Thursday, December 31, 2015

One last ramble through the woods for 2015

Sigh. These pictures are a tiny bit frustrating. Here is why! This is a NEW place (for me) that I discovered while with Kaity-girl the other day. It is behind the playground at Wahlfield Park. The photos are OK, but would have been so much prettier with a fresh, light dusting of snow on all of the branches don't you think? So that each branch was magically etched in snow ... 

Hopefully, some day when I am NOT at work, it will snow nice and thick so that it covers all of the brown and hopefully that same day, the sun will shine so that the shadows and reflections will dance and shimmer ... those are my favorite kinds of days to be out in the woods.

I met a new friend out in the woods ...
introducing ... THIS TREE!
Isn't this a fabulous tree?!!!

I am completely in love with it! It is everything a gnarly tree ought to be!
This woods is rather brambly too, and full of thistles and thorns! Thankfully, I was dressed in many layers PLUS it was not terribly windy.

I hope to return on a prettier day when there is more color ... but for now, these will have to do!

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