Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yesterday at Festival!

The first weekend of June in Grand Rapids always means one thing to me: Festival of the Arts. We drove downtown yesterday afternoon and parked over by the fish ladder. I haven't been down here when the river has been this high for quite awhile!
Isn't that a pretty sight? We walked along the river and then crossed over to where the action was ...
I love going downtown for Festival of the Arts. It is so much fun to walk around and enjoy the aroma of all kinds of wonderful food cooking on grills! And little kids and grandparents are everywhere ... together! There is face-painting and great crafts to do ... I was badly wishing our grandchildren didn't live so far away!
This is Calder Plaza, where most of the arts and crafts tents are located. I didn't really spend much time looking at the great stuff on display and for sale because I wanted to be sure to be at Rosa Parks Circle in time to hear Dylan and Kelly's band play.
Their band has changed names several times. Presently, they are known as "Handmade." I like the name!
Dylan plays bass guitar, harmonica, and keyboards (if available).
I love to see Dylan this happy! He is completely in his element with these good friends and their music. They are a very talented group. They write all of their own music.
Kelly is the lead female vocal. Her voice is pretty amazing. She is just FULL of music and I love to see her perform.
It was a mild and wonderful breezy afternoon. Nice sunshine. "Handmade" played for about 30 minutes!
I absolutely love this picture of Dylan. He is so completely into this!

I had a lot of fun walking around the stage with my camera, taking shots here and there. I had even more fun last night editing all of the pictures.
This is a wonderful picture of Kelly, except the microphone is kind of blocking her beautiful smile. She is a natural performer.
After their set was over, they had to tear down so that the next group could occupy their space. We didn't see them afterwards, but walked to where we could get a bite to eat. I ate the grilled shrimp kabob and garlic toast ~ yum!
I so intended to get back downtown today and have a good look at the art, but so far I haven't done it! Maybe tomorrow ...


sabrina said...

Oh how fun!!! I wish we lived closer to so that we could enjoy it with you!!!

judy hand said...

Love the photos.