Saturday, January 2, 2010

The fun stuff we did last Tuesday ...

Grandma Jones actually woke up rested, refreshed and ready to play last Tuesday morning. Naturally, I had a few kiddos who thought playing was a good idea!
We got out our wooden block sets and built roads and garages and all kinds of stuff for our little cars and trucks down in the basement playroom. It was SO nice to finally not be sick!
Children have such amazing imaginations. It was so fun to just play and play with all of the nice toys we have accumulated down through the years.
After naptime, a few of the brave and daring (all 3 of them) enjoyed about 40 minutes in the hottub ... Karis swims like a little fish! Jackson stayed inside and played LEGOs right by the door where he could watch the action outside.
And a little bit later on, Jackson was my "kitchen assistant" and helped me make a very nice Chef's Salad for the family dinner hour. I think this was my favorite time with Jackson because it was just the two of us talking and interacting. Jackson is a very nice little grandson and was very helpful in making our dinner!
We dumped out a pile of foam stickers on the dining room table and went to town making great pictures that afternoon.
This is a great way to pass an enjoyable hour with children of most any age. The best part is just chatting with everyone around the table.
Grandpa Jones picked out an old fashioned ice cream maker for Christmas this year, the kind with the crank and the barrel tub. Everyone got in on the action and made the MOST delicious ice cream ~ rich with almond flavoring, soft and creamy ~ YUM!

And after we ate up all of our ice cream, we got ready for bed and watched the first half of "Up", one of the best animated films I have ever seen! So we really had a nice day Tuesday ... glad I could share it with you!

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