Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The last few days ...

It's been sizzling HOT in W. Michigan the last few days. I've been out and about taking a few pictures here and there.
Look at the nest Grandpa Jones found attached to a fallen branch on our front porch the other day! No eggs, cracked or otherwise ... I wonder who made it? And WHO taught those little birds how to construct such a cool house anyway?
I went back downtown Sunday afternoon to hang around Festival of the Arts. As I walked by, this youth choir was loudly singing, "Oh, How I Love Jesus!" They had a great sound. The crowd joined right in with them, those that knew the words to that great song!
I took another picture to show you how high the Grand River is ... see how the walkway is completely submerged at the bottom? Monday morning, I took a totally enjoyable walk with my friend, Karen, over at Meijer Gardens. The flowers there were SO stunning ...And look at the geese and goslings!
Tomorrow morning, I'm leaving ... on a jet plane ... from here to El Paso to spend EIGHT days with Jesse and his family. I won't really have access to a computer, so I'm going to happily UNplug while I am there. I'll post pictures and tell you about our time together ... about 10 days from now!

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judy hand said...

Really nice pictures. Be safe and have a blast in EP.