks. We had such a nice time together.
Dylan has taught Brendan how to play
the harmonica, and he enjoys it very much.

 Dylan and Kelly were blessed to purchase their very first home which FINALLY closed after many long weeks of waiting. The above picture was taken in the very large basement bathroom. This picture doesn't begin to show how large it actually is. It includes a corner fireplace and a jacuzzi tub that is big enough for a ... party! 
Dylan and Brendan in their new home

 Kelly was able to get this little car for Brendan absolutely free. He was very pleased to drive it around the playroom of his new house. Brendan is rather obsessed with things that spin and turn, so the steering wheel was the very thing for him.
 This is Brendan examining one of the fans at my Beach House. Since the blades go around, he was just fascinated with turning it on and off and watching the process. He's a very cause-and-effect sort of baby. I love to watch him try to figure everything out, very scientific-like. He does not get this characteristic from me whatsoever.
Brendan relaxing in my "reading chair" in my
bedroom, watching my ceiling fan spin round and round.

 Last week, while his folks were moving from the apartment to the house, Brendan and I took our very first trip to the Mall. This is Brendan picking out a cookie for us to enjoy along the way.
 There is a school playground just a little walk away from where Brendan is now living. He really liked spinning the merry-go-round and then looking underneath to see what was making it go.
 Brendan played for a very long time in this little car at the playground too. We had a real nice conversation here about all kinds of things, mostly baby babblings, but it was very nice!

Once again, this post is mainly pictures of Brendan. I love this little fellow intensely. He has been such a gift from God to me. Hopefully, in the next few days even, the rest of my family will arrive from Texas. They have been delayed quite a few times already. When they arrive and get settled, I hope to post lots of our adventures together. I have missed them terribly and it will be a huge relief to have them home. Until then ...

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