Sunday, August 18, 2013

One picture from Saturday ...

Yesterday was a planned family reunion in the Detroit area for all of the Holtzhouse families. Since I was unsure which day we were going to celebrate Emma's birthday, either Friday or Saturday, I couldn't commit to traveling to Detroit. Afterall, it had been seven years since I was able to be with Emma on her birthday and nothing was going to prevent that this year!
Back row: Marti Swoveland,Donald Albright, Gary Albright,
Wayne Albright, John Albright
Second row (kind of squiggly): Lois Groat, Andrea Kendrick,
Sharon VanderWoude, Julie Hardy, Beth Winnowski, and ME
Front: Mary Lou Lockhart

Since we did Emma's birthday Friday, it worked out that I was able to take mom (Nana) with me and drive Saturday morning to Troy, Michigan, where we reunited with many family members for the day. This is the only picture I am posting since I really didn't take any pictures while I was there. I knew we only had a few hours to visit with cousins and aunts, so I decided to ... visit! 

I handed my camera off for someone to snap this picture. There are a dozen cousins pictured here, a dozen out of 21 potential cousins, offspring of Guy and Mary Holtzhouse. What a nice time we had together!

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