Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome little granddaughter ...

I've been TRYING to hold off posting the announcement of our newest grandchild. She was born two-and-a-half days ago! Her parents have a nice blog and regularly post pictures and newsy tidbits for us on it ... and I know they will post her beautiful pictures and all of the statistics regarding her birth as soon as they are able. Since I do not have any pictures of her, other than ones I could blatantly "steal" from their FB page, I can't show you her beautiful little face. Adam and Emily are hosting Emily's folks right now and I am certain they are too busy to think about blogging, etc. But I do not want to risk falling into the category of horrible mother-in-law and/or wicked step-mother ... so I have compromised with this posting.

Her name is Jasmine Genevieve. She is perfectly beautiful, and she is our sixth granddaughter! "Jasmine" means "little flower" and "Genevieve" means "white wave" ... aren't those cool meanings? Jasmine has very graciously evened the score of our grandchildren to six granddaughters and six grandsons. While we were waiting to hear news of her birth last week, I went shopping and picked out three darling interchangeable outfits for her.
I can't wait to give them to her! And I designed a special card for her birth ...
The Scripture on the inside of her card: "You gave me LIFE and showed me your unfailing LOVE." Job 10.11

Welcome to our family, Jasmine!

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judy hand said...

Congratulations to all. Beautiful name.