Sunday, December 20, 2015

An Advent Invitation ...

One week ago this very evening, I was looking forward to a quiet night writing out Christmas cards, listening to my favorite Christmas CD's and ... nothing much else.

My phone rang and it was Nigel and Gela inviting me over to celebrate Advent with them and some other friends. When could I come? They were expecting guests at 6:30 ... would that be a good time? Nigel assured me the evening would be wonderful in every way. Since this was very last-minute, I was required to bring nothing at all except ... if I wanted any of Gela's special German chocolate treats, I would have to earn them.

Earn them? But ... how?

Nigel responded that I could read a poem, or do a "skit", or play a musical instrument ... but I must perform something to earn my chocolate! Hmm. That almost scared me away from a really memorable evening with some very fine folk!

When I arrived, there was another couple there: Simon and Laura, whom I had met through LOGOS several weeks back. I was delighted they were there. And then there was another friend that I had never met by the name of Tammy. Her husband was supposed to be there, but something "came up", which was why I was invited--to even things out, I guess. Plus, Ben and Stephen were there too.

We enjoyed a fabulous meal of baked potatoes with melted swiss cheese, a beautiful salad, and many other treats. Afterwards we relaxed out in the main room. Nigel played his guitar and we sang beautiful old Christmas carols. In between songs, someone would "perform" for their chocolate. I had NO IDEA how I could earn my chocolate!! 

Tammy and Laura played a duet on the piano: "Heart and Soul" while laughing hysterically. Stephen and Ben played piano and ... oboe: "Silent Night." Laura and Simon did a wonderful magic trick with paper while telling the gospel story, and then it was my turn.

Nigel reminded me that I have been telling my grandchildren Bible stories for years. Why didn't I share one of those stories with them? So I re-told "The Bronze Serpent OR the Fake Snake." I thought I would be terribly nervous--but I wasn't! I didn't have my notes with me or any illustrations, so I told them that I would try to just pretend they were my grandchildren, sitting at my white round table, painting pictures while I taught. Everything worked out just fine. I was told that I should check out the class offered at Calvary: "Simply the Story." This is the 2nd time I have been pointed towards that class. Everyone seemed to enjoy the story and said that I should be a teacher of young children all the time! That was nice to hear.

I did not take one single picture last Sunday evening! I brought my camera, but left it in the car. I just wanted to relax and enjoy the evening of remembering Christ's first coming, the waiting for Christmas, and His soon return. It was a very sweet evening that I hope I remember for a very long time.

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