Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A brief synopsis of my El Paso trip ...

I've been home for six days now and I am still going through pictures from my time in El Paso, in-between dealing with some difficult life circumstances ... so this post is going to be very brief.
It was HOT and DRY the entire week I was with Jesse's family ... triple-digit hot and so dry that my skin felt like it had been baked for a long time in an oven! Even the skin under my fingernails was hard and dry! We had strong winds as well that blew sand and dirt all over the place! Everywhere we went, we carried water bottles in my backpack because you really cannot be outside for very long in Texas without water to drink.
When I have time to do it right, I'll tell you about our library and public transit excursion on our first full day together. We spent a lot of our morning hours at the nearby playground, climbing on the equipment and digging in the rock-hard dirt so that we could somehow make a sand castle! We played in their brand new slip-n-slide and cool sprinkler, fed the neighborhood birds pieces of bread and watched them for hours, read almost two dozen books together, and of course we did a ton of art projects.
We were also able to see God's loving care for us in many ways, just in everyday situations. It was great to teach the kids about what a great and awesome God we have! I hope in the next little while to share with you a bunch of pictures and stories of our time together.

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judy and larry hand said...

Wow, sure sounds like an adventure. The pictures are great and can't believe how much each child changes in a few months. Hope you did have a fun time with the EP bunch. So sorry you are going through such difficult times. Thanks for sharing the pictures.